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March 18, 2014

Cactus Classic Multiple ‘A’ Main Finishes


Team Durango Pro team racers Lutz, Amezcua and Neumann have returned from the annual Cactus Classic in Scottsdale Arizona with a great collection of results.

The Cactus Classic is widely recognised as one of the premier 1/10 off-road race meetings in the USA, and with some of the fastest racing talent attending, Team Durango were ready for action.

With the Scottsdale RC Raceway dirt track being prepared with a liberal coating of the now ubiquitous sugar and water, our Pro team were excited to race the new DEX210v2 and DEX410v4. All three racers were happy to secure a ‘A’ main top ten finish with the DEX210v2, showing the strength of the newly launched 2WD Buggy platform at the highest level of competition.


Neumann found the DEX410v4 was fast on the sugar watered clay surface. The new Two-Way Slipper Clutch performed extremely well

4WD Buggy was to conclude with Jörn Neumann placed in fourth overall, highlighting the awesome potential of the DEX410v4 on a track surface treatment that is becoming very popular in the USA. Jörn was to go on to also secure second overall in the Stadium Truck class with his DEST210R. Ryan was really pleased with the performance of both his DEX210v2 and DEX410v4, and he has reported that both cars drove very consistently on the sugar watered surface.


Ryan Lutz found his DEX210v2 really easy to drive, with heaps of forward traction and well-balanced steering throughout. The new -2mm Rear Suspension Hanger was perfectly suited to the Scottsdale surface

With Scottsdale RC Raceway hosting this hugely popular annual race, for the last time on the outdoor track prior to it moving indoors for next year, Team Durango were really happy to conclude the event with 11 Cactus Classic Trophies!


Travis Amezcua was happy to add a second place ‘A’ main third leg finish to his top ten 2WD Buggy result

We send our congratulations to the team for a great set of results at the Cactus Classic. We also send thanks to our colleagues in the USA for their track-side support, and to Gerd Streng for his tireless pit support and development work.

Learn how you can enjoy the amazing multi-surface performance of the DEX210v2 here:

Explore the car the has TQ’d the 2013 World Championship, and continues to place in top ten finishes all over the globe: 

Get in on the Team Durango truck action now, as driven by Jorn Neumann at the Cactus Classic:

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We send our thanks to the hard working guys over at RedRC for a great collection of images and race reports during the Cactus Classic.


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