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February 27, 2014

DETC410 – Get Closer To Chief Designer

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With the upcoming global arrival of the DETC410 at an RC supplier in your region, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some DETC410 facts from chief designer Adam Skelding. Adam explains the design theory behind Team Durango’s first Touring Car platform, and gives you a deeper insight into how the DETC410 will make you faster, straight from the kit box


How long did you work on the DETC410 concepts prior to beginning to design the car?

Adam Skelding – As we were starting with a blank sheet of paper (we had no car in this class), we needed to take some time to look at the cars that were popular and fast in the class. We probably started a good 2-3 months before we actually started putting ideas down on paper for what we would like from the car, and any critical design features.

What were the core design philosophies that you wanted to apply to the DETC410?

Adam Skelding – We wanted to make the most tuneable car we could straight out of the box. The touring car class has it’s own sub set of classes, modified, 13.5T, 17.5T, 21.5T and then you can ‘boost or blinky’ the classes. These sub sets all require the car to be tuneable in different ways, as there is a different driving style from say Mod to 17.5T blinky. We needed our car to be able to cover this. Then you have asphalt and carpet racing, the permutations and combinations are now starting to build up, so you can see that the car needed to have a wide sweet spot that you can tune specifically to your chosen class of racing.


Explain how EFRA European Podium placed Elliott Harper has helped develop the project so far?

Adam Skelding – Whilst we have a vast amount of RC experience at TD, we didn’t have a ‘current’ TC driver who could be the spearhead of the racing team. Elliott was brought on board as he is an on road racer through and through and has been at the top of the European and World championships the last few years. His experience of where the class is going and what makes a good car from a bad car was key in helping us make the right design choices when there were multiple options to choose from.

What is your favourite design element of the DETC410 and why?

Adam Skelding – Probably the amount of tuning we crammed into the box, it’s not a single design element, but the ethos we aimed for was carried out really well.

Do you race Touring Cars yourself?

Adam Skelding – I have raced touring cars before, but this was some years ago before LiPo and brushless became the norm for electric RC. I’ve now picked up the sticks again in TC and I take my DETC410 to local club meetings to showcase how easy the car is to drive (even for an off-road hack like me ;)).


Is there a balance between aesthetic appeal and performance when designing a brand new platform for Team Durango? Tell us how you always achieve a balance between function and form?

Adam Skelding – Form follows function –  design ethos that I follow. A part needs to be designed a certain way to get correct geometry and function. This provides the basic form, once you then get a collection of parts in certain area, then you can really start looking into the form of a collection of parts. This can seem like a never ending loop as you change one part which then affects the look of other parts around it, but soon a more finished design starts to take shape.

Are there any qualities from the heritage of Team Durango off-road cars that have been transferred over to the DETC410? Explain what and why?

Adam Skelding – The tunablity of the car by the use of inserts is something that we brought from the DEX210 platforms. This was a first in 2WD off-road and we’ve taken it a step further with the DETC410.


 What makes the front DJoint drive shafts of the DETC410 special?

Adam Skelding –  They are just the best method of reducing chatter in the articulation angle of the DETC410 steering. Super-smooth and consistent.

Explain why the DETC410 is so easy to build straight from the kit box? We have heard some racers have completed the whole kit in under four hours.

Adam Skelding –  Once the design was done, we spent a lot of time fine tuning the assembly process. Assembly of a TC car is not just about throwing it together, everything has to go together ‘just so’ to minimise ‘tweak’ in the car. This is a word that has been used constantly by Elliott in the feedback we get from him, ‘we need to alter this – it will help reduce tweak’. I just thought he liked Miley Cyrus! The build manual was given special attention by Ben as it’s the customers first contact with the car and we wanted the best ‘tweak-free’ build process that we could come up with that was repeatable by other less ‘tweak sensitive’ members of the office. J If we can build it ‘tweak free’ then a customer will be able to build it the same way.

Tuning options can be a complicated thing for newcomers to the Touring Car class to understand. What makes the DETC410 an easy car to set-up?

Adam Skelding – In the manual we give 4 base set-ups for the car. These are all tried and tested by the Pro drivers Elliott, Ben and Michal. We’ve put them in the manual so that you can build the car to the surface your most likely to race the car on for the first time, and have the confidence that it’s going to be a good starting point and you are not going to be ‘shooting in the dark’. In fact, I built the car to the low grip carpet setup and I didn’t change the set-up for about 6 meetings. It’s a really good base set-up and the car was still outperforming the driver, until I felt I was driving the car as well as I could, I saw no point in changing the set-up. I’ve now started to ‘tune’ the car and see what happens, some changes I’ve made haven’t worked, but I’ve always had the confidence to go back to default and start again.


The DETC410 seems to be easy to drive for all abilities. What do you think is the biggest contributory factor to this all-inclusive outcome for the first Team Durango Touring Car?

Adam Skelding – The time and effort put in by the whole of the team here, from driver to designer and the people in between. It has been a true collective effort, everyone has got their own bit of input to the car and could point it out.

What is your most used design tool when creating a Team Durango vehicle?

Adam Skelding – Solidworks

How many individual parts make up a DETC410?

Adam Skelding – Lots 😉

The DETC410 seems to be incredible value for money. Racers always demand the highest specification possible for the best price. Was the DETC410 always going to be aimed at budget conscious racers who wanted a competition quality racing kit?

Adam Skelding – Yes. This was one of the major design consideration as well as tuning. The suspension hangers are a good example of this one hanger is used all around the car where other manufacturers use multiple hangers. Molded DIMEC inserts offer the adjustment, but the major cost of the machined 7075 Aluminium part is kept down for the kit as there is only one style.


Premium materials and race-winning geometry are now regarded as the Team Durango signature. How much testing goes into material strength prior to actually racing a Team Durango car for the first time?

Adam Skelding – With the TC platform we know that the spine of the car needed to be Carbon fibre and Aluminium, so we had to do very little testing on this. Materials for the A-arms, hubs and drive-train went through a number of rounds of testing before we found the best material for each application and for inclusion in the it. We of course will offer different materials for composite parts to fine tune the car to the nth degree for different tracks, but we feel the kit has the best selection of materials to allow the car to be raced at the highest level on all tracks.


Describe the DETC410 in three words?

Adam Skelding – A team effort

What does the future hold for Team Durango Touring Car platforms? If you can share anything with us?

Adam Skelding – Now we have a car, we’ve joined the development curve and the learning continues. Speeds will increase, lap times will lower and we need to keep our car on the pace, we can’t stand still that is for sure!

The DETC410 will be available in your region very soon. Learn more about the car that has started Team Durango’s Touring Car racing campaign here:

Stay close to all the exciting race results from Elliott Harper and Michal Orlwoski by hitting the ‘Like’ button here now:

Watch the DETC410 racing to the win at the BTCC here now:


February 26, 2014

Team Driver Interview – Kaja Novotny – Czech Republic


Young Czech racer Kaja Novotny has quickly developed into an off-road RC success story. Having won his first racing trophy at the age of eight, Kaja, with the support of his father Karel, has ascended the ranks of European off-road racing with a rather enviable reputation for multiple podium places at the meetings he attends. 562 racing trophies attained so far by Kaja. Are we seeing the rise of a future European Champion?

Kaja, often referred to as Charlie by his friends in the UK, has been representing Team Durango for a few years, and during this time has carved a winning record that some racers struggle to achieve in a life-long career behind the radio transmitter.

We thought it was the perfect time to sit down with Kaja and ask him some questions about his relationship with not just the world of RC, but Team Durango products. Kaja is a real inspiration to young racers all over the world, and his commitment to taking Team Durango products to the winners spot make him a great ambassador for our brand.

Kaja Novotny answers our questions with the poise and maturity of a racer who is decades older than his years.

Kaja Navotny Interview – February 2014

Team Durango – At what age did you win your first RC trophy?

Kaja –  I won my first RC trophy when I was 8 years old. It was my second RC car
race, when I won junior class in stock touring car.

Team Durango – How many RC trophies have you won since your career started?

Kaja – I had to count them to answer this question, and the answer is 562. More than half of them I have won with Team Durango cars.


Team Durango – Who got you interested in RC racing?

Kaja – It was my Dad. He took me to the Lestr cup race in Cezch Republic to show me how the race
looks and asked me, if I want to try that. I said yes, and my father bought me Tamiya RTR car. Few weeks later I raced on my first race.

Team Durango – What is your favorite Team Durango product and please explain why?

Kaja – Its difficult to say, as I like all of them and would like to keep all of them, but what I really love, it is DEX 410. It was my first Team Durango car and it bought me many good results, which would be difficult to get without such a perfect car. I always liked to drive RC cars, but since I have got it, I really enjoy it. Also, as it is the “oldest” Team Durango car, we are quite familiar with it, know how to set the car for different track conditions, which is a great advantage. Another great thing is that the 410 DNA remains basically the same as it was in the beginning, with a wide range of performance enhancements, which make it better every version update.  It is still the fastest 4WD buggy in the world. When we got the first one, father said that it is the only racing car out of all RC buggies. I tend to agree 😉

Team Durango – When you are racing, for the five minutes that you must concentrate, what goes through your mind as you are driving?

Kaja –  I just think about each corner and jump, try to concentrate just on my car. I always try and find a little time to check on the progress of my rivals.


Team Durango – How often do you work on your cars away from the track?

Kaja – That is a little problem as I am really busy with school. My Dad helps out lots with preparing my cars. When I am home I also get involved, but usually I am studying. Next year I will have more spare time, as I have chosen to drop some subjects at school. This means I will be able to focus on my best school subjects and get more involved with my Team Durango cars. I am really looking forward to this.

Team Durango – Who is your favorite RC racer of all time and why?

Kaja – Probably no one will be surprised when l say that it is Jorn Neumann. He is really great person, helps us a lot on each race when we are together. I mainly respect him for his ability to drive on the edge in so many different classes and being everywhere on the very top. 1/10 2WD and 4WD Buggy, 4WD Short Course, 1/8 Electric Buggy and Truggy, 1/8 Nitro Buggy and Truggy, he performs at the highest level in every class!


Team Durango – Your father is a huge part of your RC racing career. Please explain how he supports you both at the race meetings you attend and when you are away from the track?

Kaja – I couldn’t race without my father, I wouldn’t have even begun. As I said, I am often busy with school and the preparation of cars goes to him. He also has to work on the cars during race meetings, as I usually drive three classes. I mostly drive or marshal, but when I don’t I try to help. Father also gives me advice as he can watch other racers and tell me where they are faster. When we are not at races, we mostly still discuss RC cars, but more about what is happening in the world RC scene than about us.

Team Durango – What is your favorite school subject and why?

Kaja – I love English. As I speak a lot with my RC friends from other countries, school tests and conversations are easy for me.

Team Durango – What RC race would you most like to win and why?

Kaja – I always dreamed to attend Reedy Race and to win such a race would be really awesome, but, dreams are to dream and I don‘t think so that this one would come true. And why you may ask?  Reedy race is the race of the best drivers in the world, it would be great to be champion of champions.


Team Durango – Describe Team Durango in just four words?

Kaja – Winning, Durable, Co-operative, Friendly

Team Durango – What are your plans for your racing future?

Kaja – I would like to continue racing as long as I will have free time to spare. If it is possible, I would like to go more often to bigger races in other countries.


Kaja wanted to share these words with his fans and Team Durango racing colleagues:

“I would like to thank to Team Durango, to my parents and to sponsors for the support which I appreciate very much and fully realise how much they are doing for me especially now, during this difficult period of the world economy.

A special thanks to Rob Hopkins from Team Durango, because it is thanks to him that I am here. He decided to support me, when I was an unknown kid from a small country in Eastern Europe. This I will have always in mind and both of us, my father and I, are trying to give help to other kids as much as we can.

And last but not least I have to thank to Gerd Strenge, firstly for designing such a great cars and secondly for his help and advice during EOS races” – Kaja Novotny – Team Durango

We send our thanks to Kaja and Karel Novotny and wish them well for the rest of 2014.

If you are a young racer who wants to be the fastest at your local club and beyond, follow Kaja and his mature philosophy. Study hard, and race to win, no matter where you compete.

Explore the new DEX210v2 as driven by Kaja Novotny here now:

Own the DEX410v4 as driven by Kaja to win the recent Xray Challenge, click here now:

Race the 1/8 Electric Buggy used by Kaja Novotny now:


February 24, 2014

DEX410v4 Build Diary Video – Jason Ametrine

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Team Durango UK team driver and close friend of our staff at TDHQ, Jason Ametrine, has recently created a really exciting build video diary for the DEX410v4.

Jason has built his new DEX410v4 team kit and captured the whole process on film. He has then sped up the build so you can watch his car take shape over three short films. This technique has provided a really valuable insight into just how much hard work goes into creating each Team Durango racing machine.

Jason has also taken the time to show how he used a full selection of Team Durango precision manufactured option parts to build the ultimate DEX410v4.

Watch Jason in double-speed-build-action:

Build bags A-F:

Build bags G-L:

Build Bags M-Completion:

We send our sincere thanks to Jason for sharing this interesting diary video with us all. If you have a Team Durango video you would like to share with the world, then please get in touch at

Explore how the DEX410v4 can put you on the winners podium here:

Hit the ‘Like’ button over at our offiicial Facebook page for a chance to win some very cool prizes soon:

Novotny Races DEX410v4 To Victory

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Kaja Novotny has returned from the sixth round of the prestigious Xray Challenge with an overall win and TQ honours for his DEX410v4.

The event took place near Prague in the Czech Republic and is attended by some of the regions hottest off-road racing talent.

With a challenging track surface to overcome, that was suffering again from a soaking of Touring Car tyre additive, Kaja found his DEX410v4 outperformed his rival racers as he flew to a convincing victory, that also included the fastest lap of the day.

Kaja’s father Karel has commented that the DEX410v4 was built to kit box specification, and needed no further tuning to achieve this victory. Further testimony to the versatility and race-winning pedigree of the DEX410v4.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and Karel for another great result with Team Durango.

Get your hands on the DEX410v4 now, click here:

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Explore the newly released 2WD Team Durango race Buggy here:

February 20, 2014

DEX210v2 – Kit Page & Product Gallery Go Live

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Team Durango present the latest evolutionary update to the 2013 EFRA European Championship winning 2WD Buggy platform, the DEX210v2.

 Precision designed to provide one premium quality 2WD racing Buggy that will allow you to win, at your local track and beyond, straight from the kit box.

With the DEX210v2 you only have to carry one 2WD Buggy for all racing conditions, all track surfaces and all levels of RC competition. Learn new skills, or develop your existing track achievements, with the only car you will ever need to take you to 2WD victory.

Easy to maintain, easy to set-up for your chosen track, and loaded with race-winning features that will allow you to explore new racing challenges.

Enjoy the success of our patented Hybrid Technology Gearbox design. Feel the advancements in our unique adjustable tuning options. Race towards your next win with the Team Durango DEX210v2.

Explore the full kit page and product gallery here now:

If you want a DEX210v2 as soon as they become available, hit the ‘Like’ button here now:



February 19, 2014

DETC410 Wins EWS – Elliott Harper Win & TQ

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The fifth round of the popular Essex Winter Series in the UK was recently concluded with an awesome display of Touring Car racing from Elliott Harper and his DETC410.

Elliott piloted the DETC410 to a clean sweep of all qualifying rounds, that included a five second first round victory over Chris Grainger, and a five second third round victory over James Hart . Elliott continued to freeze out the competition as he stormed to victory in the ‘A’ main final, leaving the chasing field behind after the first few laps. Elliott finished five seconds ahead of the pack to take first overall and the TQ honours.

The DETC410 was recently launched on our dedicated kit page here: and with Elliott Harper playing a fundamental part in the cars design, development and testing, you can share the amazing pace of this winning platform.

Used by Elliott Harper to take a podium finish at the 2013 EFRA European Championship, the DETC410 is precision manufactured to bring high-quality Team Durango engineering to a racing class that demands the finest products that RC has to offer.

We send our congratulations to Elliott for another great performance.

Stay close to all the DETC410 delivery news as it breaks. Click the ‘Like’ button here now:

February 17, 2014

Ryan Lutz Triple Win & Triple TQ – Motorama 2014

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Lutz Sweeps Three Classes – 36th Annual Motorama

Team Durango are very excited to share the news of a clean sweep for Ryan Lutz at the 2014 Motorama event in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, USA.

Eletric 1/8 Buggy, win. Electric 1/8 Truggy, win. Electric 1/10 Short Course, you guessed it, win.

Ryan battled through three classes of hot paced action, with a huge attendance of RC’s fastest racers making it to the event, 700 in total, despite the heavy snow fall over the past few weeks across the mid-west and east coast.

Ryan came home with TQ honours and first overall with his DEX408v2, DEX408T and DESC410v2 vehicles. He raced  a total of nine rounds of qualifying across his chosen classes, and he TQd eight of them!

To add to this awesome set of results, Ryan was able to win his E-Buggy ‘A’ main final by 10 seconds, stating that his DEX408v2 was dialed from the first run. The Lutzinator was truly victorious with Team Durango.


Big lights, big track, big wins

Considering Ryan had experienced two cancelled flights due to the snow storms prior to this event, he once again showed his professional composure. We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to Ryan for his triple win, triple TQ and his 10 second leading win. What a great weekend for us all.

Learn more about the Buggy that won by 10 seconds at Motorama, in the hands of Ryan Lutz now:

Get closer to all the Ryan Lutz news, and learn more about what makes Team Durango a winning global force, click here now:


Double Win, Double TQ – DEX408v2 & DEX410v4


In yet another storming performance, Czech Team Durango star Kaja Novotny has taken a double win, and a double TQ!

Kaja and his father Karel visited the fifth round of the Open Challenge in the Czech Republic, hosted by a well-established off-road racing club and backed by a regional RC distributor, this series of seven race meeting is proving very popular with fans of high-grip indoor action. Kaja raced in both 4WD Buggy and 1/8 E-Buggy classes, and did not disappoint us with another blisteringly fast result.

Kaja was crowned overall TQ in both classes and reported that his DEX410v4 and DEX408v2 made easy work of the tight and technical track layout. He breezed through qualifying like a seasoned professional, and went on to claim first overall in both classes. Double TQ, then double win! Job done yet again.


Kaja was really excited to share the news that his new DEX408v2 was a dream to drive. He also found the new Centre UJ Drive Shafts and Two-Way Slipper Clutch system on his DEX410v4 made his car feel planted, smooth and able to really push the throttle in areas that other racers had to slow down.

We send our thanks and sincere congratulations to Kaja and Karel for another great performance. Kaja continues to provide Team Durango with race wins, and is a real inspiration to the younger generations of racers who aspire to be as fast as the best in the world.

Get your hands on the DEX410v4 Kaja uses here now:

Learn how the DEX408v2 can make you faster here:  

Follow Kaja and his Team Durango team mates all over the globe now. Hit the ‘Like’ button here for special news:

DEX410v4 Wins Off-Road Wars – Neumann On Top

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The annual Off-Road Wars event, held at the very popular Maritime Raceway in Kent, Southern England, was to be the stage for another high-profile Jörn Neumann victory last weekend.

Jörn piloted his new DEX410v4 to a convincing win in 4WD, and added a TQ honours to his quickly expanding 2014 list of race wins. The DEX410v4 has already established itself as the perfect tool for challenging indoor carpet tracks, and the vehicle to choose when the outdoor Astroturf and dirt action demands perfect balance to reign supreme.

We send congratulations to Jörn for another great performance at Off-Road Wars. It is always an inspiration to see him winning in the UK against tough competition.

Explore the car that Jörn Neumann uses to win all over the globe here:

Stay close to all the Team Durango news by clicking the ‘Like’ button here now:

JRT France – Team Durango Mega-Fans

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We have recently become further aware of a dedicated group of Team Durango racers in France called JRT. They promote their racing achievements through a web Blog, and are huge fans of Team Durango products. Not only do these guys share their passion for our products with the world, but they also spend countless hours creating a host of cool Team Durango themed items to further promote their love of our cars.

Racing is often a sport that breeds the stifled engineer in many participants. This keen interest in how we engineer our products can be seen with everything that JRT promote for us, including some rather nice home-brew Team Tech Tip items that we like very much.

The JRT technique of adding diff-oil signifying colour dots to their differential cases is a great example of how the guys are promoting the Team Durango philosophy of design evolution.


Colour-coded diff oil ‘dots’ for fast and easy recognition in the pits

Close affiliates with our Team Durango France super-star Antoinne Rossetti, JRT create really good build tutorials and set-up guides on their Blog. It is always a great inspiration to find racers who choose Team Durango precision manufactured products to help them win.


A JRT decorated DEX410 4WD Buggy – Chassis vinyl in ‘TD’ wallpaper livery

We send our sincere thanks to JRT for their support and high-quality informative articles. We also share our gratitude with them for taking the time to expose the global race results that are achieved by our Pro racing team.

Expect to see more Team Durango fan information from JRT at their Blog here:

If you enjoy sharing your Team Durango experiences then hit the ‘Like’ button here now to stay connected to all the news as it breaks:

Explore the latest products that will help you get faster at your track and beyond, click here now:

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