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August 11, 2014

Lutz & DNX8 Prototype Victory


Ryan Lutz – DNX8 Prototype Victory

Team Durango USA super star, Ryan Lutz, has just returned from the 2014 Battle of the Sikest race meeting with a victory for the DNX8 Nitro Buggy Prototype.

Ryan was very excited to secure the winning spot, and overall TQ, in the Nitro Pro Buggy class. He then went on to also take the second overall podium spot in Nitro Pro Truggy, with the DNX408T.

The event was hosted by Thunder Alley Raceway, Beaumont, California. With a very strong field of US racing stars for Ryan to battle in an exciting weekend of fast-paced off-road track action. Ryan took leg one and three of the Nitro Pro Buggy ‘A’ Main, shaking off stiff competition from the likes of Drake and King on his way to victory.


The Nitro Pro Truggy class gave Ryan a chance to show that the DNX408T is ready for winning action. His podium finish performance included a really cool drift show for the watching crowds, just to spice up the racing even further!

We send our congratulations to Ryan for another awesome performance over at Thunder Alley.

Stay tuned for more DNX8 Prototype news very soon.

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July 18, 2014

Neumann & DEX210v2 Crowned 2014 Euro Champions


Jörn Neumann – 2014 EFRA European Champion – 2WD Electric Buggy

Team Durango racing star, Jörn Neumann, has raced to an overall first place finish at the 2014 2WD Off-Road European Championships with the DEX210v2.

Jörn was able to secure three TQ round wins during the five round qualifying session, putting him second on the grid in the prestigious ‘A’ Main final. After a fierce battle with the fastest drivers in Europe, including long-time rival Lee Martin, Jörn raced to a leg two and three win with his DEX210v2, putting the defending ace straight back on the top spot as 2014 2WD European Champion.


The Trelleborg track surface was indoor dirt, creating a racing environment that was best suited for rear motor configuration 2WD cars. Neumann was thrilled to take his virtually box stock DEX210v2 to victory on the slippery dirt surface, showing that the DEX210v2 is the most versatile 2WD Electric Buggy package commercially available to the racing community.

Notice we stated ‘virtually box stock’.

So we now can share some very exciting preview news.

Team Durango are excited to announce a new additional layer of design philosophy, harking back to Gerd Strenge’s bespoke engineered craftsmanship, which will result in a supplementary range of option parts to take your car to a new level of optimisation.

To focus your Team Durango vehicle on a specific track application, our new range of option parts will allow you to permanently transform your race machine to gain ‘on point’ performance. These selected option parts require some basic modelling skills, with minor modifications needed to your stock kit car. Gerd created the early Team Durango cars in this way, often hand-finishing items for a super-bespoke fit and finish.

Jörn was able to use an early version of just one new option part, to create a DEX210v2 that was completely focused for winning on the difficult low-grip dirt track. Jörn has won this ultra-competitive race using our new targeted performance rear bulkhead, designed for the DEX210v2 in rear motor configuration.


Now we have proven our early concept, stay tuned as we prepare this new part for public release, allowing you the opportunity to turn your Team Durango vehicle into an even more focused race-winning machine.

More ‘on point’ optimisation to follow.

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June 23, 2014

Lutz Takes Double ROAR Podium

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Double Podium – Team Durango – ROAR Nats 2014

2014 ROAR National Nitro Buggy – Ryan Lutz – 3rd overall – DNX8 Prototype

2014 ROAR Nationals Nitro Truggy – Ryan Lutz – 3rd overall – DNX408T

US Team Durango super-racer Ryan Lutz has concluded an action-packed weekend of high profile nitro racing with a double third overall at the 2014 ROAR National in Austin, Texas.

Ryan was very happy to convert his fast paced day one performance, in timed practice, to a podium spot for the DNX8 prototype 1/8 Nitro Buggy, against arguably the fastest racers the class has to offer.

With Ryan actively testing the upcoming Team Durango platform over the last few months, with a solid performance in the UK at the Neo race, the US Pro driver was happy to test the pace of his prototype against a star-studded field.


With the Texas heat and humidity giving the racers more than the dusty track to contend with, Ryan was able to fly to an overall third place podium finish in the increasingly competitive 1/8 Nitro Truggy class. Ryan piloted his DNX408T through the field, stating that his Truggy felt ‘safe and easy to drive’ throughout the competition.


We send our sincere congratulations  and thanks to Ryan for a great performance. The race-pace testing of the DNX8 prototype continues to keep us focused on creating an awesome new product.

We also send thanks and admiration to Team Durango Pro racer Travis Amezcua, who not only pitted for Ryan during the ROAR Nats event, but as Ryan stated during press interviews, was fundamental in helping Ryan stay sharp and focused during the hectic three day race schedule.

Thanks must go to our friends at REDRC for their wonderful event coverage and photographs.

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November 21, 2013

DETC410 – The Upcoming Release Teaser

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Team Durango DETC410 – Preview Of The New Touring Car Platform

We are very excited to share with you an exclusive preview image of the upcoming Team Durango DETC410 4WD Electric Touring Car.

With early prototypes of our first TC racing product finding great success in the hands of our Pro team driver Elliott Harper, Team Durango are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to introduce the full car specification to you very soon.

For now, enjoy the attached image.

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September 16, 2013

DETC410 Wins BTCC 2013


Harper and Cosgrove Stamp Authority

Team Durango UK Touring Stars Elliott Harper and Ben Cosgrove have returned from the final round of the British Touring Car Championship victorious.

Both racers found blistering pace with the DETC410 Touring Car that included an overall TQ for Ben and a triumphant overall series win for Elliott Harper.

This final round of the prestigious series was held at the famous Mendip Raceway in North Somerset, UK. With early rounds being influenced by intermittent rain and high winds, both Team Durango racers reported that the DETC410 performed extremely well in both wet and dry track conditions.

Elliott found early pace-setting race form with a TQ of round one in qualifying. Ben added to this formidable DETC410 performance by taking TQ in round two of qualifying. The competition knew that Team Durango had arrived.


We send our congratulations to Elliott and Ben for a great performance at the closing round of this hotly contested Touring Car series. They are clearly very excited about the upcoming release of the DETC410 and share our philosophy every time they hit the track. Elliott Harper and Ben Cosgrove are ‘Serious About Racing’

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August 6, 2013

DETC410 European Championship Podium – Harper & Orlowski Medals

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The Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car prototype has returned from the recently contested European Championship in Portugal with double success.

Elliott Harper placed third overall with a great display of top-flight TC driving against a field of Europe’s fastest racers. Elliott was straight on the fast pace from the first round of qualifying, and piloted his DETC410 straight to the European Championship podium in true Team Durango style!

Young rising Team Durango star Michal Orlowski, who has already found enviable form in the European off-road racing scene, drove his DETC410 to a solid ‘B’ main final position, with his final runs securing him the European Junior Champion title. The DETC410 has stamped its mark firmly on the European Championship scene at its first outing.

Elliott was keen to share these words with you all:

“The European Championships at the weekend could not have gone much better for Team Durango. It was our first Touring Car Euros, and all of the hard work that we have all put in over the past few months paid off. It is an honor to be a part of such a hard working dedicated team. I can’t wait till we can share all of this hard work with everyone so they can experience the DETC410 for themselves!” – Elliott Harper – Team Durango

The final standing looked like this:

1 – Ronald Volker

2 – Alex Hagberg

3 – Elliott Harper – Team Durango DETC410

We send our sincere congratulations to Elliott and Michal as we join them in celebrating the first Team Durango Touring Car European Championship campaign.

Stay tuned for more news on the DETC410 as it breaks.

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July 9, 2013

DETC410 Reigns Supreme – Harper Wins BTCC

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The soon to be released Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car has chalked up yet another high-profile race win in the hands of Elliott Harper!

The British Touring Car Championship was a truly serious affair.

With almost tropical weather conditions bringing some much welcome heat to the West London Raceway venue, Elliott was to set the race pace early on, with the first two qualifying rounds providing him with a solid TQ result. Elliott had already spent a considerable amount of time fine-tuning his DETC410 during the open practice sessions prior to qualifying, and this proved to be a wise decision. The event organisers had opted for a round-by-round racing format, giving Elliott the perfect chance to capitalise on the DETC410s already ballistic pace.

After qualifying was concluded, the top three looked like this:

1 – Elliott Harper – Team Durango DETC410

2 – Olly Jefferies – Associated

3 – Chris Grainger – Schumacher


With Elliott placing his DETC410 on pole position for the three leg finals it was clear that the Team Durango racer was completely in control of his chasing field. Elliott returned from leg one of the ‘A’ main finals with a win. He then added to this victory with a leg two win to take overall first in front of a world-class field of Touring Car racers.

Final positions:

1 – Elliott Harper – Team Durango DETC410

2 – Chris Grainger – Schumacher

3 – James Hart

Elliott was keen to share these words with you all in the wake of his triumph:

“The West London BTCC was a great all round weekend. The weather was perfect and it was a good fun weekend for everyone. The only downside was a bit of sunburn Monday morning! But anyway, over the weekend the car worked flawlessly and I was able to concentrate on driving, trying out new techniques to get the most out of the hot track conditions and myself.” Elliott Harper – Team Durango

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June 10, 2013

DETC410 Wins BRCA National Round 2 – Elliott Harper Dominates

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Elliott Harper has returned from the second round of the BRCA National Touring Car Championships with an astounding collection of results!

Elliott piloted his DETC410 to an overall win that included a TQ in four out of five qualifying rounds.

With Touring Car National Championship race pace being the fastest UK testing ground for the DETC410, Elliott was keen to share these inspirational words straight after his world-class performance;

“The Stafford National was a great success for Team Durango, with some great results for the weekend and also for the National Championship as a whole. I couldn’t fault the car all weekend, it is a pleasure to drive this car. Everyone at Team Durango has worked so hard on the project and it is great to be able to repay them for all of their hard work!” – Elliott Harper – Team Durango


This is a quick summary of how Elliott dominated the field at round two of the BRCA National Touring Car Championships:

Day 1:

Qalifying Rounds:

Q1: TQ by 4 seconds

Q2: TQ

Q3: TQ  These 3 TQ’s meant Elliott wrapped up pole position for the finals after the first day!

Day 2:

Q4: TQ

Q5: An early crash put Elliott out on the first lap

The DETC410 looks after its tyres exceptionally well, whilst still providing race winning performance. Elliott qualified pole for the ‘A’ main final.

Final Leg 1: Win by a comfortable margin of 4 seconds from second place

Final Leg 2: Win by 10 seconds from second place

Final Leg 3: Win

Our congratulations go to Elliott as we look forward to seeing him race at the third round of this prestigious UK National series. If Elliott wins the third round in this series he will be crowned BRCA 10th Scale Touring Car National Champion.

Watch this space for further DETC410 news very soon.

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May 9, 2013

DETC410 – Record Breaking Dream Machine

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Imagine our recent delight at the first few high profile outings for our brand new racing platform. The DETC410 Touring Car is already a record breaking vehicle.

Team Durango pro driver Elliott Harper has piloted our early prototype car to gain several new track records, including a TQ and overall win at the first round of the prestigious UK National Touring Car series.

Although our new platform is already bringing Team Durango a great deal of inspiration, we are constantly working on making our products faster, stronger and leaner. The DETC410 is of course our first venture into the world of International Touring Car racing, the results so far qualify this car as a real ‘Dream Machine’.


Elliott Harper recently posted the only 20 lap TC run in the history of the Cotswolds UK Nationals venue - DETC410

Elliott Harper is of course a world-class driver, but then we would all agree, every fast driver needs a fast car to really shine. The DETC410 is already proving itself as a platform that will allow Elliott the opportunity to set the pace. His recent 8 second TQ qualifying lead over other manufacturers has given us all further inspiration for the vehicles future.


Still a prototype, yet already breaking track records

As we continue with our final development plans for the DETC410, it strikes us as the perfect time to share our excitement with you. Team Durango have a rich racing heritage in all off-road classes and scales, the DETC410 has already etched itself in Team Durango history. Our first ever Touring Car has helped us take our dreams and engineer them into a winning vehicle. The vehicle that will introduce the world of on-road RC racing to the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’.


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May 7, 2013

DETC410 Wins First Round Of UK TC Nationals – Elliott Harper Storms Ahead


The DETC410, in the hands of Team Durango Touring Car star Elliott Harper, has returned from the first round of the UK National series with a TQ, an overall win, and another record smashed to dust!

Elliott was THE pace setting driver from the early stages of this epic clash of the hottest UK Touring Car talent. The DETC410 made easy work of all other manufacturers offerings as Elliott set a new track record at the Cotswolds venue! The DETC410 powered home with the first ever 20 lap run in the history of the venue!

Elliott dominated qualifying to such a high degree that his overall first position seemed inevitable after he posted a Day 1 TQ with an eight second lead. He was even able to ‘throw away’ an early run because of an electrical issue. The DETC410 gave such blistering pace that Elliott was literally leaving the competition in his trails.

Spectators reported that the DETC410 looked like it was “Glued to the track” as the Touring Car scene watched the new Team Durango vehicle ‘eat up’ lap after lap of apex hugging action.


Elliott and his DETC410 take overall first, smashing records during the process

The meeting was concluded with the following overall results:

The overall results were:

1st – Elliott Harper -Team Durango DETC410

2nd – Andy Moore

3rd – Olly Jefferies

The DETC410 reigns supreme and continues to break records, turning discerning heads in the process.


The car that is already changing the blueprint of 10th Electric TC racing - DETC410

Elliott was very keen to share his inspirational words with you all as he basked in a truly glorious victory for the DETC410’s first high profile showing.

“The first Touring Car National went extremely well for Team Durango, and we can look back on this as a team and be very proud. Over the past few months, everybody at the company has put in countless hours of work to get to this stage and it’s a great testimony to the dedication that Team Durango have for racing. This is only the start of the season, but it is a great start, and it is important to keep pushing hard. We will continue to work hard to produce a car that will put a smile on everyone’s face! After all, Team Durango is “Serious About Racing” – Elliott Harper – Team Durango


Cotswolds Raceway was set to see a record breaking event for the Team Durango DETC410 - A new pace has been set in the hands of Elliott Harper

Not only do we send our congratulations to Elliott for an awesome victory, but we also share our thanks to everybody who has contributed to the DETC410 platform so far. The car continues to bring us inspiration and excitement every time Elliott takes to the rostrum.

Will this be the Touring Car that transforms the scene forever?

We are so excited to watch the DETC410 story unfold, and share this amazing new racing machine with you all very soon.

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