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September 22, 2014

DETC410 – Team Tips & Advanced Build Guides


Get Closer To The Touring Car Technology

We are very excited to announce a new series of technical articles that will share in-depth set-up and build tips from the Team Durango Touring Car race team.

With the DETC410 already finding great success in the hands of club racers and Touring Car experts alike, we thought it was the perfect time to share some exciting tricks and tips to help you all get even more from your kit.

You will be treated to detailed pointers from Team Durango star racers Elliott Harper, Travis Amezcua, Ben Cosgrove and newly appointed UK team driver, Andy Murray.


This new series kicks off later this week, with Andy Murray taking us through an interesting DETC410 build tips guide, helping you get your kit looking and driving just like a Pro.

Stay tuned here for more information very soon.

Learn how the DETC410 will transform your racing now:

Enjoy the global Team Durango race community here:

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August 11, 2014

DETC410 – In-Depth Review & Build Tips


The DETC410 4WD Electric Touring Car continues to win new Team Durango fans all over the world. Our friends over at have recently published a detailed review, including some very useful build tips, for the first Team Durango Touring Car kit.

The reviewers are keen to point out the the DETC410 is designed to provide improved lap times for seasoned TC racers and newcomers alike, with the kit box build configuration being super-versatile, no matter what conditions you are faced with.

Read the full kit build review here now:


Explore how the DETC410 can transform your racing, straight from the kit box:

Find a Team Durango dealer in your region now:

Follow Elliott Harper and Michal Orlowski as they win with the DETC410 here:

July 1, 2014

DETC410 Takes BTCC Podium – Elliott Harper


 Harper Finds Fast Pace For Team Durango

Round four of the hotly contested British Touring Car Championship was raced last weekend, at the ever-popular Cotswold race venue in the UK.

Team Durango Touring Car ace Elliott Harper piloted his DETC410 to a solid second overall, again showing the competitive pace of the first Team Durango Touring Car at the highest level of TC racing.

Elliott is currently making strong progress during his personal warm-up for the EFRA Touring Car European Championships in Madrid. The Team Durango racing star is no stranger to high-profile Touring Car race events, with a World Championship podium and several Euro top five finishes already bagged during his short carrer.


We send our congratulations to Elliott for his BTCC second place finish.

Get your hands on the DETC410 now:

Access Pro driver Touring Car set-up sheets here:

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June 17, 2014

DETC410 Takes BRCA Podium With Elliott Harper


Team Durango Touring Car ace, Elliott Harper, has returned from the third round of the BRCA National Touring Car Series with a third place podium finish with his DETC410.

Elliott attended this race meeting, hosted by Stafford Model Car Club, to once again battle it out with some of the UK’s fastest 1/10 Electric Touring Car drivers. The DETC410 was straight on the pace, with some impressive lap times falling to the Team Durango star as he settled into his usual consistent rhythm.

Elliott was very happy to storm to third overall from his sixth place ‘A’ main grid position in the finals, posting the fastest lap of the day with his DETC410 on his way to the podium.

Elliott was joined in the ‘A’ main final by Team Durango racer Ben Cosgrove, who also found good pace in the difficult conditions with his DETC410.

We send our congratulations to Elliott and Ben for another great performance.

Learn how the DETC410 can put you on the podium, straight from the kit box:

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June 5, 2014

DETC410 – Go Faster, Beat The Rest


 The DETC410 Touring Car has been in the hands of our dedicated fans and newly recruited racers for nearly six months. With RC forums happily buzzing away with the on-going community development of car set-ups and tuning options from all over the globe, there has never been a better time to get your hands on the car that EFRA podium finisher Elliott Harper helped develop.

Our team of engineers have continued to intensively race and develop the kit since we launched it to the world. With Elliott himself putting thousands of fast paced laps into both carpet and asphalt car set-ups, always striving to find the finest adjustment that will allow you all to benefit from his tireless dedication to the car.


We are really happy to read reports that racers of all ability levels are finding the DETC410 has improved their personal lap times. In some cases, racers have risen by a whole final position, with several drivers in the USA winning their first TC race meeting with the DETC410.

It is still early days for the car that was so eagerly anticipated by the Touring Car scene during nearly 12 months of design and development.  One thing that is clear already for us here at TDHQ, is that the DETC410 has been adopted by many new Touring Car racers, and experienced drivers alike, as their first choice when winning is the main goal.


Get your hands on the car that will soon revisit the EFRA European Championships and IFMAR Worlds now:

Explore how the DETC410 can transform your racing results now:

Join the Team Durango community by hitting the ‘Like’ button here now:

June 4, 2014

Race Like A Pro – Team Durango Set-Up Sheets


 The global Team Durango racing community are always eager to collaborate when it comes to getting the most from the products we create. From California to Berlin and Tokyo to Tasmania, dedicated Pro team drivers and enthusiastic Team Durango fans spend countless hours tuning and testing our cars to achieve some great results.

Each driver may configure their car in hundreds of different ways, depending on track surface, weather conditions, or style of racing class. This creates a huge amount of valuable data that can be used by us all to emulate the success of racing champions across the world.

You can benefit from these race-winning statistics by accessing our specially created In The Pits website tool. This area will allow you to download and print driver or track specific vehicle set-up sheets. You can then tune and adjust your Team Durango vehicle to find the optimum set-up for your local track, and beyond. As used by the fastest racers in the world.


Our In The Pits section also allows you to download blank set-up sheets. Giving you the opportunity to share your race-winning tips and tricks by then uploading your completed sheets and sharing them with the world via our website.

This all adds up to an awesome resource of information, extended sharing of new and exciting set-ups, and a growing Team Durango community who work together to support each other as we race towards success.


Get closer to the Team Durango set-up sheet action now. To access over 900 set-up sheets, click here now:

Follow the Pro team racing results as they happen here:

April 4, 2014

DETC410 Lands In Your Region

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We are excited to share news that the hotly anticipated arrival of the DETC410 has begun.

We have confirmation that the DETC410 has now arrived in the UK, USA, mainland Europe, China, Korea and Australia, with many other regions following as you read this article.

Local hobby shops in your region are now taking delivery of kits, and this means you can be one of the first to get your hands on the car that is being piloted by Elliott Harper at this week’s World Championship Warm-Up, in Kissimmee, Florida, USA.


With a host of prestigious race results already snapped up by early team test drivers, the DETC410 is ready to enhance your racing journey, straight from the fully-loaded kit box specification.

We expect kits to sell out quickly, so grab yourself the DETC410, and begin your Touring Car journey with Team Durango now.

Learn more about how the DETC410 is an amazing balance between super-precision high-end specification and awesome value. Click here now:

Find a Team Durango dealer in your area now:

If you are looking to invest in the DETC410 1/10 Touring Car kit, post up your exciting messages over at our official Facebook page now:

March 18, 2014

DETC410 Wins EWS – Elliott Harper Secures Victory

Filed under: Hall Of Fame,News,Team Driver — Tags: , , — Stuart @ 12:49 pm


Team Durango Touring Car racing Pro Elliott Harper has returned from the Essex Winter Series with an overall first place finish for his DETC410.

Elliott was able to secure his series victory by attending only four of the six staged rounds. With just four rounds to count towards championship points, Elliott pushed his DETC410 straight to the rostrum with a TQ and overall win in three of the four rounds. Elliott was to conclude this star-studded race series a massive 15 points ahead of his rivals, beating the likes of Chris Grainger, Paul Pinkny as he piloted the newly released Team Durango DETC410 to its first championship victory since the kit launched in February.

We send our congratulations to Elliott for an awesome display of Touring Car racing. The DETC410 has already proven itself to be fast on a wide range of tracks from Europe to the USA. We eagerly await the upcoming arrival of kits at a local hobby shop near you. Grab your DETC410 soon to share the awesome performance.

Learn how Team Durango have created a Touring Car that is fully loaded to win, straight from the kit box:

Follow Elliott and the rest of our Pro team racers now. Hit the ‘Like’ button here for exclusive news and offers:

February 19, 2014

DETC410 Wins EWS – Elliott Harper Win & TQ

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The fifth round of the popular Essex Winter Series in the UK was recently concluded with an awesome display of Touring Car racing from Elliott Harper and his DETC410.

Elliott piloted the DETC410 to a clean sweep of all qualifying rounds, that included a five second first round victory over Chris Grainger, and a five second third round victory over James Hart . Elliott continued to freeze out the competition as he stormed to victory in the ‘A’ main final, leaving the chasing field behind after the first few laps. Elliott finished five seconds ahead of the pack to take first overall and the TQ honours.

The DETC410 was recently launched on our dedicated kit page here: and with Elliott Harper playing a fundamental part in the cars design, development and testing, you can share the amazing pace of this winning platform.

Used by Elliott Harper to take a podium finish at the 2013 EFRA European Championship, the DETC410 is precision manufactured to bring high-quality Team Durango engineering to a racing class that demands the finest products that RC has to offer.

We send our congratulations to Elliott for another great performance.

Stay close to all the DETC410 delivery news as it breaks. Click the ‘Like’ button here now:

January 29, 2014

DETC410 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car – Kit Page Goes Live

Filed under: Hall Of Fame,New Products,News,Team Driver — Tags: , , — Stuart @ 6:00 pm


We are extremely excited to announce that ahead of the upcoming global shipping of our hotly anticipated Touring Car racing machine, the DETC410, our dedicated kit page and gallery are now live.

Visit the page now to learn how the DETC410 will put you in pole position:

If you are looking forward to owning the European Championship podium placed DETC410, hit the like button here now:

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