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January 31, 2014

Novotny & DEX410v4 Take Another Victory


Czech Team Durango super star Kaja Novotny has recently returned from the enormously populer X Ray Challenge in Prague victorious.

To add to a very strong collection of results so far this year, Kaja stormed to first place in 4WD Buggy on a track surface that was difficult to race on due to tyre additive being used by other racing classes prior to this event.

With a TQ place secured during the three leg qualifying stages, Kaja mounted an assault on the challenging competitors to take all three ‘A’ main finals in first place.

Kaja was really happy with how his DEX410v4 performed on the difficult carpet surface, and reported that the Buggy was super-agile when cornering, and jumped very well from the movable wooden ramps that the host club had installed on the Touring Car track surface.

Kaja Novotny is taking his 2014 race meetings very seriously, and the effort he is putting into practice and preparation are already showing signs of great success.

We send our congratulations to Kaja for another great performance. Watch this space for more fast action from the Czech star very shortly.

Get your hands on the car that Kaja uses to win multiple races each week here:

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January 30, 2014

DEX210v2 – New Version Coming Soon

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We are very excited to share news of the upcoming release of the latest version of our European Championship winning 2WD Buggy, the DEX210v2.

Piloted to the 2WD EFRA European Championship win in 2013 by Jörn Neumann, the DEX210v2 will provide the perfect competition specification racing machine, with over 20 brand new features.

Engineered to win in your hands, on your track, and beyond. The DEX210v2 is the only 2WD 1/10 Electric Buggy you will ever need, no matter where your racing career takes you.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

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January 29, 2014

DETC410 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car – Kit Page Goes Live

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We are extremely excited to announce that ahead of the upcoming global shipping of our hotly anticipated Touring Car racing machine, the DETC410, our dedicated kit page and gallery are now live.

Visit the page now to learn how the DETC410 will put you in pole position:

If you are looking forward to owning the European Championship podium placed DETC410, hit the like button here now:

January 22, 2014

DEX410v4 – First Shipment Arrives In UK

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We are very excited to announce the arrival of the first shipment of the brand new DEX410v4 to UK shores.

This is your chance to own the car that recently won the second round of the EOS, in the hands of Team Durango super racer Jörn Neumann. Enjoy the TQ pace of the DEX410v4 now!

Available now here:

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January 21, 2014

DEX410v4 & DEX408v2 Wins – Novotny Takes Double Podium

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2014 has already started extremely well for young Team Durango star Kaja Novotny, and his recent trip to the fourth round of the Open Challenge in Prague was to be another great success.

Kaja piloted his DEX410v4 to an overall win and TQ, and then added an overall win, plus another fast paced TQ, with his DEX408v2 in the 1/8 buggy class.

The tough and demanding high-grip carpet track was easily attacked by Kaja and his DEX410v4, with its fast and efficient new Universal Joint Drive Shafts and dynamic traction controlling Two-Way Slipper Clutch assembly making the TQ honours easily achieved. Kaja found his DEX408v2 to be equally at home on the indoor track surface, stating that the all-new rear end geometry made the Buggy really easy to drive.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel for yet another great performance.

Explore the Team Durango cars that Kaja Novotny uses to win every week now: &

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January 20, 2014

DEX410v4 Wins EOS Round 2 – Neumann Takes Triple Podium

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Team Durango off-road racing star Jörn Neumann has returned from the recently contested second round of the EOS victorious in 4WD.

Neumann piloted his recently released DEX410v4 to an awesome win against a world-class field of racers, freezing out all rival manufacturers as he secured his ninth consecutive 4WD EOS victory.

Securing a solid TQ during qualifying put Neumann in pole position for the ‘A’ main finals, with his stiffest EOS competition yet breathing heavily down his neck, Neumann put together an awesome display of off-road carpet racing to take the win in leg one and two. With enough done to secure the overall 4WD win, Neumann chose to sit out leg three, extremely happy with the fast paced performance of his DEX410v4. His car was very consistent on the demanding carpet track, and showed excellent straight line stability as he found superb pace with the newly designed v4 Cab-Forward body shell, Two-Way Slipper Clutch, and Centre UJ Drive Shafts.

Any of our readers who have followed the ascension of the still young Neumann, will already be aware that he is a winner of multiple classes on a regular basis. He proved this race-winning status by also taking a very pleasing second overall in 2WD Buggy with his DEX210, and also added a first overall in Short Course with his DESC410v2 to complete a triple podium finish at the second EOS round of the 2013/14 campaign.


We send our congratulations and thanks to Jörn for another great performance. The race-winning capabilities of the DEX410v4 continue to shine on a wide range of track surfaces.

Get your hands on the car that just took its ninth EOS 4WD victory here:

Our sincere thanks go to our hard-working friends at REDRC for their great EOS race report here:   Be sure to watch the video of Neumann and his DEX410v4.

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January 15, 2014

DETC410 – Elliott Harper Builds First Production Kit

Filed under: Hall Of Fame,New Products,News,TDTV,Team Driver — Tags: , , — Stuart @ 1:16 pm


We are very excited to present a short teaser film showing the upcoming DETC410 receiving a kit build quality check from Euro podium star Elliott Harper.

With the hotly anticipated release of the first Team Durango Touring Car coming very soon, we thought you would enjoy the opportunity to watch a pro in action.

Click the title below to view the latest film on TDTV

Team Durango DETC410 Build Teaser – Elliott Harper Checks It Over

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January 14, 2014

Novotny Takes DEX410v4 To Victory – Lestr Cup Triple Podium


Team Durango Pro racer Kaja Novotny had an awesome 2013 racing our products, and his 2014 has started with an even bigger bang.

Kaja has recently returned from the fifth round of the ever-popular Lestr Cup in the Czech Republic with three podium places. This triple top three victory was made even more exciting by Kaja piloting the recently released DEX410v4 to a convincing win in 4WD Buggy. This win also included a very pleasing TQ place, showing the race-winning pace of the new DEX410v4 Buggy on high grip carpet.


Kaja followed up with a solid performance in the Short Course class that provided him with a first overall for his DESC410Rv2. To complete his triple podium success, Kaja took second overall in 2WD with his DEX210.

2014 is set to be an extremely exciting year for the young Czech star. We send our congratulations to Kaja and thank him for such a great performance.

Get your hands on the car that Kaja trusts to win in the 1/10 4WD Buggy class, click here to learn more now:

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DETC410 Storms To Victory – Elliott Harper Wins

Filed under: Hall Of Fame,News,Team Driver — Tags: , , — Stuart @ 9:55 am


Team Durango Touring Car racing star Elliott Harper has recently returned from the fourth round of the annual Essex Winter Series in the UK with his first 2014 win.

Elliott piloted his soon to be released DETC410 Touring Car to the top podium spot against strong competition. The fast flowing indoor carpet track found Elliott feeling completely at home. His recent testing trip to the USA provided him with ample track time to maximise the awesome production specification of the DETC410, and this was to prove especially valuable as the regions fastest team drivers set out to deny him another win with the hotly anticipated new platform.

Elliott took the first qualifying round by one second, extending his finishing lead in round two by a further second. Round three saw Elliott push his DETC410 even further with a three second victory! Qualifying was a clean Team Durango affair, pole position in the ‘A’ main final was secured in style.

The ‘A’ main final was to be Elliott’s strongest carpet performance with the DETC410 so far, as he imposed the track pace from the first lap. The DETC410 settled into the tracks grip levels quickly and opened up the gap between Elliott and the chasing field as each lap was completed, providing Elliott with an overall win, as he flew across the finish line eight seconds ahead of the competition!

We send our congratulations to Elliott for a great result. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we get ready to share more DETC410 news with the world.

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January 13, 2014

DEX410v4 Wins DHI Cup – Neumann TQ & Top Spot

Filed under: News,Team Driver — Tags: , , — Stuart @ 9:36 am


Team Durango’s newest evolutionary update to the globally successful DEX410 4WD Buggy platform, the DEX410v4, has won the hotly contested DHI Cup in the hands of German off-road supremo Jörn Neumann.

Neumann was really happy to take an overall TQ and top podium spot as he added to his DHI Cup winning form of recent years. Neumann showed solid composure and nerve as he defended the 4WD DHI Cup Champion position against the likes of Martin Bayer and Tom Cockerill.

The recently released DEX410v4 made light work of the fast paced carpet track in Denmark, with a win in ‘A’ main finals two and three putting Neumann in first place after the dust settled. He added a great second place in 2WD Buggy with his DEX210 to complete a double podium finish against some of the fastest racers in Europe.


Neumann and the DEX410v4 have not wasted any time in opening the 2014 winning account for Team Durango. We send our congratulations to Jörn and look forward to watching him continue to win with our products in 2014.

Get you hands on the car that has started 2014 with a bang now, click here to own the DEX410v4:

Stay close to all the Team Durango team driver action, hit the ‘Like’ button here now:

Thanks to the hard working folks at REDRC for their great coverage of the event:

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