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December 15, 2014

Triple Victory – Novotny Sweeps Lestr Cup


Triple Win Sweep – Novotny Takes It All

Czech super-racer, Kaja Novotny, has returned from the second round of the Lestr Cup with a triple podium win for Team Durango.

Kaja was very happy to achieve overall first place finishes, TQ honours and fastest laps of the event for all his vehicles, meaning he was top spot in 4WD Buggy, 4WD Short Course and 2WD Buggy.

Racing the DEX210v2 to victory and an overall TQ, Kaja was confident that he could replicate this performance with his DEX410v4, which he easily did by winning the ‘A’ main finals in style. He then jumped straight into Short Course battle, by piloting the DESC410v2 straight to an overall win and TQ.

A triple victory for Kaja and Team Durango. Three fastest laps and three TQ finishes, Job done.

We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel. What a great set of results to close the 2014 season with.

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December 8, 2014

DETC410 – Malaysian National Victory

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Strength In Numbers – DETC410 Takes Malaysia National Victory

Team Durango Malaysia have recently returned from their domestic Touring Car National, taking first overall with the DETC410.

The dedicated team of Team Durango racers were extremely happy to take the first place finish, also adding a fifth overall to their final results.

With a strong team of local racing talent, including Touring Car super-fan Adrian Khaw, Team Durango Malaysia battled through the competitive field of the Super Stock class, finally taking the podium top spot for the DETC410.


We send thanks and congratulations to our colleagues in Malaysia for an excellent performance.

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December 2, 2014

DEX410v4 Wins ‘Race Days’ Race – Kaja Novotny


Kaja Takes Win & TQ – DEX410v4

The rapid rise of Czech Team Durango racer, Kaja Novonty, continued last weekend at the second round of the exciting ‘Race Days’ series, near Kolin in the Czech Republic.

Kaja piloted his DEX410v4 Buggy to an overall win and also took TQ honours, racing against the regions fastest drivers to lift the trophy for Team Durango.

Keen to again share news of a very consistent performance from his DEX410v4, Kaja was able to win all three legs of the ‘A’ Main finals, stamping his mark on the competition once again.

We send congratulations and thanks to Kaja and his father Karel for another awesome performance.

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Leo Lorenzen Supports Local Club Racers


Team Durango – Supporting Club Racers To Build Success

Team driver and general Team Durango aficionado, Leo Lorenzen, has recently spent some quality time supporting his local racing clubs, helping them get the best from their Team Durango products.

Leo is based in Tasmania and also ventures across to the Australian mainland to race at large-scale 1/10 and 1/8 events. Having recently also taken on the challenges of racing 1/10 Touring Car, with the DETC410, Leo is a true multi-class driver. This allows him to share a huge amount of kit build and set-up knowledge, a perfect opportunity  to give advice to owners of our products. This friendly input is helping them get faster on the track and more efficient in the pits.

Leo recently visited Goodwood Off-Road Club and also made a valuable appearance at Launceston Racing Club, to support the members during their busy events. Both clubs already have a strong Team Durango following.


All smiles at Goodwood Racing Club

Leo was keen to state that he enjoys spending time with local racers, also battling on the track with a wide spectrum of ability levels and age groups. Leo is always very happy to help new racers and also share more detailed Team Durango vehicle tips with experienced drivers.

Leo currently races the DEX210v2, DEX410v4, DEX408v2, DNX408, DEX408T, DESC410v2 and DETC410, so knows a thing or two about the products we create.


Leo Lorenzen – Supporting local racers for Team Durango

The valuable work Leo is doing in Tasmania is clearly bringing great benefits to his local racing scene, with a legion of enthusiastic Team Durango racers taking inspiration from his dedication and knowledge.

We send our thanks to Leo for his help and generous support. We also send our very best wishes to the racers of Goodwood and Launceston Racing Clubs. We are very excited to see you all enjoying Team Durango race machines so much.

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November 24, 2014

Four-Class Victory – Novotny Clean Sweep


Novotny Takes Four Wins – Team Durango Multi-Class Success

Czech Team Durango racer, Kaja Novonty, concluded his recent trip to the first round of the prestigious Lestr Cup by taking four first place finishes.

Kaja was very happy to secure the win in 2WD Buggy, 4WD Buggy, 4WD Short Course and 1/8 E Buggy, stamping his Team Durango mark on the field of racers.

With every class also bringing Kaja the TQ honours, it was a fast paced first round of the 2014/15 Lestr Cup for the young star.

Kaja was keen to share that he continues to be impressed with all his Team Durango vehicles. The support and set-up advice both Kaja and his father Karel have been providing other Team Durango racers is also bringing success, with Kate Kalvodovy winning her first final ever in the ‘Hobby’ race class, with her DEX410v4.

We send congratulations to Kaja and Karel for an awesome collection of wins and TQ finishes.

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November 21, 2014

Team Durango – Strengthening Local Support


As part of our recently announced strategy changes, we are very excited to announce the appointment of Travis Amezcua as our North American Technical Representative.

Travis is a long-serving Team Durango team member, racing a range of our products at the highest competitive level in the world.  Travis will step into his new Team Durango role with immediate effect. Travis will be travelling from his SoCal base, around the US, bringing expert track-side support to local club racers and Team Durango fans.

An important part of our new strategy is to gather more information from local racers and communicate that across our network, to help develop our products in sympathy with exactly what you all need to continue winning. Travis will assist in this area, helping us gain a valuable insight into what is happening at your local track.


Travis Amezcua – Team Durango North American Technical Representative

Travis will work closely with our newly appointed, Champaign based, Hobbico Field Communications Manager, Brad Brucker, in the US. This new support team for Northern America will allow our fans to gain race-day support, whilst also feeding back important ideas and issues to our design engineers

Travis will also be scouting for new talent, in all racing classes, allowing us to build a base of local racers who will contribute to how we design new race machines.

Expect to see these guys travelling across the US to meet as many of you as they can at your local events.

Stay tuned for more news on how your local racing scene will benefit from regionally appointed Team Durango Trackside Representatives very soon.

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UK Club Racers Enjoy Team Durango


Learning New Skills With Team Durango 

Racers in the UK are enjoying success with Team Durango products. A newly launched club that caters for younger racers, alongside experienced senior members, is providing the perfect place for Team Durango fans to get together and share information at the track.

UK team driver Jason Ametrine has been spending some quality time with the guys at Manor RC in the East Midlands, UK.  Jason has been passing on his valuable knowledge and supporting the attending Team Durango fans with set-up tips and general advice on getting the best from their new TD gear.

The recently contested club races at Manor RC have resulted in all top four drivers, in both 2WD and 4WD classes, taking the honours with the DEX210/210v2 or the DEX410v4 respectively.


We send our best wishes to the racers at Manor RC and our sincere thanks to Jason who is doing a great job supporting Team Durango fans at his local track.

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Team Durango Portugal – Nuno Roque – National Results

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Double Top Three Finish – Portuguese National Championships

 Dedicated Team Durango Portugal racer, Nuno Roque, has concluded his 2014 National Series with a second overall in 2WD and a third overall in 4WD.

Nuno found consistent success during the seasons 2WD battles with his DEX210v2, also enjoying a string of solid performances with his DEX410v4 in the strongly contested 4WD class.

Supporting his fellow racers is a big part of how Nuno shares his success when he is at the race track. Portuguese Team Durango fans enjoy meeting him at their local track, with Nuno sharing valuable set-up tips and race-winning advice for aspiring champions of all ages.

Nuno concluded his Portuguese National campaign with high hopes for the 2015 season. Stay tuned for more news from Portugal very soon.

We send our congratulations and thanks to Nuno for his Portuguese National 1/10TT Series success.


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November 17, 2014

DEX210v2 & DEX410v4 – Double Podium – Czech Nationals


Success Continues – Novonty Nationals Double Podium

Czech Team Durango racer, Kaja Novotny, has returned from the Czech Winter Nationals with a win for his DEX210v2 and second overall for his DEX410v4.

This double podium success was achieved after an exciting battle in both classes between Kaja and Martin Bayer, with Kaja finding awesome pace in 2WD, taking two legs of the ‘A’ main finals to be crowned the winner.

Eager to capitalise on the handling characteristics of his DEX410v4, Kaja was able to secure second overall, completing his Czech Winter National double in style.

Our congratulations go to Kaja and his father Karel for another great weekend of racing for Team Durango.

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Carmelo Spatoliatore Takes Podium Finish – DEX410v4

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Podium Place Finish – DEX410v4

Team Durango racer, Carmelo Spatoliatore, has recently driven to a solid third place finish at the Miniautodromo Palermo race in Sicily.

Driving his favourite Buggy, the DEX410v4, Carmelo was happy to jump onto the podium at the end of a busy weekend of race action, stating that he is looking forward to supporting his fellow Team Durango fans in Italy for the 2015 season.

We send congratulations to Carmelo for a solid performance.

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