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July 29, 2014

Team Tech Tips – DEX210v2 Camber Adjustment Guide


Watch Team Durango Tutorial Videos – Learn from the Pros

We are very excited to share the latest episode of our Team Tech Tips video series, with UK team driver Jason Ametrine.

In this useful tutorial video, Jason shows you the easy steps that you will need to take in order to first measure, then adjust your DEX210v2 Camber Link Settings.

Jason also shares a very useful ‘splash screen’ at the end of the video, which gives you the exact reasoning behind the adjustments he has shown the during his tutorial.

You can now understand exactly how to tune your camber settings to gain even greater track performance, especially if the conditions change during your race meeting.

Watch the newest episode over at TDTV here now: 

Follow Jason and his fellow team racers here:

Learn how the DEX210v2 can transform your racing results, straight from the kit box now:

DEX210v2 Wins BRCA North East Regional


Team Durango race star, Craig Collinson, has recently taken a very exciting overall win and TQ at the BRCA North East Regional in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

Craig raced his DEX210v2 to victory against a field of 70 racers, making easy work of the technical grass track. Craig has a reputation for his aggressive driving style, with his solid performances piloting the DEX210v2 and DEX410v4 showing he is fast on a wide range of track styles.

Craig was able to capitalise on the awesome mid motor configuration of the DEX210v2 during his TQ victory, showing that Team Durango have a kit that can be easily tuned to win on a variety of challenging surfaces.

We send our congratulations to Craig for a great result. Watch this space for more UK race news very soon.

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Jason Ametrine – More Tech Content & Support


Jason ‘The Hands’ Ametrine – Tech Expert and Fan Support

Many of you will know Jason Ametrine from his awesome Team Tech Tip videos that we share each month. Some of you may have met Jason during his busy racing schedule, which takes him all over the UK representing Team Durango.

With a larger-than-life character and years of valuable RC experience that he shares with you all, Jason is a strong team player and advocate for everything we create at Team Durango.

We are very excited to announce that Jason has recently extended his team driver contract for a further 12 months!

This means that the self-confessed Team Durango addict will be bringing you more useful tutorial videos, helping out our loyal fans track-side at race meetings, and generally supporting our network of drivers and ambassadors through social media sites and internet forums.


The cars that Jason races for Team Durango UK

If you would like to stay close to everything that Jason creates for Team Durango, then visit TDTV here:

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July 28, 2014

DEX408v2 Wins Irish National – Aaron Vance Victorious


Irish National Win and overall TQ – Aaron Vance

 Team Durango Ireland race star, Aaron Vance, recently concluded a fast-paced weekend of 1/8 scale Buggy racing at the Irish Nationals, in Cork.

Aaron is no stranger to highly competitive racing over on the Emerald Isle, and he was really excited to pilot his DEX408v2 to an overall first place finish in the popular E-Buggy racing class.

Taking three of the four qualifying rounds, Aaron gave no reason for his chasing fellow racers to think he could be unsettled, powering his DEX408v2 home in the ‘A’ Main final. Aaron did not make a single mistake to complete a faultless run.

A Podium first place and overall TQ at the Irish Nationals for Aaron Vance and Team Durango.

Congratulations go to Aaron for an awesome performance.

Explore why Aaron Vance trusts the DEX408v2 when the race action is hot:

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Lutz Win & Podium – 2014 Futaba/O.S Nitro Challenge


 Ryan Lutz & Team Durango Win 

Team Durango Pro racer, Ryan Lutz, has just returned from the 2014 Futaba/O.S Nitro Challenge with a victory for his DEX408v2 and a podium place finish in nitro Buggy.

Held in St. Louis, Missouri, at the mega-popular Dirtburners RC venue, this year’s installment of this annual clash of the fastest off-road stars the scene has to offer, was action-packed from start to finish.

Ryan dominated qualifying in the 1/8 E-Buggy class, racing his DEX408v2 to a first place finish and overall TQ place. Ryan was able to win the first two legs of the prestigious ‘A’ Main finals, claiming the top spot well before proceedings had concluded for the rest of the field.

In the fiercely competitive 1/8 Pro Nitro Buggy class, Ryan put together some really solid qualifying runs. He was able to secure third place overall for Team Durango in the ‘A’ Main finals.

With a fourth overall for Ryan and his DNX408T in the Pro Truck class, the weekend of exciting dirt track racing was concluded with a very strong overall performance from the man who is often known as ‘The Lutzinator’.


The DNX408T of Ryan Lutz – Cooling down in the pits at the 2014 Futaba/O.S Challenge

We send our congratulations and sincere thanks to Ryan for a great performance in Missouri last weekend.

Explore the race-winning features that give the DEX408v2 exactly what Ryan needs to win:

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July 24, 2014

Team Durango Canada – Quebec Classic


Hot Temperatures and Hot Racing – Quebec Challenge 2014

Our racing colleagues from Team Durango Canada, managed by distributors Great Hobbies, have recently returned from the fiercely competitive Quebec Challenge.

The team found the race conditions a challenge, with Quebec being baked under extremely hot weather during the action-packed race weekend. Team drivers Yannick, Rene and Dan Leblanc were determined to make a fast impression against a field of local and National racing talent.


Joined by friend and fellow Team Durango fan, Andrew “Butters” Burghgraef from Ottawa, the guys set about tuning their Team Durango DEX408v2, DESC410v2 and Dnx408V2 vehicles for the early qualifying sessions.

The Circuit RC International dirt track was producing very high grip levels due to the scorching temperatures, and the Team Durango racers got quickly into the action with all drivers making great pace, but later qualifiers saw them plagued with electronics issues, largely attributed to the soaring temperatures.

A few fast switches of running gear saw the Team Durango Canada crew settling back into the action. They were happy to finish their qualifying track time with an E-Buggy ‘A’ Main place for the DEX408v2, another ‘A’  position for the DESC410v2 and a solid ninth in the Truggy ‘A’ main for the DEX408T.


Team mate  Jamie Smitheram had to unfortunately miss day one due to an injury, but was really happy to join his race fellow Team Durango racers for the ‘A’ Main action by placing his DEX408T straight into the top ten.

With Team Durango Canada primed for the action of the events finals schedule, the guys were very happy to see young Yannick take third in 4WD Shourt Course with his DESC410v2. with Jamie taking sixth in his Truggy final piloting the DEX408T and Andrew graciously showing why his race maturity will always produce a strong team ethos, as he moved over in his ‘B’ Main final due to an electronics glitch.

The Quebec Challenge was a real team effort for the Great Hobbies and Team Durango endorsed race team. With some hot track action and blazing weather conditions to contend with, we send our congratulations to the team for a great set of results in difficult conditions.

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July 22, 2014

Novotny Pilots DEX408v2 To Win


Czech Team Durango race ace, Kaja Novotny, has recently taken a really exciting win at the relaxed and family focused 40+ Czech Nationals in Horni Jelini.

Kaja took part in a guest 1/8 E Buggy class at the event, with many younger racers attending to work as pit help for the senior racers at this prestigious annual senior race meeting.

Racing his DEX408v2 to secure three of the four fast paced qualifying rounds, Kaja then went on to take overall first place and also place the fastest track lap during the finals.

Another great victory for the Czech star and another solid performance for the DEX408v2 1/8 Electric Buggy.

Congratulations and thanks go to Kaja and his father Karel.

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Young Team Durango Stars Shine – BRCA Short Course Nationals


 The Hall Brothers – Team Durango UK Junior Racers

We thought it would be good to share some really inspirational news with you. Eagle eyed readers will remember that last year we signed up two young UK Short Course racers to our UK junior team. The Hall brothers, Jamie and Tommy, are out and about again this summer, competing at all rounds of the BRCA Short Course National Tour.

Both young racers use the DESC210R Short Course Truck, and have found really pleasing results so far for 2014. Jamie is currently sat in third position on the BRCA Short Course National standings, with Tommy, who is only nine years old, nestling well withing ‘A’ Main pace at sixth place overall.

We should also mention that Jamie, aged 11 years old, is wining the junior series, with his brother Tommy once again backing him up by placing second overall as the season stands currently.

The Hall brothers have a combined age of just 20. They are already proving to be solid and consistent Short Course racers, we are really excited at the thought of these two rising Team Durango stars perhaps taking up the transmitter with a Buggy racing class very soon. They have already enjoyed building their DEX210v2 and DEX410v4 cars. Watch this space for updates on their progress.

Stay tuned as we hope to see Jamie and Tommy finish their BRCA Short Course National season in style very soon.

You can explore the BRCA Short Course National standings here now:   

Learn more about the truck that the Hall brothers are using to challenge the UK’s best here:

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Support the Hall brothers and stay close to their Short Course racing results here:


July 21, 2014

Euro Winning DEX210v2 & DEX410v4 Set-Ups Live


Neumann & Orlowski Euro Set-Up Sheets Live

In the wake of our recent EFRA European Championship success, that provided Team Durango with a double first place victory, we are really excited to share with you the race-winning set-up sheets for the DEX210v2 and DEX410v4. All information is now live at our In The Pits section of the Team Durango website.

You can now learn more details about the set-up configurations that were used by Jörn Neumann to win both 2WD and 4WD classes at the prestigious event in Telleborg, Sweden.

We are also very pleased to present the set-up sheets from our youngest off-road Pro racer, Michal Orlowski, which helped him to his first ever EFRA Euro ‘A’ Main final finish with the DEX410v4.

You can get Pro team driver set-ups, including the brand new Euro winning exclusives, here now:

Explore how the 2014 EFRA European Championship winning DEX210v2 can put you straight on the podium here:

Learn about the race-winning qualities of the DEX410v4, 2014 European Champion, now:

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Neumann Double 2014 Euro Champion


2014 Double European Champions – Jörn Neumann & Team Durango 

2014 EFRA 2WD Eurpean Champion – Jörn Neumann – Team Durango DEX210v2

2014 EFRA 4WD European Champion – Jörn Neumann – Team Durango DEX410v4

Team Durango Off-Road racing star Jörn Neumann has concluded an action packed 2014 EFRA European Championship week by being crowned the double champion.

Having already successfully defended his 2WD Euro crown earlier last week, Jörn set about cementing Team Durango as off-road 1/10 Buggy champions, with his DEX410v4 in the 4WD class.

Jörn was able to hold-fast against heavy racing pressure from the fastest drivers in Europe, showing his calm and calculated racing style serves him excellently when the ‘A’ Main finals are a star studded affair.


The DEX410v4 performed amazingly well on the slippery and technical dirt track in Trelleborg,Sweden, providing Jörn with exactly the kind of race-winning characteristics that are required when every second counts.

With strong support from Gerd Strenge in the pits throughout the week of hotly contested off-road action, Jörn was able to concentrate fully on how best to master the challenging in-door dirt conditions, which found many racers struggling to string together consistent lap times.


Having secured leg one and two of the fast-paced ‘A’ Main final, Jörn elected to sit out the third leg, having already done more than enough to take the title.

Young Polish Team Durango racer Michal Orlowski further added to the successful results by making his first ever European Championship ‘A’ final with his DEX410v4, with a final finishing position of 9th overall. This is a really great result for Michal and his father Matthew, especially as Michal is still only 12 years old!

We send our sincere congratulations and thanks to Jörn for an awesome European Championship performance. We also share our excitement and gratitude to Michal and Mathew Orlowski for a great result. A huge thank you goes to Gerd Strenge who serves as a constant inspiration to the whole team.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends at Neo Buggy and RC Racing TV for their world-class event coverage.

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