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April 5, 2013

Share Your Passion For RC With Team Durango – Racers Speak Out


Ben Cosgrove carries our philosophy across the scene every weekend

During the last few months over at TDHQ we have been extremely fortunate to have some great opportunities to learn more about the legions of racers who choose to use Team Durango products. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we all become wiser. This philosophy has contributed to many of the recent additions to our regular product and team driver news articles. We wanted to show our gratitude and respect to the racers who take our products and do with them what we always intend, race fast. As part of our new news and product information media, we recently launched the Team Durango Hall Of Fame. The perfect chance for every owner of a Team Durango product to be recognised and immortalised for their dedication and support.

As we sort through the hundreds of entries we have received, it has become very clear that many of the folks who have already submitted their Team Durango vehicle pictures and details have a little more to say about what we do than we first anticipated! Some of you have shared personal stories about how RC racing has changed your life, whilst others take the opportunity to share their great successes from using Team Durango products. The one thing that shines through from every communication we receive is simple, passion. You all share our passion here at Team Durango, our passion for precision engineering, our passion for high speed competition, our passion for positive community spirit and sharing knowledge.


Orlowski and his Team Durango Poland colleagues - We believe in supporting RC at all levels

We thought that this would be the perfect time to offer you all an opportunity to read some of the wonderful messages we have received lately. They are the strongest fuel for positive development. Here at Team Durango we are ‘Serious About Racing’ and the words of the following loyal fans make us realise you all share this mantra. Enjoy.

“My racing is the reason I work so hard every week. It keeps me focused and gives me a sense of satisfaction every time I go. My friends think I’m crazy!, they just don’t get it the way we do” Zed Humphries – Newport – Wales

“Team Durango cars are cool” Elias Rhode – ​Ottenhain – Germany

“I have been using Team Durango products for years and own several of the earlier version cars. You just can’t beat the quality and design, you guys rock” Matthew Plant – Lincolnshire – United Kingdom

“Keep up the great work” Steve Hagino – Illinois – USA

“I say Team Durango are the best because it never seems long before another Team Durango car is winning” Adriana Faus – Mount Vicars – Porta Valucia

“I see one car that makes me smile every time I watch it win, the DEX410v3 is awesome” Darius Raldruiga – Velencia – Spain

“RC is a constant in my life. Whatever is going on, I am always working towards my racing. I love Team Durango, keep giving us what we love guys!” – Terry Larner – Portsmouth – United Kingdom

Our thanks go to you all for your support.

If you are yet to emter the Team Durango Hall Of Fame then send us your name, place of origin and a photo of your Team Durango vehicles, become part of our history. Send entries to

To learn how Team Durango products can see you closer to the podium at your next race, click here:

April 3, 2013

Team Durango Hall Of Fame – Are You Famous Yet?


Raymond Kerr - DEX410v3 - Paying homage to our very own Hupo Honigl

Here at TDHQ we continue to smile every time we receive an image of your lovingly created Team Durango vehicles as an entry to our new Hall Of Fame. We thought this was a great opportunity to firstly thank the hundreds of loyal fans and global supporters who have submitted images and details so far. It really is amazing to see the diverse range of Team Durango vehicles that grace the race tracks across the world every week.

Secondly, we thought it would be good to also share the news that we now have a dedicated email address for all Hall Of Fame entries. Send some images of your Team Durango race vehicles, your name and place of origin to to be added to our ever increasing list.


Raymond has really captured the super star look with his rendition of Hupo's famous race livery - Nice!

So, the question we just love to ask….Are you famous yet?

Stay in touch with more Team Durango news and precision engineered products over at TDTV, click here:

Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win some truly unique Team Durango prizes very soon. Search for and follow @teamdurango

Like us on Facebook for the chance to meet our pro team drivers at a track near you this year.


Team Durango Dominate Every Class At The Final Round Of The Lestr Cup Indoor Series


Team Durango win every class - Kaja Novotny is 'Serious About Racing'

The prestigious Lestr Cup near Prague has concluded with a complete clean sweep for Team Durango. Team super star Kaja Novotny won every class he raced, and found himself catapulted to instant off-road fame with a truly epic display of talented RC racing.

Kaja had already secured both 2WD and 4WD buggy series titles prior to this fast paced last round. This put him safely in first position in both classes regardless of the results he achieved during the final meeting. This situation only added to the amazing focus that Kaja has when it comes to winning with his Team Durango vehicles. He returned with the following results to complete his total domination of the series final.

2WD Buggy

1ST Kaja Novotny – TQ – Team Durango  DEX210

4WD Buggy

1ST Kaja Novotny – TQ – Team Durango  DEX410v3

Short Course Truck

1st Kaja Novotny – TQ – Team Durango DESC410R

8th Electric Buggy

1ST Kaja Novotny – Team Durango DEX408

With such a formidable set of results it is clear that Kaja found his Team Durango vehicles perfect for the carpet track surface.


Kaja with the spoils of his wonderful performance and Team Durango young star Elias Rhode of Germany

Kaja was kind enough to share these very inspirational words with us in the wake of his triumphant multi-class victory:

“Thanks a lot to Team Durango, to all my sponsors and to my parents for such great support, without which it would be impossible to race at this high level for me.  I appreciate it very much, as I know how difficult it is for manufacturers during this problematic economic situation across the world” – Kaja Novotny – Team Durango

Kaja is supported by his dedicated and knowledgeable father Karel Novotny, who is very proud of his achievements both on the race track and beyond. Team Durango would like to congratulate Kaja for his very strong start to the 2013 Team Durango International racing campaign.

Precision engineering combined with a rich racing heritage continues to bring Team Durango global success at all levels of competition. Are you ‘Serious About Racing’?

To learn more about the vehicles that Kaja uses to win every week, click here:

To join Kaja in the Team Durango Hall Of Fame, email us at

Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

March 27, 2013

The Hall Of Fame Grows By The Hour – Hundreds Of Team Durango Fans Show Their Dedication


Gilles Brehier from France has his DEX408 primed and ready for a new season of off-road Team Durango action

We are truly overwhelmed by the quantity of loyal Team Durango racers who have already entered our new Hall Of Fame. The pictures and kind words you have all chosen to share have really inspired us. The diversity of custom paint schemes has blown us away and we are beginning to understand just how much you all love the Team Durango body shell look.


Jason Amertrine from the UK is the owner of a few lovely examples of our vehicles

The DEX410v3 is loved all over the world. Alongside the other precision engineered Team Durango vehicles, the race winning 4WD platform seems to be close to your hearts, and we are very happy to see our fans enjoying the DEX410v3 as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Jason shows off his DEX210 with awesome paint scheme

With the DEX408 becoming even more popular in the last few months, it is a sure sign that the electric 8th buggy class is growing quickly. With the upcoming release of a brand new Team Durango 8th scale electric vehicle, we are really excited to see how you are all such avid users of our current brushless rally cross machine.


Lovely electrical placement - Race winning DEX408

If you are yet to enter the soon to be published Team Durango Hall Of Fame list then email us your name, place of origin and an image of your cars to

As we compile the entries we really want to show a strong representation of everybody who trusts the brand who are ‘Serious About Racing’. Are you famous yet?

March 25, 2013

Team Durango Hall Of Fame – Our World-Wide Network Shares Their Passion


Eelco Hoogeveen from the Netherlands - DEX210 race winning pedigree

Sine the launch of our latest Team Durango media concept, the Hall Of Fame, we have been swamped with entries from all over the globe. Not only have you all been kind enough to share some truly breathtaking images of your Team Durango racing vehicles, but many of you have also chosen to send us some really inspirational stories and testimonials that further describe your relationship with Team Durango products. The one thing that seems to be present for you all is a strong sense of ‘belonging’. By this we mean that every person who contacts us seems to have already felt the benefit from our solid International network of Team Durango fans, and already feels well and truly part of the team.


Eelco Hoogeveen from the Netherlands - DESC210

During the many years of Team Durango’s development, from the ‘brain child’ of one very dedicated man, to the global phenomenon that we all love and cherish today, Team Durango always wanted to build a team that transcended continents, that bridged cultural divides and that unified the participants of our wonderful sport under one team banner. The amazing response to the launch of the Team Durango Hall Of Fame has helped us further understand how much passion you all have for our vision. Our fans clearly share our love of racing and precision manufactured products.


A long time Team Durango fan, Mark Headling, shows his latest DEX210. His cars are always so lovingly created.

We have been really happy to see how many of you have committed your hard earned racing budgets to multiple Team Durango vehicles. We have received some amazing photos of racers collections of Team Durango cars that span almost the total range we have produced! This again adds further emphasis to how much you all love what we do. We are very grateful for your support and belief.


A real 'Serious About Racing' garage of vehicles - One for every class...almost - Leo Lorenzen shows his passion for Team Durango with this wonderful collection of kits

We received this really positive news from Scotty Bower in Lewisville, USA – “I really love Team Durango race cars. They give me a real buzz every time I drive them. I have a DEX210, a DEX410v3 and a DESC210. My race friends are always asking me about why I race just Team Durango kits…a few minutes with my radio after the racing is over normally lets them understand! I don’t have to say much after that man” – Scotty Bower – Lewisville


Philip De Keersmaecker - Really sharp racing colours on both his Team Durango vehicles

We will continue to show you some of our favourite entries to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame as we begin to construct the published list. We convey our utmost gratitude and respect for all your support so far.

Stay tuned over at Twitter by searching @teamdurango

March 22, 2013

Hall Of Fame – More Racers Become Part Of Team Durango History


Cristian di Stasi from Italy shares his lovely DEX410v3

The Team Durango Hall Of Fame has been received eagerly by our fans from all over the world. We are humbled by the quantity of racers who have been kind enough to share photos and stories that relate to their Team Durango experience. We are so excited to share with you just a small selection of the many entries we have received so far.


We could not resist showing you the other vehicle owned by Cristian di Stasi, his lovely looking DNX408. Awesome.

We have been so pleased to read more details about how Team Durango products create positive racing experiences all over the globe. From our world-class DEX410 platform through to our pace changing DESC410v2 Short Course truck, it seems that no matter the scale or racing class, you are all enjoying success with the brand who are ‘Serious About Racing’.


We love this DESC410 action shot from Aaron Royston in Lewisville,Texas over in the USA. Amazing air!

We will continue to add every Team Durango fan who takes the time to submit their photos to our ever increasing list. This list will soon appear in a dedicated section of the Team Durango website, forever. You will all be immortalised in the Team Durango Hall Of Fame. Credit where credit is due folks, we could not have done done this without you all.


Martin from Honce in Slovakia shows his cheeky Martini homage

This wonderful story came from Nordevk Stranzkov in Austria who owns a DEX410v3 and has recently introduced his friends to Team Durango products:

“My racing club has only got about 15 members, but we enjoy fast racing every week. I race a DEX410v3 and love how easy the car is when I am working on it after each race. My friends were amazed by how well the car handled because our track is very slippy, Team Durango, NO PROBLEMS!. They all want my DEX410v3, some racers are saving up to buy their own very soon. Great car!” – Nordevk Stranzkov – Austria

Stay tuned over at Twitter by searching @teamdurango


March 20, 2013

Team Durango Hall Of Fame – Immortalise Yourself In Racing History


Here at Team Durango we are proud of our rich racing heritage. We are also proud of  every single one of you. Our fans, our supporters, our racers. We are excited by every single race result, we are inspired by every single customised body shell, we are humbled by the positive stories that share your amazing experiences with Team Durango products. You are all ‘serious About Racing’

It is with the utmost pleasure that we announce an extremely unique opportunity. Team Durango need you.

We strongly believe in sharing our respect and gratitude for your tireless support and belief in the Team Durango vision. Its time to set these global efforts in stone. Its time to immortalise you all in the pages of Team Durango racing history.

The Team Durango Hall Of Fame will allow you all to become recognised for your love of our products. Whether you own an early version of our world-class DEX410 4WD buggy, an example of our Race Ready RTR kits, the race winning DEX210 2WD, or indeed any of our precision manufactured 8th and 10th scale vehicles, you can now show the world that you trust and support the brand with racing in their blood.

Our goal is to compile an exhaustive list of every single Team Durango user and immortalise your name, place of origin and Team Durango vehicles of choice in a constantly updated list…the Team Durango Hall Of Fame.

This list will be housed as a dedicated page on and will allow the world to see who is really ‘Serious About Racing’. Watch the list develop, share your fame with friends and fellow RC enthusiasts, but most of all, feel a part of our history. Every single one of you has contributed to who and what we are, and we want to remember you all forever.

Entering the Team Durango Hall Of Fame is very easy. Send us a good quality photograph of your Team Durango racing cars, with your name and place of origin. We will then etch your details into our digital tribute to the people who have traveled with us on this amazing journey so far. The Hall Of Fame will never finish, it will constantly evolve into the world’s first global documentation of racing supporters.

We are constantly amazed by some of the gorgeous examples of our engineered racing products that we spot both on the wealth of RC related forums,websites and message boards, and also when we are doing what we love most, racing. This excitement always drives us to push the boundaries of design and engineering when creating new additions to our already proven Team Durango range. Check out a few of our favourite examples so far, are you part of our history?


DEX410v3 - This example oozes high-impact graphics and cutting-edge design

The DEX410 platform is a major elemnt of our ‘genetic makeup’, and every example we see makes us proud to have created such an enigmatic buggy. Show us your DEX410 vehicle and be added to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame, forever.


This collection of DEX410 and DEX210 cars look amazing in their matching colour scheme

The more we learn about the racers who choose to dedicate their time to Team Durango, the more we realise that a lot of you are the proud owners of several of our vehicles. Show us your collection of Team Durango products and get carved into our heritage, forever.


DEX210 - With a body shell that seems to have gained a sudden cult status, what a beautiful example of our famous 2WD buggy

At Team Durango we encourage individuality. We promote trend setting. We endorse forward thinking. Show us how you have made your Team Durango vehicle uniquely yours and be emblazoned on the Hall Of Fame, forever.


DNX408 - Aggressive yet refined, we love the orange and black rear of this example

We invite your entries to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame immediately. We will include everybody who is kind enough to share their dedication to our brand with us. You are the reason why we continue to create the highest standard of world-class racing products, and now it is time for you to enter the Team Durango Hall Of Fame.

Send photos and details via email to:

From this day onward we join together to document history, you are all ‘Serious About Racing’

Stay tuned here to learn more about how to access the Team Durango Hall Of Fame list….are you famous yet?

Follow us on Twitter for fast on the move updates, search for @teamdurango


February 14, 2013

Fast By Design – Team Durango Aero-Technology


At Team Durango we pride ourselves on bringing you the very highest level of professional design. From our revered 8th scale vehicle styling, to our Race Ready RTR aggressive looks. Team Durango do not just make racing products, we design them.

As you would expect to find in any full-scale motor sport manufacturer, Team Durango have resident designers who spend hundreds of hours creating every curve and angle, every sweep and edge we produce. Whether they are sketching concepts for new 10th scale body shells or laying out digital graphics for decal sheets, our team stay focused on optimum performance and Team Durango’s unique look with every project.

Every body shell that we produce is subjected to rigorous testing from our team drivers. We refine, revise and improve every single inch of high quality polycarbonate. This continues until we are totally happy with the ability of our body shells to not just look cool, but also increase performance. Aerodynamically designed and digitally produced, every single body shell is distinctly Team Durango.


Design evolution - Team Durango styling is easy to spot

We enjoy the feedback we get from the loyal Team Durango racers all over the world. We always take any comments we get regarding the styling of our vehicles straight to the design table. Although we can never promise that we will create every request we get, if only we could. The one thing we can promise is that all the feedback we receive, every race result we achieve, every driver who creates a new painted colour scheme, it all directly influences Team Durango’s look.


Paper and pencil - Where it all begins

This means that we consider you all part of the design team. We are so excited to see how each drivers race livery looks on the body shells we design. We are also extremely interested by the enhancements in race performance that users experience. Over the years we have smoothed cab shapes, increased the space under side-pods, cut new fins and air vents to optimise air flow and we still have so many ideas. We are constantly developing our styling to provide you all with the best performance a polycarbonate body shell can offer.


DEX410V3 Body set - Complete with custom decals and window masks

A Team Durango vehicle is very easy to spot in the pits, and even during the heat of track competition. We style our body shells with an aggressive edge. The importance of aerodynamic design is prominent in every sheet of polycarbonate we shape. With increased airflow for the cooling of internal electrical components, our body shells increase air organisation and promote maximum down force throughout your racing experience. We chop the roof lines of our cabs low, we vent our side-pods with forwards facing slots, we pay very close attention to the fit of the body shell against the chassis to minimise dirt and water ingress.


Fins on our cab lines and high airflow side pods - Fast and cool

Every body shell we create goes through the same design and development process that provide the results, both on the track and on your pit table. Team Durango design look cool, perform well and will always make you stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about the incredible DEX410V3 body set, click here:

To view a wide range of Team Durango 10th scale body shells, click here:

To view the range of Team Durango 8th scale body sets, click here:


January 30, 2013

DEX210 & DEX408 Win At The Lestrs Cup Winter Series – Round 4

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Team Durango At The Lestrs Cup Winter Series – Round 4

Team Durango team driver and Czech Republic off-road star Charlie Novotny secured two wins and a third overall as he continued his winter campaign near Prague last weekend. Charlie was the only driver at this well attended race meeting to compete in three classes, and with the worst winter conditions for many years raging outside, the -17C temperatures were never going to slow Charlie down.

Charlie ran his DEX210 in 2WD and was pleased to TQ the class with a convincing win ahead of the experienced field of racers. Charlie then went on to also TQ and win the 8th scale class with his DEX408. Not content with this double victory, Charlie battled his DEX410 against the cold sports hall surface and came away with a very solid third overall beating some national quality competition.

Charlie reported that the track surface was very slippy due to such freezing temperatures outside. His impressive performance was commended by his fellow racers who must recognise his high level of skill at a young age. Charlie won every final leg in both 2WD and 8th 4WD to once again cement his position in the next rounds top seeding.

Our congratulations go to Charlie for another wonderful performance.

Team Durango drivers are serious about racing, Charlie Novotny is no excepetion.

To learn more from our international network of Team Durango team drivers, click here:



January 21, 2013

Team Durango DEX408 – Winter Wonders From 8th Scale Buggy

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Team Durango DEX408 – Ben Cosgroves’ 3rd Podium This Year

Team Durango team driver Ben Cosgrove continued his successful acclimatisation to his new Team Durango DEX408 on the 13th of January. Ben visited a cold and snow covered Deerdale Astroturf track in Nottinghamshire UK to once again campaign his buggy against the nitro vehicles of fellow 8th scale enthusiasts.

After some very enthusiastic snow shovelling, and an impromptu snow ball fight by the brave contingent of winter racers, practice began with Ben reporting a surprisingly good level of grip considering the thermometers had not risen above freezing for days prior to the meeting.

After a shaky start during the first round of qualifying, Ben returned with a 2nd in round two of qualifying and added a 4th in round three to put his DEX408 on 4th for the A final.

As is the trend in these mixed power source races, the drivers who opted to use electric powered vehicles were forced to make a stop in the pit lane to account for their lack of fuel stops compared to the rest of the nitro field.

The main final was set to be a 20 minute battle of both driving skill and the ability to overcome the icy conditions. The challenging Deerdale track has a tight hairpin off the start straight which can cause difficulties even under normal track surface conditions. Consequently, Ben found his DEX408 tangled in a few scrappy laps until he settled into his rhythm. After an intense second half to this bitterly cold but action packed final, Ben made up for previously lost time by taking 3rd position and then holding this hard fought slot until the end of the race.

Ben was really pleased to once again not just compete against his rival nitro racers with his DEX408, but also gain a very respectable podium position in extremely difficult conditions. This once again proves that the Team Durango DEX408 benefits from a wonderfully efficient drivetrain and definitely has the durability and poise to tackle even the most challenging of conditions.

This was Ben’s 3rd podium position with his brand new DEX408 in as many meetings. An exciting 2013 8th scale season lays ahead for Ben and his Team Durango colleagues.

The DEX408 is serious about winning.

To learn more about the Team Durango DEX408 click the following link:

To watch our Team Durango DEX408 introduction film, click this link:


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