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September 27, 2013

Conway Takes DESC410v2 To National Championship Title

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Team Durango Short Course super star Danny Conway has recently piloted his DESC410v2 to an overall victory in the UK SC National Championships.

Crowned the 2013 BRCA National Champion in the 4WD class, Danny powered to a dominating victory against the fastest Short Course racers in the UK. Danny and his Team Durango DESC410v2 posted a formidable five TQs in five meetings, every one concluded with a first position on the podium. Having won the 2012 Short Course Nationals, Danny was primed and ready for action this year.

Danny has also taken another prestigious UK win by winning the BRCA East of England 2013 4WD Short Course Championship. That makes two majour BRCA titles for Danny in one season, proving the amazing performance of the DESC410v2.


We send our congratulations to Danny for a great 2013 summer season with his Team Durango DESC410v2. Team Durango add UK National Short Course Champion honours to the ever expanding list of wins.

With the Short Course racing scene gaining a stronger following every season, there has never been a better time to get involved with this exciting and rewarding racing class.

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September 26, 2013

Young Star Takes Win – DEX210 & DEX410v3

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Batley Buggy Club in the North of  the UK recently held their annual Supercup off-road event. Local rising Team Durango star Jack Hirst returned with an overall win in his under 13’s 2WD and 4WD race classes.

With Batley Buggy Club being a mecca for off-road electric racing fans all over the UK, and their seminal part in creating such International stars such as Neil Cragg, Batley continue to provide future racing stars with top-class events throughout the year.

Jack Hirst will not only be a racer to watch over the coming years, he will also be a young man who continues to prove that Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’.

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September 24, 2013

Jason Joins The Team In Style

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Long time Team Durango supporter and talented off-road racer Jason Ametrine has recently joined the team here at the brand that are ‘Serious About Racing’.

Jason is based in the East Midlands of the UK and has found success with both 1/8 and 1/10 off-road racing classes after his return to the sport four years ago.

Not a racer to rest on his laurels, Jason recently returned from the hugely successful dBoots annual Grand Prix, where he was podium placed in two Buggy classes, to conclude his summer 1/8 scale racing campaign at Deerdale Model Car Club. Jason piloted his DEX408 buggy to a solid fourth overall against some of the regions fastest racers.

Jason is really excited to now be racing as a full UK team driver and he would like to extend his thanks to all his friends and racing colleagues who have helped him achieve local success over the last few months.


We look forward to hearing more news from Jason Ametrine as he embarks on a fast, winning racing career with Team Durango.

Catch Jason in the pits all over the UK for his expert friendly advice on all things Team Durango.

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Learn about the cars that Jason uses to win every week here:

2013 IFMAR World Championships

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The 2013 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road World Championships are underway over in Chico California!

Team Durango’s Pro race team are settled in after the first day of free practice yesterday. The Silver Dollar Raceway race track is a really awesome sight to behold, and we would encourage you all to visit our friends over at and check out their really cool photographs from the first day of track action.

With 2WD being the first class to compete in this traditionally formatted World Championship event, Team Durango racers found the sugar-coated clay surface to provide so much traction that it felt like racing on high-grip European carpet.

Stay close to all the IFMAR thrills and spills by visiting our esteemed friends over at for some great action videos as the event unfolds.

If you would like to watch the racers doing battle live from California, then tune into the best coverage available with the professional talents from the team at

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September 23, 2013

Novotny Class Act – DEX408 Wins Again

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Kaja Wins Sixth Round of KS Challenge

Young Team Durango super star Kaja Novotny has once again risen above an experienced field of off-road racers to win with his DEX408 electric 1/8 Buggy.

Competing at the hotly contested sixth round of the KS Challenge in Kolín, in the Czech Republic, Kaja was setting the pace from the early stages of this weather effected meeting. He battled some minor electrical issues early on to bring his DEX408 Buggy home for an overall first, and to chalk-up another great win for Team Durango.

Kaja has experienced an awesome summer campaign over in the Czech Republic, and we send our sincere thanks to him for bringing younger Team Durango fans such inspirational racing performances in both 1/10 and 1/8 scale competition this year.

Kaja Novotny is ‘Serious About Racing’ and we look forward to seeing the fastest young star in the Czech Republic continue to win across all his chosen racing classes.

Explore the Buggy that Kaja uses to win every week here:

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South Africa – Team Durango Multiple Podiums


Team Durango South Africa have recently returned from the fourth round of their domestic National series with a collection of great results.

Long-time Team Durango supporter and South African team driver Jaco van Eeden partnered young local star Eben Coetzee in a superb display of off-road racing skill. The event was held at the ever popular Avion RCX in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa, and attracted some of the countries top off-road drivers.

Jaco and Eben set a blisteringly fast early pace with both drivers taking TQ honours in their chosen truck classes. Jaco was very happy to pilot his DESC410 Short Course truck to take a convincing TQ in the 4WD truck class. Eben was really on form during the qualifying rounds and took TQ place in the 2WD Short Course  class with his DESC210R vehicle.

Eben was clearly an ‘A’ main pace-man in both 2WD and 4WD buggy as he continued his recent winning ways with podium places in both classes. Jaco was also serious about podium finishes in the buggy classes as his experience and aggressive driving style also gave him top spots in 2WD and 4WD. Local Team Durango supporter Llewellyn Grobler was also feeling the benefit of precision engineered racing products as he followed his countrymen into the winners circle.


The fourth round of the South African Nationals was concluded with a solid Team Durango performance across all racing classes:

2WD Short Course – 1ST – Eben Coetzee – Team Durango DESC210R

4WD Short Course – 1ST – Jaco van Eeden – Team Durango DESC410v2 – 3RD – Llewellyn Grobler – Team Durango DESC410v2

2WD Stock Buggy – 3RD – Llewellyn Grobler – Team Durango DEX210

2WD Modified Buggy – 2ND – Eben Coetzee – Team Durango DEX210 – 3RD Jaco van Eeden – Team Durango DEX210

4WD Modified Buggy – 1ST – Eben Coetzee – Team Durango DEX410v3 – 2ND Jaco van Eeden – Team Durango DEX410v3

We send our congratulations to our colleagues in South Africa for such a great performance.

Learn more about the products that Jaco van Eeden and Eben Coetzee use to win here:

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September 20, 2013

DEX408T – Winner Takes All

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RC MAG CUP Brushless Tour – France


Team Durango French off-road racer Gilles Bennardo has recently returned from the prestigious RC Mag Cup as the 2013 Truggy champion.

Gilles piloted the 1/8 platform that everybody is talking about, the DEX408T, to take a convincing win against strong competition. Gilles attended the popular touring series with fellow Team Durango France racer Armand Lantheaume, and was delighted to walk away with the coveted RC Mag Cup Champion trophy.

Gilles is keen to share his satisfaction with the awesome performance of the DEX408T and has already created a really useful forum article to help fellow DEX408T owners with their electrical installations. Written in French with some gorgeous images of his DEX408T, click here for the exclusive scoop:

We send our congratulations to Gilles on a great result and we are really excited to see how his DEX408T performs over the coming months.

Gilles Bennardo is ‘Serious About Racing’

Stay close to all the Team Durango news over on Twitter – Follow @teamdurango

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September 19, 2013

Ready For Championship Action

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Hupo Ready For World Championships


With the global off-road 1/10 electric buggy racing community focusing on next week’s World Championships in California, what better time to get ‘Serious About Racing’

Team Durango European Pro team star Hupo Hönigl has been working hard on the preparation of both his DEX210 and DEX410v3 vehicles. Hupo is definitely ready to hit the dirt in Chico.


Hupo is really excited to share these super-exclusive images of his World Championship cars with all our dedicated Team Durango fans. Stay close to all the Team Durango World Championship action here and also over on Twitter. Follow @teamdurango for results and exclusive team news as the battle for world supremacy starts next Monday.

The 2013 IFMAR 1/10 Off-road World Championship is nearly here. Time to get serious.

September 18, 2013

DEX408T – Global Hit

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No Conversions, No Compromise


The DEX408T was launched earlier this year to a feverishly expectant crowd of dedicated Team Durango 1/8 scale racing fans.

This thoroughbred 1/8 electric Truggy was custom designed to bring the already famous precision engineered quality of Team Durango to an even wider audience of serious racers. Upon the release of the DEX408T kit, hobby retailers all over the globe were swamped with requests regarding the latest Team Durango off-road offering.


Team Durango off-road racing star Ryan Lutz was quick to prove that the DEX408T is a race winning machine, with his recently crowned ROAR National title in the USA. Ryan piloted his DEX408T to an overall win in 1/8 Eletric Truggy and cemented the platform as yet another Team Durango success.


With the newest Team Durango race kit making fast pace on tracks all over the globe, it wasn’t long before other areas of the RC community started to recognise the awesome handling and strength of this 1/8 scale Electric ROAR Championship winning beast. Fans of fast and strong Truggy vehicles have adopted the DEX408T as the perfect tool for some off-track RC action too!

We recently found an exciting film created by Extreme Rc Bashing over on YouTube. Watch the DEX408T perform amazingly in an unusual setting, click here now:

As always, we are inspired to see all the great footage and photos of a Team Durango vehicle. It has been really exciting to watch some of the track testing films created by dedicated Team Durango racers who are loving the power and poise of the DEX408T Truggy.

We really enjoyed seeing barny578 taking his Truggy out for the first test session in this film:


With the Ryan Lutz achieving world-class racing results and the wider RC community embracing the qualities of a precision designed electric Truggy, we are certain that the DEX408T will continue to show the world that Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’

Learn more about the 2013 ROAR National winning DEX408T now. Click here:

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Watch more Team Durango films on TDTV. Click here:

September 16, 2013

Team Durango Poland Top Honours

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National Championships Fall To Team Durango Young Medal Hunters

Young Team Durango rising super stars in Poland have recently returned from their domestic National Championships with a complete ‘lock out’ of the winners podium spots!

Headed by the already recognised off-road racing talent of Michal Orlowski, Team Durango Poland took first, second and third in 2WD buggy with their DEX210 cars. They then went on to add a truly amazing 1,2,3 in 4WD buggy with their DEX410v3 vehicles. This concluded the Polish National Off-Road Series with Team Durango taking all six of the top winners spots.

Michal was to set the pace throughout this exciting series finale as he won every qualifying round in 4WD and two fast qualifiers in 2WD. Michal went on to secure National Champion status in both classes ahead of team mates Pawel Staszewski and Bartek Zambrzycki who further cemented the Team Durango presence at this prestigious event.

Team Durango Poland are young racers who are clearly already on a very targeted mission in Europe. With Michal Orlowski soon due to land in Chico California for the upcoming 1/10 World Championship events, it is set to be a really interesting few months for the youngest members of the Team Durango global network of racers.

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Explore the products used by Team Durango Poland here now:

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