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June 8, 2015

Team Driver Build Diary – DEX8T – Leo Lorenzen


What Does It Take To Build A Winning Truggy? Lorenzen Shows Us How 

Team Durango Australia racer, Leo Lorenzen, has been working hard to create a very detailed DEX8T Build Diary, sharing his team tips as he constructs the all-new 1/8 4WD Electric Truggy.

Leo is already well known for his beautifully presented build guides and tips articles, which he shares with the global Team Durango community through his awesome website.

His latest Build Diary can be enjoyed here:


Get close to the DEX8T kit build action as Leo guides you through the process 

The tutorials that Leo creates will always provide an excellent reference for you to view when you are working on a critical sub-assembly, with detailed photographs and step-by-step annotations to allow you to follow his advice in even greater detail.

You can enjoy a wide selection of articles from Leo, including Build Diary features, by visiting Leo either here, or on his dedicated Team Durango website here:

Connect with Leo and other Team Durango racers in your region now:

Explore the race-winning features of the DEX8T Truggy here:

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April 10, 2015

DNX8 – Team Tech Tips – Rear Toe-in Tuning


Travis Amezcua – DNX8 Fast Rear Toe-in Tuning

In the second part of our new series of Team Tech Tip videos, Travis Amezcua and Mark Williams show you how the DNX8 can be easily adjusted, giving you access to custom set-up options in minutes.

The Team Durango Suspension Hanger Insert system provides a wide range of hassle-free composite Inserts, allowing the DNX8 to be adjusted to specific track conditions quickly.

Learn how this tuning option will make you faster in the pits, then even faster on the track:

Stay tuned for the next episode of this all-new series. Travis will continue to explore how the DNX8 1/8 Nitro Buggy can transform your winning potential, straight from the kit box.

Learn more about the Team Durango Suspension Hanger Insert system here:

Explore the race-winning features of the DNX8 now:

Connect with Travis and other Team Durango racers here:

Get your hands on the DNX8 now:

Enjoy more very detailed Team Tech Tips from TDUK racer Jason Ametrine now:

February 13, 2014

Global Team Drivers Share Hot Build Tips

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UK Team Durango driver Jason Ametrine has recently been very busy building and testing a selection of our latest premium quality competition kits. He has taken the time during his busy schedule of shock building and diff tuning to create a short but very cool video of his DEX408v2 on the work table.


You can enjoy Jason’s latest video diary here now: 

Jason is currently working on building his new 1/10 Team Durango off-road cars, and will be sharing some really exciting new images and films with us all very soon.

Team Durango Australia team racer Leo Lorenzen has also been busy documenting his recent vehicle builds. Leo has created a really awesome step-by-step DEX410v4 guide for you to study here:


Leo Lorenzen shows you how to get the best from our race-proven gear differential assemblies

Leo not only works through our standard kit build process, he also adds some very helpful Team Tech Tips along the way. Leo also runs a really helpful website called Durango Fansite. You can visit this valuable resource here:


Leo shows you how our precision anodised aluminium and premium quality carbon fibre parts create the perfect marriage of strength and lightweight Pro racing looks

Here at Team Durango we are always inspired to see how our racers, supporters, customers and global re-sellers use the products we create. With so much high-quality information shared on a regular basis by our network of team drivers, there has never been a better time to join the world-wide phenomenon.

Follow Jason and Leo’s guidance and you will be building your Team Durango vehicle kit like a seasoned Pro.

Stay close to all the latest team driver tips and tricks by hitting the ‘Like’ button here now:

Explore the products that are used by Jason and Leo to enjoy racing with Team Durango here: 

December 13, 2013

Team Durango Australia – Tasmania Interclub Winners

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Team Durango Australia have continued their off-road campaign in the Southern hemisphere with a great win from Ben Hoare during the Latrobe Cup, which is part of the regions popular Interclub Series.

Ben took the top spot in the Stadium Truck class with his DEST210R and also added a very pleasing second overall in 2WD Modified Buggy with his DEX210.

The North West Remote Control Car Club hosted the event on a track surface that is usually used exclusively for 1/8 scale competition, with the regions fastest drivers battling for podium honours in both 1/10 and 1/8 electric classes.

We send our congratulations to Ben for a great result with his DEST210R.

Get your hands on the Stadium Truck that Ben Hoare used to take his recent victory, click here now:

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Check out the latest product release video from Team Durango here:

December 12, 2013

Jarred King – Team Durango Australia Double

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New Team Durango Australia signing Jarred King has returned from the Sydney JConcepts Clash with a double first place finish, and an overall TQ in 4WD for his brand new DEX410v4.

Jarred was extremely happy to take the double winners crown at his first major race meeting since joining our team driver roster last month. The 100 strong field of racers battled hard on a dry and dusty off-road track near Castle Hill in Eastern Australia, as the regions fastest drivers raced for supremacy.

Jarred piloted his DEX210 Buggy to a convincing victory in 2WD, despite losing a tyre during the ‘A’ main finals after clipping a track pipe in the final laps of his victorious performance.

Jarred then went on to prove the awesome performance of his new DEX410v4 Buggy, by setting a TQ pace in 4WD on the loose dirt track. Jarred flew home to take first spot and reported that the DEX410v4 was perfectly balanced, with its new Two-Way Slipper Clutch system bringing added handling capabilities on the dusty surface.


Jarred King pushes his DEX410v4 to a TQ and overall first in Sydney last weekend

Jarred is keen to highlight that the DEX410v4 is very easy to drive fast straight from the kit box, with consistent lap times being made easier by such refinements as the new UJ Centre Drive Shafts.

We send our congratulations to Jarred for a great result, and we welcome him to the team for the 2014 racing season.

Explore how the upcoming DEX410v4 can put you on the podium now:

Learn about the range of option parts that you can access to make your DEX410v4 a unique racing machine:

Stay close to Jarred King and all the Team Durango team drivers by hitting the ‘Like’ button here:

April 17, 2013

Leo Lorenzen – Team Durango Super Fan Speaks Out


We recently came into contact with a young man who caused us to take a rather sharp breath when we saw his amazing collection of Team Durango vehicles. Upon deeper investigation we became further aware of Leo Lorenzen and his total dedication to everything Team Durango. Leo has been involved with RC off-road racing for some years and has recently been working hard to develop his track skills at club level in Australia.

Leo is the very proud owner of a truly epic collection of Team Durango rides. Each car has been hand built by Leo, and he has invested in a ‘fleet style’ paint livery to make his collection look really professional. Leo has taken his love for our brand to an even higher level by creating and running his very own Team Durango fan website! He works tirelessly to promote the products and high profile race results that we create.


Heavy weight Team Durango fleet - Leo has already built a very impressive collection

Now you may agree that upon discovering Leo Lorenzen and his passion for what we do, it seems obvious that we share his dedication with the world of Team Durango racers and fans? We are so impressed with how Leo represents Team Durango that we are proud to announce that he will be working closer with our team over the upcoming 2013 racing season. This will include Leo sharing his range of RC skills with you all through a collection of very exciting guest blog articles.

It is with the greatest pleasure that we introduce to you all the words of a man who is clearly ‘Serious About Racing’, join us in welcoming Mr Leo Lorenzen to Team Durango’s world-wide network of contributors.

Leo Lorenzen – How It All Began…..

I first got involved in RC racing close to 3 years ago. The DNX408 was my first race orientated vehicle, and the cause of me becoming a fan of Team Durango’s vehicles. Since starting racing my fleet of vehicles has slowly increased to cover nearly all of Team Durango’s offered platforms.

The DNX408’s sleek body shape, modular design and solid looking construction appealed to me when picking my first race vehicle, and it is not a choice I have regretted. The build of the vehicle was simple with Team Durango’s detailed full colour manual. Many parts are shown in 1:1 scale making it easy to identify the correct item, allowing a beginner to complete the assembly without any issues. Team Durango offers many additional guides to assist with different parts of the build on their website:


Leo Lorenzen - DNX408

Being a beginner racer, my DNX408 experienced many crashes and tumbles during the learning process. It held up well to the punishment. The solid construction meant few repairs were needed and its modular design allowed for quick servicing. As my driving improved I was able invest in some of the many option parts offered for the DNX408, the v2 radio box for easier battery swaps, aluminium axles for faster acceleration, aluminium throttle linkages for weight savings and many other pieces that have been released as Team Durango continuously work to improve their vehicles.


Our 2013 Cactus Classic class-winning DEST210R in Leo Lorenzen flavour

The DNX408’s design allows for quick and easy swaps of many parts. The easily accessible front and rear diff cases allow for quick removal, making experimenting or tuning with diff oils simple. The low center of gravity radio tray has been designed for easy removal of electronics. A few screws and you can remove/replace the entire unit, a handy feature when it comes time for cleaning. The DNX408’s 15mm big bore shocks can be set-up to suit any track, with many option springs offered. Team Durango’s other 8th scale vehicles, the DEX408 and DNX408T share many of the same features as the DNX408.


Leo is totally focused on promoting Team Durango

Similar to the Team Durango’s 8th scale range, the ‘210’ series of vehicles, the DEX210, DEST210 and DESC210, share many of the same features and parts. All three vehicles have a huge amount of tuning options straight out of the box. Front caster and rear toe are adjustable with an insert system which is clearly explained on Team Durango’s website .

They all support both rear and mid motor configurations, allowing the user to change the vehicles to suit any surface. Team Durango have offered a large range of springs for suspension tuning, these springs also being used by Team Durango’s 4wd 10th scale range.

Team Durango produces high quality race vehicles suitable to those wanting to be ‘Serious About Racing’ – Leo Lorenzen – Team Durango Australia

Stay tuned here for more exciting articles from Leo as he shares with us his adventures and race experiences.

Leo Lorenzen is ‘Serious About Racing’

To get your hands on the products that Leo uses, clcik here:

Catch more Team Durango news from Leo over at his fan site, click here:

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