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March 19, 2015

Team Driver Interview – Novotny Talks DEX8


Novotny Talks DEX8 – Faster In The Pits, Faster On The Track

With the upcoming global arrival of our all-new DEX8, DNX8, DEX8T and DESC10 vehicles, what better way for you to get closer to these hotly anticipated race machines, than an exclusive interview with a young man who knows a thing or two about fast RC racing cars?

Czech racing star, Kaja Novotny, shares his excitement over the latest Team Durango kit releases.

Kaja is very keen to explain how he thinks every racer will feel the benefit of faster laps, faster servicing and innovative new features, that will bring speed to every element of owning one of these precision engineered racing vehicles.

With a racing career that has allowed Kaja the opportunity to experience thousands of hours of fierce off-road competition, many races resulting in his trademark multiple podium wins, you can now enjoy an exclusive insight into what the new Team Durango kits mean for you.


Kaja Novotny Interview – Team Durango DEX8 1/8 Electric Buggy

  • Can you explain how you are feeling about your new DEX8 Buggy. Share your first impressions please?

KajaThe DEX8 is absolutely amazing. From the first time I opened the box to the first test run, the car felt very good. The car is easy to build, everything is easy to access and it behaves great on the track. Definitely a big step forward for the 1/8 Buggy racer.

  • What is your favourite feature on the new platform design?

KajaDefinitely the new front suspension, which gives the car much more steering. The car is packed with exciting new features, racers will not be disappointed when it comes to options. It is so easy to understand.

  •  What new features do you think will allow you to become even faster on the track?

KajaI like the new ESC position, which is now placed directly on the chassis. This gives the car much more stability in the corners. Faster corners means faster laps. I also think the new steering set-up will allow me to really push the car hard, knowing I can make the tighter turns and carry more speed than other drivers on the track. The new wider Chassis gives the car much better handling on bumpy tracks. Finally, I like this new adjustable Wing. It should give me more set-up options on dusty and slippery tracks.


Fast Front Diff access combined with lightweight Cross-Shafts and super-durable Steel Gears

  •  Can you see features that will save time during servicing the car?

KajaAll Durango cars are well known for their fast and easy access to all the important components. The DEX8 will prove once again this Team Durango feature saves time. The fast access to Differentials, easy setting of  the Sliding Gear Mesh and universal hardware fittings, will all make servicing your car faster.

  • What are you looking forward to trying most with the DEX8?

KajaIt’s an all-new car, completely different compared to a DEX 408, which means the DEX8 is a completely new challenge. I look forward to trying every feature that this innovate Buggy offers. I can see a huge appeal for new racers. The all-new design will allow them a great place to start learning more. This car feels fast all over the track. New Team Durango owners will be very excited when they drive the car.


Kaja and his father Karel – Karel is responsible for all mechanical maintenance during Kaja’s racing season

  • Explain to our readers how the DEX8 can help them win more races? How does all this new design make a difference on the track?

KajaIt’s fast, durable, easy to make core set-up changes. The car is designed to be quick on the track and quick to maintain. The perfect combination I feel. You can feel how the new features work together, complimenting each other. We all want to save time, every lap. This is the car to help you get quicker. Everything is designed around the racer, making working on the DEX8 really simple.

  •  Tell us why you love 1/8 racing? What is your favourite surface to race on and why?

KajaThe 1/8 race class offers racing on large tracks with challenging jumps and fast straights. I also enjoy the longer races compared to 1/10 Buggy. Probably the same as a lot of 1/8 racers, my answer is clay when it comes to my favourite surface to race on.

  •  Strength and durability are so important in 1/8 racing, largely due to the weight of the cars and the endurance needed for longer finals. Can you explain which parts of your DEX8 shows how strong it is designed to be?

KajaEvery part seems to be strong and precisely made. Simply put, the DEX8 is made for winning, and to win, the car needs to be strong enough to finish. With the DEX8, you have it all. The aluminium Suspension Hangers are really strong and the fitting of tuning Inserts is very fast and easy to understand. The composite parts are tough, I have really driven my test cars hard, no issues with strength for me.


Access your Middle Diff by removing four Screws

  •  What is your favourite 1/8 Buggy race of the season. What have your previous results been at this race?

KajaIn 2015 I look forward to the European championship in the 1/8 E-Buggy category. This event takes place for the first time so I can‘t say anything about my experiences just yet.

  • If you could name your own Team Durango Body Shell, what would you call it and why?

KajaThe Hurricane. Sounds cool and also a bit scary.

  • How fast can you remove the front Diff on your DEX8?

KajaThe stopwatch says that it’s 1 minute 11 seconds. I am sure I can go even quicker with the DEX8. Anybody want to challenge my time?

  •  When will the adjustable wing position and Gurney Flap tuning help you out?

KajaProbably during my first race on a dusty or loose track, as I think this new feature can give me more grip during high-speed corners. I look forward to trying this new feature as I have never raced a Buggy with so much wing tuning available. It is very quick to change Wing set-up, making the DEX8 very easy to ‘dial-in’ for your specific track conditions.


Anodised black aluminium Suspension Hangers and Team Durango’s hassle-free Rear Tow-In Insert system

  •  Pre-assembled parts are included in each new Team Durango 1/8 scale kit. What are the benefits of this to you?

 Kaja – This was something I was fascinated by when we opened the box. It’s amazing, how everything is precisely built, just like a pro driver or team mechanic created each assembly. You can just put these pre-assembled parts together and you have your DEX8 built in a few hours. Fast builds mean more track time!

  •  How easy is the Patent Pending Sliding Gear Mesh to learn? Is it intuitive when you are in a rush?

KajaIt’s something new compared to my previous cars. I found this idea very interesting as you can remove and then replace the Motor without re-setting a gear mesh. Easy to learn. This will save so much time in the pits. Definitely another step forward by Team Durango. Meshing Gears can be a real difficult task, Team Durango just made it so much easier to hit the ‘sweet spot’ every time.


Ready for the track – Watch out for upcoming race results from Kaja Novotny and his DEX8

  • Any goals for the 2015 season you can share with our readers?

Kaja I would like to reach the ‘A’Main in the 1/8E Buggy European Championship this summer in Austria, but I know it’s going be tough as many of European top drivers will be there. I am sure the DEX8 will give me the very best chance to achieve my goal. The second goal of the season is to win the Czech National Championship.

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