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September 12, 2013

Rossetti & Lantheaume Podium At French Nationals

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Team Durango French stars Antoine Rossetti and Armand Lantheaume have returned from the French National Finals with two top podium finishes in the 1/10 2WD electric buggy class.

Antoine, who leads our French team drivers during their domestic race competitions, piloted his DEX210 to second overall behind his fellow DEX210 driver Armand who finished first.

Both drivers found that the rear three gear motor configuration was best for the loose dirt track conditions at the Gonfreville l’Orcher venue. This fifth round result gave Antoine an overall second in 2WD for the 2013 French National Championship series.

With Antoine just about to leave western France for the upcoming World Championships in California, we send our congratulations for his French National season results and our best wishes for the World Championship campaign.

Antoine Rossetti is fast on dirt, watch out for him and his DEX210 at the World Championships later this month.


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May 9, 2013

Antoine Rossetti – Team Durango France Representing To The Fullest


Team Durango France are part of our International drivers network. Headed up by French National podium driver Antoine Rossetti, our colleagues across the English Channel are Team Durango ambassadors at every opportunity. From their lovingly prepared racing cars to their fast track skills, our French team are supporters of everything we create.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Antoine after his early successes during the opening stages of the French domestic National season. Antoine has been kind enough to share some awesome pictures of his Team Durango cars with us. Antoine spend hundreds of hours working on his racing gear and one glance across these images will show just how much attention to detail he dictates.


Antoine is already famous for his vivid body shell colour scheme. You just cannot miss an Antoine Rossetti racing car. His Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410v3 are beautiful examples of how our precision engineered products are the very best money can buy. Fast on the track and a true work of art on the pit table.


Antoine has set such a high standard with the preparation of his Team Durango cars that we are sure he may have even started his own trend! Many racers we meet are already asking for Antoine Rossetti style items. Antoine is not just a Team Durango racer, he is clearly a big supporter and promoter of our products. His track performance further cements his status as a Team Durango global affiliate.


Our French colleagues are already making a big impression across Europe. After a recent discussion with Antoine we are very excited to confirm that he will be racing for Team Durango at the upcoming 10th scale off-road European Championships and the World Championships later this year in California.


We look forward to seeing Antoine and his Team Durango colleagues taking these competitions by storm. Team Durango France and Antoine Rossetti are ‘Serious About Racing’

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April 22, 2013

Team Durango France – Antoine Rossetti Is Serious About Racing


With his recent podium successes in the first stages of the French National season, we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with the super dedicated work of Antoine Rossetti. Antoine represents Team Durango across europe and is based in the land of fine wine and beautiful landscapes. His racing is far more than a casual hobby, with Antoine providing Team Durango with a wealth of  high profile racing experience. He also provides us with a level of dedication to his cars that results in some awesome examples of our world-class racing platforms. Antoine has an attention to detail, both on the track and beyond, that inspires us all here at Team Durango.


Antoine Rossetti DEX210 in action

Antoine has recently launched his own blog page that will allow you all to stay closer to the very best Team Durango news from France. We will be working with Antoine both here and on his new blog to bring you the very highest quality news that we have to offer. Antoine is very proud to race for Team Durango, and this shows in the amazing preparation of his vehicles.


Antoine has a real eye for detail when it comes to getting his Team Durango vehicles ready for racing - DEX210

Antoine has recently found great success at the first two rounds of the French National race series, returning with four podium positions after two rounds. Both his DEX210 and DEX410v3 are well known across the European off-road scene, and Antoine is looking forward to the upcoming European and World Championship race schedule later this year. He will be attending both competitions to represent Team Durango at the very pinnacle of RC racing.


The DEX410v3 of Antoine Rossetti is a fine example of just how far your customisation can go with this world-winning platform

Team Durango congratulate Antoine for all his wonderful race results, and look forward to seeing his contributions to the team grow during the future. Antoine Rossetti is ‘Serious About Racing’.

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April 16, 2013

Antoine Rossetti Takes Double Podium At French National – Team Durango Are On The Pace

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The recently contested second round of the French National series has once again provided Team Durango France with a very pleasing conclusion. Antoine Rossetti has returned with a second overall in 2WD with his DEX210 buggy. He then went on to add a solid third in 4WD with his DEX410v3 to complete his ‘double drop’ of race results at the La ville aux Dames venue.


Antoine has reported that he was very happy with how his DEX210 easily handled the rough outdoor terrain at the LVDM club track, and found his DEX410v3 was fast enough to bring his National podium campaign to a total of four top three positions after two events!


Antoine has already stamped a very firm mark on the start of his National campaign. We wish him the best of luck as he begins to focus on his overall points score for his remaining National series races. We have no doubt that his tireless attention to detail with his Team Durango vehicles, and his fast skills on the track, will bring us new and excitingresults every time he races.

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March 19, 2013

French Nationals 2013 – Team Durango Take Multiple Podium Positions


Team Durango France made a great start to their domestic National campaign last weekend with multiple podium positions that included an overall 2WD win for the DEX210. Antoine Rossetti piloted his DEX210 buggy to a convincing first place finish, with his Team Durango colleague Alexis Dufau-cazenave supporting him in the main pack.

Our French team drivers also gained a strong hold on the start of the seasons 4WD campaign with Antoine Rossetti again returning with a very pleasing performance from his DEX410v3 buggy. Finishing the day with a second overall in 4WD, Antoine has already stamped a very bold Team Durango mark on this high profile 2013 series of events.


Antoine Rossetti flying with his DEX410v3

Team Durango France made a big impression in 4WD with the following results:

French National Series Round 1 -4WD Results
1. Yannick Aigoin
2. Antoine Rossetti -Team Durango DEX 410v3
3. Armand Lantheaume
4. Vincent Heligoin
5. Alexis Dufau-cazenave – Team Durango DEX 410v3)
6. Ludovic Valtier
7. Alexandre Beauquier – Team Durango DEX 410v3)
8. Lorenzo Crolla
9. Sébastien Wartelle
10. Stéphane Deroch
11. Olivier de Montfumat
12. Florent Jadot

Antoine has reported that both his Team Durango cars gave him exactly what he needed on the medium grip carpet track near Paris. A TQ qualification in both classes set Antoine up for a strong A main finals finish for his DEX210 and DEX410v3 vehicles.

Team Durango would like to congratulate Antione and his Team Durango colleagues on a very good start to their 2013 National campaigns. The DEX210 and DEX410v3 continue to win across the globe every week. No matter what level of off-road competition they are engaged in.

Antoine Rossetti is ‘Serious About Racing’

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