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January 11, 2016

UK Team Double Win – DEX210F & DEX410v5


Double Victory – Pre-arrival DEX210F & DEX410v5 do the damage

Team Durango UK racers, James Ambrose and Adam Skelding, have returned from Manor RC after a busy weekend of racing, with a double victory across two race classes.

The duo chose to visit the huge indoor carpet track to run the recently launched DEX210F and DEX410v5 publicly, giving Team Durango fans a chance to see what is coming up early next month as kits begin to arrive for sale.

Adam was excited to take first place overall in 2WD, racing the focused DEX210F chassis straight to the win. James was pleased to fly to an overall victory in 4WD, piloting his newly-built DEX410v5 to the top podium spot.

Both drivers secured overall TQ place in their respective classes, showing the consistent pace that these new vehicles can deliver.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all racing the new cars very soon.

Well done guys. Great result.

Learn why the DEX210F will allow you to focus your racing efforts and become a specialist here:

Explore how the newly designed DEX410v5 will provide the perfect balance between easy-to-drive performance and blistering track speed:

Find your local Team Durango dealer now:

Follow all the TD race community news and exclusive content here: 

August 24, 2015

Double Victory at 2015 oOple Race


Double Top Spot Honours – oOple Race Victories

2015 oOple Invernational – 4WD – 1ST Place – Chris Doughty – Team Durango

2015 oOple Invernational – Short Course – 1ST Place – Adam Skelding – Team Durango

Team Durango UK racers, Chris Doughty and Adam Skelding, have returned from the 2015 oOple Invernational race with a double victory.

Chris was very happy to win the 4WD class, finding the Robin Hood Raceway Astroturf surface easily-managed during some harsh rain and slippery conditions.

On his way to victory Chris won two legs of the prestigious ‘A’ Main finals, stamping his claim on the 2015 4WD title in true TD style.

Adam was quick to back Chris up, with a blistering performance in the Short Course class, racing the DESC410v2 to his third ‘A’ Main oOple Race victory in as many years.


Adam Skelding on his way to 2015 oOple Invernational Victory

We send our congratulations to Chris and Adam for a solid double victory result, during a popular race meeting that never ceases to captivate the UK off-road scene.

Learn why TD racers are fast on all surfaces here:

Connect with Chris, Adam and other TD racers in your region easily:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:



June 4, 2014

Race Like A Pro – Team Durango Set-Up Sheets


 The global Team Durango racing community are always eager to collaborate when it comes to getting the most from the products we create. From California to Berlin and Tokyo to Tasmania, dedicated Pro team drivers and enthusiastic Team Durango fans spend countless hours tuning and testing our cars to achieve some great results.

Each driver may configure their car in hundreds of different ways, depending on track surface, weather conditions, or style of racing class. This creates a huge amount of valuable data that can be used by us all to emulate the success of racing champions across the world.

You can benefit from these race-winning statistics by accessing our specially created In The Pits website tool. This area will allow you to download and print driver or track specific vehicle set-up sheets. You can then tune and adjust your Team Durango vehicle to find the optimum set-up for your local track, and beyond. As used by the fastest racers in the world.


Our In The Pits section also allows you to download blank set-up sheets. Giving you the opportunity to share your race-winning tips and tricks by then uploading your completed sheets and sharing them with the world via our website.

This all adds up to an awesome resource of information, extended sharing of new and exciting set-ups, and a growing Team Durango community who work together to support each other as we race towards success.


Get closer to the Team Durango set-up sheet action now. To access over 900 set-up sheets, click here now:

Follow the Pro team racing results as they happen here:

February 27, 2014

DETC410 – Get Closer To Chief Designer

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With the upcoming global arrival of the DETC410 at an RC supplier in your region, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some DETC410 facts from chief designer Adam Skelding. Adam explains the design theory behind Team Durango’s first Touring Car platform, and gives you a deeper insight into how the DETC410 will make you faster, straight from the kit box


How long did you work on the DETC410 concepts prior to beginning to design the car?

Adam Skelding – As we were starting with a blank sheet of paper (we had no car in this class), we needed to take some time to look at the cars that were popular and fast in the class. We probably started a good 2-3 months before we actually started putting ideas down on paper for what we would like from the car, and any critical design features.

What were the core design philosophies that you wanted to apply to the DETC410?

Adam Skelding – We wanted to make the most tuneable car we could straight out of the box. The touring car class has it’s own sub set of classes, modified, 13.5T, 17.5T, 21.5T and then you can ‘boost or blinky’ the classes. These sub sets all require the car to be tuneable in different ways, as there is a different driving style from say Mod to 17.5T blinky. We needed our car to be able to cover this. Then you have asphalt and carpet racing, the permutations and combinations are now starting to build up, so you can see that the car needed to have a wide sweet spot that you can tune specifically to your chosen class of racing.


Explain how EFRA European Podium placed Elliott Harper has helped develop the project so far?

Adam Skelding – Whilst we have a vast amount of RC experience at TD, we didn’t have a ‘current’ TC driver who could be the spearhead of the racing team. Elliott was brought on board as he is an on road racer through and through and has been at the top of the European and World championships the last few years. His experience of where the class is going and what makes a good car from a bad car was key in helping us make the right design choices when there were multiple options to choose from.

What is your favourite design element of the DETC410 and why?

Adam Skelding – Probably the amount of tuning we crammed into the box, it’s not a single design element, but the ethos we aimed for was carried out really well.

Do you race Touring Cars yourself?

Adam Skelding – I have raced touring cars before, but this was some years ago before LiPo and brushless became the norm for electric RC. I’ve now picked up the sticks again in TC and I take my DETC410 to local club meetings to showcase how easy the car is to drive (even for an off-road hack like me ;)).


Is there a balance between aesthetic appeal and performance when designing a brand new platform for Team Durango? Tell us how you always achieve a balance between function and form?

Adam Skelding – Form follows function –  design ethos that I follow. A part needs to be designed a certain way to get correct geometry and function. This provides the basic form, once you then get a collection of parts in certain area, then you can really start looking into the form of a collection of parts. This can seem like a never ending loop as you change one part which then affects the look of other parts around it, but soon a more finished design starts to take shape.

Are there any qualities from the heritage of Team Durango off-road cars that have been transferred over to the DETC410? Explain what and why?

Adam Skelding – The tunablity of the car by the use of inserts is something that we brought from the DEX210 platforms. This was a first in 2WD off-road and we’ve taken it a step further with the DETC410.


 What makes the front DJoint drive shafts of the DETC410 special?

Adam Skelding –  They are just the best method of reducing chatter in the articulation angle of the DETC410 steering. Super-smooth and consistent.

Explain why the DETC410 is so easy to build straight from the kit box? We have heard some racers have completed the whole kit in under four hours.

Adam Skelding –  Once the design was done, we spent a lot of time fine tuning the assembly process. Assembly of a TC car is not just about throwing it together, everything has to go together ‘just so’ to minimise ‘tweak’ in the car. This is a word that has been used constantly by Elliott in the feedback we get from him, ‘we need to alter this – it will help reduce tweak’. I just thought he liked Miley Cyrus! The build manual was given special attention by Ben as it’s the customers first contact with the car and we wanted the best ‘tweak-free’ build process that we could come up with that was repeatable by other less ‘tweak sensitive’ members of the office. J If we can build it ‘tweak free’ then a customer will be able to build it the same way.

Tuning options can be a complicated thing for newcomers to the Touring Car class to understand. What makes the DETC410 an easy car to set-up?

Adam Skelding – In the manual we give 4 base set-ups for the car. These are all tried and tested by the Pro drivers Elliott, Ben and Michal. We’ve put them in the manual so that you can build the car to the surface your most likely to race the car on for the first time, and have the confidence that it’s going to be a good starting point and you are not going to be ‘shooting in the dark’. In fact, I built the car to the low grip carpet setup and I didn’t change the set-up for about 6 meetings. It’s a really good base set-up and the car was still outperforming the driver, until I felt I was driving the car as well as I could, I saw no point in changing the set-up. I’ve now started to ‘tune’ the car and see what happens, some changes I’ve made haven’t worked, but I’ve always had the confidence to go back to default and start again.


The DETC410 seems to be easy to drive for all abilities. What do you think is the biggest contributory factor to this all-inclusive outcome for the first Team Durango Touring Car?

Adam Skelding – The time and effort put in by the whole of the team here, from driver to designer and the people in between. It has been a true collective effort, everyone has got their own bit of input to the car and could point it out.

What is your most used design tool when creating a Team Durango vehicle?

Adam Skelding – Solidworks

How many individual parts make up a DETC410?

Adam Skelding – Lots 😉

The DETC410 seems to be incredible value for money. Racers always demand the highest specification possible for the best price. Was the DETC410 always going to be aimed at budget conscious racers who wanted a competition quality racing kit?

Adam Skelding – Yes. This was one of the major design consideration as well as tuning. The suspension hangers are a good example of this one hanger is used all around the car where other manufacturers use multiple hangers. Molded DIMEC inserts offer the adjustment, but the major cost of the machined 7075 Aluminium part is kept down for the kit as there is only one style.


Premium materials and race-winning geometry are now regarded as the Team Durango signature. How much testing goes into material strength prior to actually racing a Team Durango car for the first time?

Adam Skelding – With the TC platform we know that the spine of the car needed to be Carbon fibre and Aluminium, so we had to do very little testing on this. Materials for the A-arms, hubs and drive-train went through a number of rounds of testing before we found the best material for each application and for inclusion in the it. We of course will offer different materials for composite parts to fine tune the car to the nth degree for different tracks, but we feel the kit has the best selection of materials to allow the car to be raced at the highest level on all tracks.


Describe the DETC410 in three words?

Adam Skelding – A team effort

What does the future hold for Team Durango Touring Car platforms? If you can share anything with us?

Adam Skelding – Now we have a car, we’ve joined the development curve and the learning continues. Speeds will increase, lap times will lower and we need to keep our car on the pace, we can’t stand still that is for sure!

The DETC410 will be available in your region very soon. Learn more about the car that has started Team Durango’s Touring Car racing campaign here:

Stay close to all the exciting race results from Elliott Harper and Michal Orlwoski by hitting the ‘Like’ button here now:

Watch the DETC410 racing to the win at the BTCC here now:


August 16, 2013

Time To Get Serious – Dirt Champ Design Timing Gear Is Here!




Team Durango & Dirt Champ Design join Forces to bring serious race timing to you all 

Team Durango is extremely excited to announce a direct collaboration with Swedish race timing experts Dirt Champ Design.

With both companies being globally recognised for their precision manufactured products, the collaboration is set to bring high quality transponder-based race timing gear closer to the team who is ‘Serious About Racing’. Dirt Champ Design will now supply all of the lap timing gear used by Team Durango during their team testing sessions.


Team Durango UK drivers will now use DCD timing gear

Dirt Champ Designs are already famous for producing their highly coveted t:meR RC lap timing system, providing precise split-second lap times for the most discerning racers all over the world. The company also provide the highly intuitive LapR PC and Mac compatible software interface that gives race controllers the most advanced track analysis system available. Team this with a dedicated live racing iPhone app and you will never be far away from precision track information as it happens.


Pro USA team driver Travis Amezcua is very excited to begin testing with DCD equipment

Team Durango race to win, and when they are away from high-profile competition, their professional testing team are hammering countless hours of testing laps through every product they produce.  Dirt Champ Designs high quality timing equipment will now assist the pro racers of Team Durango as they continue to develop products that win.

Dirt Champ designs race timing products will now be available directly from Team Durango here:

Learn more about Dirt Champ Designs here:

Stay tuned over at TDTV for upcoming footage of Team Durango running DCD timing gear very soon:

May 1, 2013

Old School Cool – Our History Includes You


Our latest Team Durango mini film is a blast from the past. This short collection of Team Durango video footage includes some super exclusive shots of our first DEX210 prototypes back when we first started testing the chassis configuration. You can also marvel at a wonderful Hupo Hönigl slow-motion jump with his DEX410 buggy.

Watch our film here:

Enjoy and stay tuned for more Team Durango action shortly.

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Win Signed Pro Team Driver Items Now – Free To Enter Competition


Here at Team Durango we feel it is about time that we turned up the power! We are always really keen to share our achievements and successes with you all. As we always say, you are the reason we are here.

So, with a view to once again bringing you the most exciting and inspirational opportunities, we present a brand new competition. Free to enter, open to all, and definitely one not to be missed. If you are a fan of Team Durango, then this is a truly unique chance to own the items actually used by of our team racers. Many of these items have been used to race at some of the scenes most prestigious off-road meetings.

Our first super exclusive team driver give-away is a real corker.


The actual chassis used to TQ the famous Worksop Players event last year - Chris Doughty - Team Durango DEX210

Above is the image of the actual chassis used by our resident European Champion Chris Doughty to TQ the prestigious Worksop Master in the UK last year. Complete with Doughty livery AND signature, this chassis has all the scars and battle wounds of a pro driver ride. Chris is synonymous with high profile race wins,and you can win this chassis to start your collection of Team Durango historical memorabilia. We suggest that this chassis is so rare that you do not enter to win and use this item. If you win then hang it in your pit room, share it with your club mates, and enjoy a wonderful piece of Team Durango history.

This chassis is well worn testimony to just how hard our pro racers drive to become the fastest racers in the world.

To be in with a chance of winning this true one-off item, complete the following sentence and email your answers to

“I love Team Durango because………………”

All entries will be added to a very special prize draw, and we will post our favourite messages and testimonials here over the next week for all of you to enjoy. Tell us why the brand that are ‘Serious About Racing’ means so much to you?


This is the actual chassis you will win, getting air during the famous TQ run at the Worksop Players - Win it now!

Share with the world why we are the race team that make history, every time we touch the track.

Competition entries will be counted and drawn on Friday the 17th of May – Please include your name and postal address with your completed sentence.

We can not wait to read your responses.

Learn more about the world-famous DEX210 buggy, click here now:

Read the race report from Chris Doughty’s famous TQ run. Visit our friends over at

April 25, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things That Make Team Durango Powerful


To continue with our Fast Facts articles, today we take a quick look at the things that we consider make Team Durango powerful. Some may think we are powered by battery cells or nitro fuel, the truth is even more interesting!

  1. Our fans – Without every single one of you we would not be here today. You are one of the most important parts of the global Team Durango phenomenon.
  2. Our racers and pro drivers – We are fueled by the amazing race results that you all achieve. You are the reason we create the products that we offer to the world.
  3. Our staff – The people who are dedicated to continually moving Team Durango forwards, every day. Most of you live RC. It is your lifestyle, not just your job.
  4. The media – Without the on-going love and support that we find from independent websites, blogs, forums and news pages, we wouldn’t reach so many people with the products we create.
  5. The RC community – This means everybody, and some may argue that this has been covered in the other four points? We are refering to the thousands of people all over the world who work tirelessly to make RC racing what it is. Club officials, track owners, hobby store staff, distributors of products, designers, writers, artists, marshals, the list could go on for pages. To all of you, we salute your contributions.

Stay tuned for more Fast Facts soon. Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

Share your love for Team Durango by following us over on Twitter – @teamdurango

Explore the products that you all contribute to, click here:

April 19, 2013

Off-Road Titans – Team Durango Find Power In Numbers


Team Durango is powered by people. We are always aware that without the hearts and minds of the people who contribute to our ever expanding global phenomenon, we just wouldn’t exist. From the early years of a one man dream, to the world-wide network of dedicated Team Durango staff and racers, it has always been about the people. It will always remain the same for Team Durango.

Every product we create is conceived, designed, tested and manufactured with our end user in mind. We promote that we never want our attention to detail to cease when our loyal fans invest in their Team Durango product. We want you all to feel part of the team every time you race.

Team Durango Owners Club

Team Durango Owners Club - Japan

From the race winning power of our DEX410 4WD buggy platform, to the all inclusive action of our Race Ready RTR vehicles, we strive for a community experience every time we race. It never ceases to amaze us when we discover new and exciting Team Durango fans, each one of you as unique as the cars you create from our precision manufactured platforms.


The man who planted the seed - His dream has gone global - Mr Gerd Strenge AKA Mr Durango

The Team Durango philosophy is represented by thousands of die-hard racing fans all over the world. We are very grateful for all of your support. Our designers are inspired by you, our racers are excited by your passion, we are all motivated by your love of Team Durango.


Team Durango Taiwan

Our goal has always been the same, and will remain so forever. We stay dedicated to the development of fresh ideas. We drive forwards to assist the global racing community in enjoying the highest quality engineered products that money can buy. We continue to build relationships with people who share our passions and help us realise our dreams. Team Durango is fueled by you, or should we say US. One team, world-wide, with thousands of members.

Join the ever expanding list of Team Durango fans by sending a picture of your vehicles to are you famous yet?

Follow us over on Twitter to here the news first. Follow @teamdurango

Visit our friends at dBoots tyres for the very finest engineered racing rubber, click here:

Learn more about the products that we share with the world of RC racing, click here:

If you have a cool and inspiring Team Durango story to share then get in touch with us now. We are always keen to share your experiences with the world. Send your pictures and words to

April 17, 2013

DEX410v3 – Fast Facts – 5 Things That Make Our 4WD Buggy A Winner

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With the recent overwhelming global success of the DEX410v3 buggy, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you some interesting ‘Fast Facts’. From the mind of our design engineers, the top five reasons why the DEX410v3 wins on every track it is placed upon.

Adam Skelding shares with us the first of our ‘Fast Facts’ – The DEX410v3 continues to dominate on every surface:

  1. Gear diffs allow the car to be tuned to gain an advantage on any surface and to suit any driving style.
  2. Big Bore shocks offer massive amounts of tuning. Allowing the DEX410 to soak up the bumps and jumps under all conditions.
  3. Bespoke weight system allowing you to get the right weight distribution for the track /driving style.
  4. Narrow chassis layout assists in allowing the car to corner harder and faster than the opposition.
  5. Back-up from the team, with a massive amount of set-up sheets allowing customers to find the set-ups for the tracks near them.

Stay tuned for Fast Facts part two very shortly. The perfect opportunity to hear from our professional design and engineering team.

Team Durango believe that shared information contributes to a stronger result.

To drive the DEX410v3 and improve your own results, click here now:

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