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November 5, 2014

Romanian Team Durango Racers Clean Sweep

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Multiple National Wins for Dedicated Racers

The recently contested Romanian Off-Road National Championship has been concluded with a clean sweep of all podium positions for Team Durango racing fans.

The 1/10 Nationals in any region are always popular, with 2WD Buggy competition becoming stronger every season. Team Durango racers were very happy to take all available podium places as they stormed to a dominant conclusion. Racing a collection of DEX410v4 and DEX210v2 cars, the skilled team of relatively young racers left the venue with more trophies than they could carry.

Great job!

We send our thanks to our race fans in Romania for an awesome performance.

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September 2, 2014

DEX410v4 On Dirt – Chet Kelsey Shows Us How

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Master Any Surface – DEX410v4 

 Team Durango Canada racer, Chet Kelsey, has recently been finding great success with his DEX410v4 racing on dusty low-traction dirt tracks.

Having listened to our fans needs, tested and confirmed our ideas with our Pro racers all over the world, and then refining our early prototype cars into a finished product, the DEX410v4 was released to the world. Featuring an all-new centre Two-Way Slipper Clucth assembly, centre Universal Joint Drive Shafts and 90 degree Dog Bone front and rear Drive Shafts, the DEX410v4 is the smoothest 1/10 4WD Buggy we have produced.

This smooth drive line has created a car that is even more versatile. Racers are reporting great handling on both high-grip and loose low-grip surfaces, with power transfer being super-efficient, no matter how challenging the conditions get.

Watch Chet putting together some really awesome laps here:

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July 14, 2014

Team Tech Tips – Build The Perfect Turnbuckle Linkages


UK Team Durango team driver, Jason Ametrine, is back with another useful Team Tech Tips video tutorial, this time sharing his secrets to the perfect Turnbuckle build.

Jason shows how to best achieve fast and easy access to tuning options for your camber and steering settings. These new skills will be directly transferable to all RC vehicles that use this popular system, and will allow you to quickly understand how to get the most from these essential kit items.

Jason was keen to share that his tips, although shown with the DEX210v2, are relevant for the DEX410v4, DEX408v2, DEX408T, DNX408v2, DESC410v2, DESC210R and even the DETC410 Touring Car.

Learn valuable new Turnbuckle building skills here now:

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April 3, 2014

DEX410 Rear Cone Washer Mod – Team Tech Tip


Team Durango UK team driver Jason Ametrine returns with another really helpful Team Tech Tip video. This time Jason shares an exclusive team modification that allows you to widen the width of your rear track on the DEX410v4.

During team testing, we found that when the track surface lacks grip, or suddenly becomes slick after rain, the wider rear track width will provide your DEX410v4 with even more traction. This fast and easy modification will also allowing you to push the car during mid-corners, due to the increase in rear-end width. This mod can be performed on any DEX410 Buggy, and Jason shows you how quick and easy this useful tuning option can be performed.

Watch out for the genuine Team Durango parts that Jason uses, and take note of the simple steps in this process. This Team Tech Tip means that you can switch rear track width in a few moments, staying on top of the changing racing conditions as you battle for the win.

Enjoy the tutorial video here:

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January 10, 2014

DEX410v4 Takes Win – Aaron Vance In Ireland

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Team Durango Ireland off-road star Aaron Vance wasted no time with his brand new DEX410v4 Buggy as he flew to a convincing win in Ireland at the Christmas Grand Prix.

Aaron had only just finished building his DEX410v4 a few days prior to the event, and was very excited by the new features on this hotly anticipated update to the globally recognised Team Durango 4WD Buggy platform. Aaron commented that the DEX410v4 was easy to build and very smooth with its brand new Universal Joint drive shaft and two-way slipper clutch set-up.

Aaron battled some of his regions fastest racers to be crowned the Christmas Grand Prix 4WD Champion, taking the DEX410v4 straight onto the podium just days after its delivery to Team Durango’s team drivers.

Learn how the DEX410v4 can put you in first place at your track here:

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December 16, 2013

Novotny Takes Another Triple Podium – Lestr Cup Round 4


Team Durango Czech Republic off-road ace Kaja Novotny has returned from the fourth round of the hotly contested Lestr Cup with yet another collection of triple podium finishes!

Kaja was really happy to take three podium places at the previous third round, so he was primed for a repeat attempt during the recently held fourth round race meeting in Dubec.

Kaja was again in blisteringly fast form as he flew to an overall first place finish in 2WD with his DEX210 Buggy, this result included an overall TQ place, proving that Kaja and his DEX210 were fastest in this class against some very quick competition. He then added a first overall in Short Course with his DESC410Rv2, beating a field of experienced Short Course racers to take the top spot well before the third leg of the ‘A’ main was underway.

Kaja is already well known for his ability to switch racing classes during high pressure meetings. His third and final podium finish of the day added to this reputation, as he finished second overall in 4WD with his DEX410 Buggy, to complete a really exciting hat trick of results for Team Durango.

We send our congratulations to Kaja for another great performance. His racing skills continue to grow as he takes Team Durango products onto the podium in multiple racing classes in Europe.

Explore the latest evolutionary phase of Kaja Novotny’s 4WD Buggy here now:

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Watch Kaja racing the DEX408v2 1/8 Electric Buggy at the third round of the Lestr Cup here:



December 12, 2013

Jarred King – Team Durango Australia Double

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New Team Durango Australia signing Jarred King has returned from the Sydney JConcepts Clash with a double first place finish, and an overall TQ in 4WD for his brand new DEX410v4.

Jarred was extremely happy to take the double winners crown at his first major race meeting since joining our team driver roster last month. The 100 strong field of racers battled hard on a dry and dusty off-road track near Castle Hill in Eastern Australia, as the regions fastest drivers raced for supremacy.

Jarred piloted his DEX210 Buggy to a convincing victory in 2WD, despite losing a tyre during the ‘A’ main finals after clipping a track pipe in the final laps of his victorious performance.

Jarred then went on to prove the awesome performance of his new DEX410v4 Buggy, by setting a TQ pace in 4WD on the loose dirt track. Jarred flew home to take first spot and reported that the DEX410v4 was perfectly balanced, with its new Two-Way Slipper Clutch system bringing added handling capabilities on the dusty surface.


Jarred King pushes his DEX410v4 to a TQ and overall first in Sydney last weekend

Jarred is keen to highlight that the DEX410v4 is very easy to drive fast straight from the kit box, with consistent lap times being made easier by such refinements as the new UJ Centre Drive Shafts.

We send our congratulations to Jarred for a great result, and we welcome him to the team for the 2014 racing season.

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December 9, 2013

Nuno Roque – Double Series Podium Finishes

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Team Durango Portugal racer Nuno Roque has concluded the Portuguese 2013 Off-Road Cup by adding second overall in 2WD to his already secured first overall in 4WD electric Buggy.

This final result with his DEX210 Buggy puts Nuno into yet another double podium finish for Team Durango. Nuno has raced hard over recent months, with his domestic off-road campaign being staged across a wide selection of challenging track surfaces. The Team Durango DEX410v3 and DEX210 have performed brilliantly for Nuno, and his final results are a great inspiration to not just Team Durango fans in Portugal, but all across the globe.

The DEX410v4 has recently been announced, and we are extremely excited to see Nuno take to the track for 2014 with the latest evolutionary phase of this already proven 4WD racing platform. Nuno is a passionate racer, a great ambassador for Team Durango, and an advocate for welcoming you all to the world of off-road racing.

Congratulations to Nuno for another great result.

The latest version of the Team Durango car that started it all can be found here now:

Watch the DEX410v4 video here:

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December 3, 2013

Novotny Takes Triple Podium


Team Durango Czech Republic racing star Kaja Novotny has added to his awesome recent off-road form by returning from the third round of the Lestr Cup with a triple podium finish!

Kaja competed in the 2WD Buggy class with his DEX210, and battled some fast local drivers to take an overall first position and TQ. He then went on to add a blisteringly fast Short Course performance with his DESC410Rv2 with a first overall and yet another TQ finish. In the 4WD Buggy class, Kaja piloted his DEX410v4 Buggy to second overall against a wide selection of other experienced off-road racers to complete a solid triple podium finish.

Kaja is set to conclude 2013 with a great collection of results for Team Durango. His ability across all 1/10 and also 1/8 electric racing classes must be commended. We congratulate Kaja and send our thanks for his continued support.

Learn more about the 4WD Buggy used by Kaja to win this year and beyond here:

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November 28, 2013

Vance Takes Double Podium In Ireland


Irish Team Durango racing star Aaron Vance has recently completed a double podium finish in the 2013 Ireland Winter Race. The event was staged at Emm Naul, just outside Dublin, and was attended by many of the fastest drivers in Ireland.

Aaron competed in the 2WD and 4WD 1/10 Electric Buggy classes, and finished with a solid third in 2WD with his DEX210. Aaron then added a very impressive second overall in 4WD with his DEX410v3 to complete his double winning performance.

Aaron dominated the winter calendar in Ireland during his 2012 campaign, and as the 2013/14 season begins to get underway, we are very excited to hear more exciting news from Aaron.

Congratulations from us all here at Team Durango HQ

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