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June 30, 2014

DEX408v2 Sets Track Record – TQ & Win


Team Durango off-road star Kaja Novotny has piloted his DEX408v2 to a record breaking win and TQ at the second round of the KS Challenge in Terezin, Czech Republic.

Kaja posted the fastest lap time ever achieved on this bumpy multi-surface venue, blasting his DEX408v2 to an overall first and TQ. Taking all three qualifying rounds was enough to put Kaja at the front of the experienced pack of racers in the ‘A’ Main final, leaving him plenty of room to get the throttle pinned and go for the record.

The DEX408v2 and Kaja went on to also win all three final legs, securing a clean sweep and new venue record for Team Durango.

We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel.

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June 25, 2014

Vance Takes DEX408v2 To Podium & TQ Finish


The second round of the Irish 1/8 National Series took place last weekend, with Team Durango racing star Aaron Vance storming to an overall TQ, and second overall, driving his DEX408v2.

Aaron was happy to TQ three rounds of the hotly contested qualifiers, placing his DEX408v2 straight in the ‘A’ main final. Aaron went on to battle with local pace-setters throughout the final race, taking second on the bumpy Astroturf track.

In the Nitro Buggy class Aaron was pleased to finish in the top tier of the ‘A’ main, taking fifth overall to complete a great weekend of 1/8 scale competition.

We send congratulations to Aaron for a very solid performance, his recent form with the DEX408v2 shows he is up there with the best that Ireland has to offer.

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June 24, 2014

Novotny Pilots DEX408v2 To National Podium


Team Durango Czech racing star, Kaja Novotny, has raced to an overall second place at the second round of the Czech 1/8 Buggy National, piloting his DEX408v2 against the fastest racers the country has to offer.

Kaja was able to push his Team Durango 1/8 Electric Buggy into a direct battle with senior racers at the event, as he set his sights on securing a podium finish in the ‘A’ main finals, in Dolni Bukovsko last weekend.

The dry and bumpy track had developed a grooved racing line from heavy use by the nitro Buggy racers during the event. This gave Kaja the opportunity to utilise the advanced set-up options that are possible with the DEX408v2, making easier work of the challenging surface conditions.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel for another great performance.

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June 23, 2014

Lutz Takes Double ROAR Podium

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Double Podium – Team Durango – ROAR Nats 2014

2014 ROAR National Nitro Buggy – Ryan Lutz – 3rd overall – DNX8 Prototype

2014 ROAR Nationals Nitro Truggy – Ryan Lutz – 3rd overall – DNX408T

US Team Durango super-racer Ryan Lutz has concluded an action-packed weekend of high profile nitro racing with a double third overall at the 2014 ROAR National in Austin, Texas.

Ryan was very happy to convert his fast paced day one performance, in timed practice, to a podium spot for the DNX8 prototype 1/8 Nitro Buggy, against arguably the fastest racers the class has to offer.

With Ryan actively testing the upcoming Team Durango platform over the last few months, with a solid performance in the UK at the Neo race, the US Pro driver was happy to test the pace of his prototype against a star-studded field.


With the Texas heat and humidity giving the racers more than the dusty track to contend with, Ryan was able to fly to an overall third place podium finish in the increasingly competitive 1/8 Nitro Truggy class. Ryan piloted his DNX408T through the field, stating that his Truggy felt ‘safe and easy to drive’ throughout the competition.


We send our sincere congratulations  and thanks to Ryan for a great performance. The race-pace testing of the DNX8 prototype continues to keep us focused on creating an awesome new product.

We also send thanks and admiration to Team Durango Pro racer Travis Amezcua, who not only pitted for Ryan during the ROAR Nats event, but as Ryan stated during press interviews, was fundamental in helping Ryan stay sharp and focused during the hectic three day race schedule.

Thanks must go to our friends at REDRC for their wonderful event coverage and photographs.

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June 17, 2014

DEX408v2 Wins – Aaran Vance – Team Durango Ireland

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Team Durango Ireland off-road racing star Aaron Vance has returned from the recent Paddy Piston race event victorious.

Aaron piloted his DEX408v2 to a clean sweep of 1/8 E Buggy qualifying, winning all seven heats! He then shot straight into first overall, blasting through a field of very experienced rival racers during a fast paced three leg final.

Aaron was also very happy to take a sixth place overall in the 1/8 scale Nitro Buggy class, to complete his weekend of ‘A’ main pace racing results.

We send our sincere congratulations to Aaron for a great performance with the DEX408v2.

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DETC410 Takes BRCA Podium With Elliott Harper


Team Durango Touring Car ace, Elliott Harper, has returned from the third round of the BRCA National Touring Car Series with a third place podium finish with his DETC410.

Elliott attended this race meeting, hosted by Stafford Model Car Club, to once again battle it out with some of the UK’s fastest 1/10 Electric Touring Car drivers. The DETC410 was straight on the pace, with some impressive lap times falling to the Team Durango star as he settled into his usual consistent rhythm.

Elliott was very happy to storm to third overall from his sixth place ‘A’ main grid position in the finals, posting the fastest lap of the day with his DETC410 on his way to the podium.

Elliott was joined in the ‘A’ main final by Team Durango racer Ben Cosgrove, who also found good pace in the difficult conditions with his DETC410.

We send our congratulations to Elliott and Ben for another great performance.

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June 16, 2014

Novotny Win & TQ – DEX408v2


The Off-Road Party Race Series, contested in the Czech Republic, was concluded last weekend. Team Durango racing star Kaja Novotny flew to another overall win and TQ with his DEX408v2.

Kaja has already shown excellent race pace at this series, taking several double podium places in 1/8 E Buggy and 1/10 4WD Buggy over recent weeks. He was keen to finish the series in style, battling in his two chosen classes on the rough dirt track, which many racers have commented is more suited to 1/8 Nitro Rally X than the electric classes raced at the series.

Kaja was really happy to take the overall win with his Team Durango DEX408v2, and he also added a third overall with his DEX410v4 to complete an impressive collection of podium places during the series.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel.

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June 10, 2014

Team Tech Tips – DEX210v2 Ride Height


DEX210v2 Ride Height Adjustment

Team Durango UK team driver Jason Ametrine returns this week for another instalment of his popular Team Tech Tips series. Jason has created a dedicated DEX210v2 ride height tuning guide, that will allow you to learn exactly how the team set and adjust their 2WD vehicles, ready for racing action.

The DEX210v2 responds extremely well to fine adjustments in ride height, allowing you to create the exact handling characteristics that are required for any specific track surface.

Jason shows you how to find the setting that will not only transform the handling of your car in seconds, but will also give you a fast and easy method of tuning when the race action demands a quick reaction.

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June 9, 2014

DETC410 – Travis Amezcua Set-Up Released

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Tune Your DETC410 Like Amezcua 

Team Durango racing Pro Travis Amezcua may be more known in recent time for his off-road 1/10 scale racing prowess, but he is no slouch when it comes to Touring Car racing. Travis has been away from smoother track driving since 2006 but found he was ready to re-visit his old haunts recently, just as Team Durango released the much anticipated DETC410 Touring Car kit.

Travis has always been known for his tenacious racing style and professional philosophy, so what better way for him to push his own ability levels even further than to go head-first into prestigious on-road meetings such as The Reedy Race and the globally recognised Snowbirds Tournament?

We are very excited that Travis has settled into his old rhythm quickly with the DETC410. He recently sent us an exclusive set-up sheet that helped him secure a top five ‘A’ main finish at the Reedy Race of Champions in the USA.


Now you can study the way our Pro team use the huge amounts of tunability designed into each Team Durango car, creating a tactical advantage on the most challenging of tracks.

Enjoy Travis’ latest set-up sheet by searching for his name under the DETC410 drop-down here:

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Lutz Takes DEX408v2 To Podium At AMS 5.0

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Team Durango Pro racing star Ryan Lutz has returned from the AMS 5.0 off-road event in Alabama with a great podium finish for his DEX408v2.

The annual Alabama Manufacturers Shootout drew a huge crowd of racers, with 586 drivers battling for supremacy on the fast paced indoor dirt track. Ryan was able to fly to a second place finish in 1/8 scale E Buggy, securing another high-profile podium place for the DEX408v2 during 2014. Ryan was also happy to secure a fourth place overall for the DNX8 Nitro prototype, as he continues his race-pace testing of the hotly anticipated new Buggy.

With the 1/8 scale racing season in full-swing over in the USA, we are really excited to see how Ryan can continue to develop his success with multiple Team Durango platforms.

Ryan was happy to report that his recently hectic racing schedule will be punctuated by a much-needed trip back home to see his family. This man puts some serious air miles in for his profession.

We send our sincere thanks to Ryan for another great performance with Team Durango products.

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