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May 29, 2015

Team Durango UK Stock Availability

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UK Stock Available now from our dealer network

We are aware that there have recently been some concerns regarding the availability of Team Durango products in the UK.

All of our current race kits and spare parts are available to order from our official dealers across the UK. You can find our list of UK dealers here:

You can also get an instant item specific stock status by checking the Team Durango website and looking for the green box next to each spare part listing.


The red arrow shows our stock status indicator 

This green box shows you that the part is available and can be obtained from one of our re-sellers within 48 hours of their order being placed.

Team Durango remain committed to supporting all our products in the UK.

We send our thanks for your continued support.

May 27, 2015

Jorge Simoes Joins Team Durango

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Jorge Simoes – Ready to race with Team Durango

We are very excited to announce that Portuguese Touring Car star, Jorge Simoes, has joined the Team Durango Touring Car team.

Jorge is very excited to be racing the DETC410, and also working to bring exciting new tricks, tips and set-up advice to our existing racer network.

Jorge will be working on some very interesting articles that will share his experience as he settles into racing Team Durango products. He will also be contributing to supporting TD racers track-side and through our ever-growing global Facebook community.

Join us in welcoming Jorge to the team.

Connect with our racers and enjoy support from the fastest Team Durango drivers in your region:

Explore why Jorge has chosen to race the DETC410 now:

Connect directly with Jorge here:


DETC410 Wins – Michael Spiering Victory


Team Durango Take LRP-HPI Challenge

Team Durango Touring Car racer, Michael Spiering, has returned from the recently contested LRP-HPI Challenge with an overall first place for the DETC410.

Michael raced in the 17.5 ‘Blinky’ class and was extremely pleased to report that his DETC410 gave consistent pace, lap after lap.


Perfectly balanced for all Stock Class racing – The DETC410 of Michael Spiering

Qualifying second on the grid for the ‘A’ Main finals, Michael set about taking control of the competition, winning all three finals to take the overall victory for Team Durango.

We send our congratulations and thanks to Michael for a great performance. We also send our thanks to Team Durango Germany team mate, Steve Hildenbrandt , who also raced the DETC410 at the event, enjoying a ‘B’ Main finish, to support Michael’s performance nicely.


All smiles for Michael and Steve. Team Durango Germany continue to gain great results

Learn why the DETC410 continues to get faster and faster here:

Find your local Team Durango dealer now:

Stay connected with Michael and other Team Durango racers globally here:

May 26, 2015

Team Tech Tips – How To Create A Car Stand Using Kit Boxes


Learn How To Quickly Make Your Own Car Stand

Here at Team Durango we are always working hard to bring you the very best Team Tech Tips.

Our latest edition of this exciting video series shares a really cool guide on how to create your own Team Durango car stand, using your DEX8, DNX8, DESC10 or DEX8T kit box.

Watch the latest installment with Jason Ametrine here now:

Stay close to all the Team Tech Tips action here:

Connect with Jason and other Team Durango racers now:

Do you have your own Team Tech Tip? Send us the information here:



DEX8 Secures Czech National Podium


Novotny Pilots DEX8 for success

The first round of the hotly contested Czech 1/8 Nationals took place last weekend in Horni Jeleni. Kaja Novotny was quickly on the race pace, piloting his DEX8 straight to a second overall podium finish for Team Durango.

Kaja was very happy to win and TQ all three qualifying rounds, securing the overall event TQ, as he set about stamping his mark on the 50 strong field of racers.

Qualifying done and a very happy pit area in the Novotny camp before the finals started.

Kaja was straight into the ‘A’ Main final action, battling Martin Bayer as he drove the DEX8 hard on the rough dirt track surface . Kaja was very happy to finish second overall against such fast competition.

Congratulations go to Kaja and his father Karel for another strong performance. The DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy continues to provide podium place pace all over the world.

Explore how the DEX8 can take you to the podium now:

Stay connected with Kaja and other Team Durago racers in your region here:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

DEX8 Takes French Podium Finish


DEX8 Secures Podium Honours

The second round of the League 4 Championship was recently contested in Noeux-les-Mines, with Team Durango France racer Raphael Robert securing a podium finish for his DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy.

With this prestigious meeting being only his second outing with the all-new DEX8, Raphael was very happy to find consistent pace against some of the regions fastest racers.

Raphael was able to qualify for the ‘A’ Main in third place on the grid, holding this position until the final lap, to take the podium place for Team Durango.

We send our sincere congratulations to Raphael for a great performance. We look forward to watching him race his DEX8 at the upcoming fourth round of the French 1/8 Nationals.

Learn how the DEX8 can make you faster now:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

Join the global Team Durango community now:


May 14, 2015

Team Tech Tips – All-New Video – Reduce Mid-Corner Understeer


Learn how to tune your DNX8 for the win

The latest episode of our popular Team Tech Tips video series is now live.

Join Travis Amezcua and Mark Williams as they discuss the best way to reduce mid-corner understeer on the Team Durango DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy.

Watch the new episode here:  

Stay tuned for more exclusive Travis Amezcua and Jason Ametrine Team Tech Tips videos, as Team Durango make you faster in the pits, then faster on the track.

Explore the race-winning features of the DNX8 now:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

Connect with Travis, Jason and other Team Durango racers here:

May 11, 2015

Novotny Pilots DEX8 to Victory – TQ & Lap Record


Win – TQ – Lap Record – DEX8 Takes it all

Kaja Novotny has returned from the first round of the annual KS Challenge series in the Czech Republic with a triple success story for his DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy.

KS Challenge 2015 – Round 1 – 1ST Place, overall TQ and new lap record – Kaja Novotny – Team Durango DEX8

The Horni Jeleni race track was subjecrted to a host of wild weather conditions, with heavy rain and then boiling hot dusty conditions all thrown into the mix. Kaja was quick to point out how easily his DEX8 adopted to the sudden weather and track changes, allowing him to secure a three round qualifying win, putting him in first place for the ‘A Main finals.

Kaja swept through each 10 minute final, securing an overall first place finish for the newly-launched Team Durango DEX8.

Overall win, overall TQ and a very pleasing fastest lap posted during the process. Job done for young Novotny and Team Durango.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel for another great victory with the DEX8.

Learn why the DEX8 is the only choice if you want to become faster in the pits, then faster on the track:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

Grab the best DEX8 set-up sheets for free now:

Connect with Team Durango racers in your region easily:

DEX8 Takes Podium at Battle of the Sikest 2015



Amezcua Pilots Podium Finisher – DEX8 Top Three Finish

The DEX8 has returned from an exciting weekend of racing in the experienced hands of US team Durango racer Travis Amezcua.

Our recently appointed North American Field Consultant was very happy to secure a third place podium finish in the 2015 Battle of the Sikest Pro E-Buggy race class.

Travis was able to deliver his podium place performance over three 10 minute qualifying rounds, hitting the three legged ‘A’ Mains from third place on the grid. A great start for the DEX8.


Travis raced Nitro and Electric at the Battle of the Sikest

Travis held this position to conclude the meeting with a very pleasing third overall, allowing the DEX8 to stamp its mark on this prestigious annual event.

We send our thanks and congratulations to Travis for a great result.

Learn why the DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy will make you faster now:

Find you local Team Durango dealer now:

Connect with Travis and other Team Durango racers in your area here:

May 5, 2015

DNX8 Podium – Fonseca At Oestre Trophy Race


Fonseca Takes Second Place – The DNX8 Finds Fast Pace

The DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy has been piloted to a second place podium finish at the Oestre Trophy Race by Carlos Fonseca.

The Portuguese Nitro rankings are always a closely fought stage for any racer, Carlos was ready for battle with his DNX8 on the Ribeira de Pedrulhos track in Torres Vedras.

Qualifying rounds saw Carlos race the DNX8 to a 1ST, 2ND and 3RD, placing him second on the grid for the finals.

Carlos was very happy to hold this position and claim the second spot honours for Team Durango.


Carlos’s DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy – Very consistent performance for the Portuguese race ace

Quick to point out how stable and responsive the DNX8 was during variable weather and grip conditions, Carlos was very happy with how his new Team Durango race machine performed.

Congratulations go to Carlos and his pit crew for an excellent outing in Portugal.

Learn how the DNX8 can become your partner in success now:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

Connect with Carlos, Travis, Nuno, Jason and the rest of the team now:



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