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May 1, 2013

Team Durango Find Success With dBoots Tyres – Engineered Racing Rubber

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Walk into the pit area of a Formula 1 team and you will immediately begin to understand just how much care and attention is given to the humble car tyre. A hoop of high performance rubber that provides the only contact point between the racing car and the surface it drives on. Surely it must be a simple science then? How complicated can a band of rubber actually be? Team Durango take inspiration from our friends in full-scale competition racing when it comes to the science of selecting the correct tyre. We can confirm that it is far from simple, in fact it is clearly a ‘super science’

Compound, tread pattern, side bite, forward traction, these are just a few important considerations that we all should pay close attention to when choosing the tyres for our Team Durango vehicles. Add to these factors a whole host of track surface and environment variables and you have a true ‘dark art’ when it comes to getting the correct rubber on your car.

We have recently been experimenting with several really high quality tyre patterns from our colleagues at dBoots. dBoots produce the very finest quality RC racing rubber that is not just designed to perform, but is clearly engineered to win.


Our pro team drivers have been finding great success with dBoots tyres for some time

With a wide selection of treads and compounds available, it has been very interesting during our early season testing to see how a little bit of creative thinking has helped us become more familiar with these truly awesome racing tyres.

We thought it would be really helpful to share some of our findings with you, and hopefully inspire you all to try a few sets of dBoots, you will NOT be disappointed.


First up is a firm favourite over at TDHQ. The NanoByte in A compound. dBoots ‘A’ compound is the hardest rubber in their range, with ‘B’ compound being softer. The Nanobyte has a medium profile that benefits from a tightly packed collection of very small short spikes.

Billed as the perfect tyre for indoor carpet and polished floor tracks, we couldn’t help but experiment with this pattern on the front of the DEX210 on outdoor Astroturf surfaces. dBoots offer advice about the Nanobyte that also suggests that it performs extremely well on ‘short-pile’ Astroturf, exactly what we wanted to create a smooth and less aggressive handling characteristic than a tyre with a higher spike pattern.


A closer inspection of a Nanobyte 2WD front tyre in 'A' compound

The Nanobyte provided us with a really good level of performance mounted up on standard DEX210 2WD front rims. The tread pattern was perfect for Astroturf that had variable grip due to sand and moist weather conditions. The tyre was not ‘snatching’ during steering input and we never felt that our cars had too much steering response, which can become an issue with other tyre choices when the grip level is medium to high.


Testing the dBoots Nanobyte 2WD front tyres in 'A' compound - Perfect for the DEX210

During our recent tests we also found that the dBoots Nnaobyte responded very well when removing the outer row of pins to further ‘soften’ the tyres grip generating qualities. This allowed us to carry faster corner speed, and our DEX210’s found front end steering on areas of the rack that suffered from a build up of loose sand.

Our UK team manger has also found great success running Nanobyte front and rear tyres on his DEX410v3 during cold conditions. Spreading the traction load across a collection of smaller pins gives your buggy a safe and predictable set of handling characteristics during cooler weather.

Overall we highly recomend that you try this very versatile tyre pattern in ‘A’ compound from dBoots. Your DEX210 will feel responsive and easy to drive with these high quality tyres.


Our next adventure further into the world of engineered racing rubber presented us with an opportunity to learn more about a very unique dBoots tyre. The Multibyte is again billed as a multi-purpose tyre, the Multibyte has a tread pattern that is not found from any other manufacturer.


dBoots Multibyte - Spread conical spikes for variable tuning options

The Multibyte is perfect when Astroturf becomes greasy or slippery. Especially useful when the track surafce is damp, the Multibyte in ‘A’ compound provided us with enormous forward traction on the rear of our DEX210 cars. We watched other racers struggle as grip levels changed during variable weather. The dBoots Multibyte was able to handle downpours of rain and loose sand on our DEX410v3 4WD cars, and gave us very consistent performance when the temperature of the track surface increased. The Multibyte is super versatile as it can be trimmed across the surface of the conical spike pattern to alter the handling qualities for different surfaces.

The most amazing quality of this tyre is the almost non-existent wear value. We were able to run one set of tyres for an entire race meeting with no visible signs of tread degradation. Value is important with racing tyres and the Multibyte provides bags of grip at a great price. As dBoots say “Without the right tyres, set-up is nothing”.

Team Durango understand the importance of high quality racing tyres. Our colleagues at dBoots have created not only a wide selection of very adaptable tyre patterns, but also a range that shines with quality. With the lowest wear rates we have ever seen and the most consistent handling qualities across all conditions, it is no wonder that Team Durango vehicles are even faster when using dBoots engineered racing rubber.

To get your hands on the tyres we tested here, and also explore the patterns used by all of our pro drivers, visit dBoots now! :

Explore the products that we combine with dBoots tyres when battling for the win:

You can catch all the new tyre news from dBoots over on Twitter – Follow @dBootstyres



February 26, 2013

Oakland’s Raceway Welcomes Team Durango – Cold Conditions Can Not Stop The Action

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With weather conditions that would make most penguins reach for their fleece jackets, Team Durango team drivers visited the lovingly created Oakland’s Raceway near Telford in the UK, for a spot of off-road race action. Paul Robinson, James Ambrose and Stuart Styles attended the fifth round of the Oakland’s Winter Series. Paul and James had booked in to race 2WD with their DEX210’s. Stuart was at the meeting to catch up with the club members who recently elected to run dBoots tyres for their upcoming Mid West BRCA Regional event, and also their hotly anticipated 2013 summer series. Feedback from grass-roots racers is essential for the constant development of all our products.

The venue was already busy by 8:15am, with the generous pit field filling up with brave winter off-road race fans. The Oakland’s race meetings are always a relaxed and fun day out for all who attend, and the club have created an excellent environment for racers of all abilities to enjoy their challenging Astroturf track.


Off-road nirvana - The club has created a really exciting venue for 10th racers

The ambient temperature floated around zero for most of the morning and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the track was dry and was providing good grip levels for the DEX210 practice laps. Our team were really happy to see so many DEX210 vehicles in attendance, with many specification levels and body shell designs attacking the interesting track lay-out during free practice. It seems that local racers are finding great success with the super reliable DEX210.


Team driver Paul Robinson braves the arctic temperatures with his DEX210

Oakland’s have recently elected dBoots tyres as a choice control tyre for their upcoming 2WD and 4WD Mid West regional event. Club owner Paul Jones has also consulted with his committee and confirms that dBoots tyres will be the control tyre for Oakland’s 2013 summer series. Racers have reported that the dBoots Terrabyte has been performing particularly well when the Oakland’s Astroturf is dry. The dBoots Multibyte tyre in A compound has also found favour when the track is either damp or grip levels are down due to variable temperatures.

Both Paul and James reported that their DEX210’s felt very settled during qualifying with initial concerns regarding grip being dispelled as Paul found his pace. With James running the new ‘cab forward’ body shell from Team Durango, it was interesting to see how the two cars performed running very similar set-ups. Both cars were really relishing the tight in-field section of the Oakland’s track, with Paul making very easy work of the sharp and short main jump in the centre of the track. James reported that his DEX210 was finding lots of front end grip and was stable on the long bumpy straight.

Stuart spent some time talking with local racer, and Team Durango fan, Dave Williams who was busy making adjustments to several DEX210 cars in a very warm pit tent. His attention to detail when wiring and setting up the DEX210 really makes the most of Team Durango’s precision engineered design. Dave was happy to share these interesting tips regarding the electrical installation in his favourite DEX210 buggy.

  • I always install the ESC in the left side pod as you look at the front of the DEX210. This works great for short wiring set-ups if you are running mid-motor configuration with your power plant on the right. Short cables equal less electrical resistance and eliminate that ‘noodle soup’ look inside your buggy.
  • I always use cable braid in all my Team Durango cars. This inexpensive mesh tubing is great for keeping your electrical wires tidy, colour coding each cable and of course looks really cool. This tubing works really well to protect potentially fragile wires such as your personal transponder lead and servo cables.
  • I am a real fan of how the DEX210 allows us to run the battery cells in a forward or rear seated position. This not only allows for a quick change in weight bias, but also gives us the option of running ‘shorty’ battery packs.
  • I always solder my motor cables so they are positioned flat on the motor tabs. If you look at the images of my car you will see how this provides a really neat and safe method of routing the wires to your ESC unit.
  • The DEX210 has a brilliant custom wire routing slot across the chassis, under the battery cell area. I use carbon vinyl stickers cut to the exact size of the battery cell area to keep this routed cable safe from harm.
  • I solder my positive and negative ‘bullet’ connectors on my ESC at right-angles to the wire ends. This reduces the amount of cable you need, and also keeps the connectors securely in place during bumps and bangs.

Dave Williams DEX210 - Simple wiring for neat and tidy electrical installations

Our trip to Oakland’s, although very cold, was a real inspiration. Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’, it seems that the members of Oakland’s raceway share our philosophy. They have created a wonderful racing venue. We were very pleased to see the DEX210 so strongly represented. Team Durango look forward to visiting Oakland’s on the 10th of March for the sixth round of this really exciting winter series.

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