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December 19, 2013

Ellis Stafford Concludes On a High

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Ellis Stafford is set to finish his 12 month contract with Team Durango later this month.

During one of his final races representing our products, Ellis was really pleased to secure the 4WD & 2WD Off-Road King Of Maritime 2013 titles by winning their annual series in style. Ellis took his DEX410v4 to a convincing series win and followed up with a first place crown in 2WD with his DEX210.

We thank Ellis for his contributions during the 2013 season. It has been great working together and we wish Ellis the best of luck for the future, whatever it may hold.

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November 18, 2013

Maritime Double Podium For UK Pro Team – Off-Road Wars Series


Team Durango UK Pro Team drivers have returned victorious from the second round of the hotly contested Off-Road Wars Series at Maritime Raceway in Kent.

Ellis Stafford had previously TQ’d and won the first round in 4WD with his DEX410v4, and he was straight back into his winning ways with another overall TQ, and the first place overall in 4WD for this second round meeting. Ellis is really enjoying the pace of the soon to be released DEX410v4 Buggy, and once again showed that he can command the racing pack straight from the start on Maritime’s tight and fast track.


Our very own European Champion, Chris Doughty, was really happy to put his DEX210 in second place after qualifying, against a strong field of regular Maritime ‘A’ finalists. This was to be the first trip Chris would make to the Maritime venue, and he really made the most of his debut performance with a second overall for Team Durango in 2WD.


With a double podium finish across the two classes raced secured, it was also inspirational to see Team Durango’s newest recruit, and one of the youngest racers on the team, Ollie Currie, finishing fourth overall in 2WD and his team mate Fabian Simonini finishing eighth overall in 4WD.

We send our congratulations to the team for a great performance. Ellis continues to build upon his 2013/2014 winter campaign and we look forward to more exciting news from him very soon.

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October 25, 2013

Ellis Stafford Storms Off-Road Wars – DEX410v3 Wins 4WD

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Team Durango UK off-road Pro racer Ellis Stafford recently visited the first round of the annual Off-Road Wars series at Maratime Raceway in Kent. Having won the Maratime Winter series last year, Ellis was very keen to show the competition what his DEX410v3 could do on the tight and fast track.

Off-Road Wars always offers very hot competition with the fastest racers from around the south of the UK battling for supremacy on a predominantly high-grip carpet track. Ellis was straight into the winning action by taking the first of four qualifiers with his DEX410v3. He went on to dominate the remaining three rounds of qualifying by winning each one in succession, placing him on pole position for the ‘A’ main final.


Ellis had the win in his sights and was ready to put his wealth of Buggy racing experience to the test as he battled for the overall first place. Approximately 17 laps later and Ellis flew across the line with his DEX410v3, giving him a convincing win!

We send our congratulations to Ellis for such a great start to his 2013/14 indoor winter campaign. We are very excited to see how the Maratime Raceway competition develops for him over the coming months.

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May 1, 2013

Win Signed Pro Team Driver Items Now – Free To Enter Competition


Here at Team Durango we feel it is about time that we turned up the power! We are always really keen to share our achievements and successes with you all. As we always say, you are the reason we are here.

So, with a view to once again bringing you the most exciting and inspirational opportunities, we present a brand new competition. Free to enter, open to all, and definitely one not to be missed. If you are a fan of Team Durango, then this is a truly unique chance to own the items actually used by of our team racers. Many of these items have been used to race at some of the scenes most prestigious off-road meetings.

Our first super exclusive team driver give-away is a real corker.


The actual chassis used to TQ the famous Worksop Players event last year - Chris Doughty - Team Durango DEX210

Above is the image of the actual chassis used by our resident European Champion Chris Doughty to TQ the prestigious Worksop Master in the UK last year. Complete with Doughty livery AND signature, this chassis has all the scars and battle wounds of a pro driver ride. Chris is synonymous with high profile race wins,and you can win this chassis to start your collection of Team Durango historical memorabilia. We suggest that this chassis is so rare that you do not enter to win and use this item. If you win then hang it in your pit room, share it with your club mates, and enjoy a wonderful piece of Team Durango history.

This chassis is well worn testimony to just how hard our pro racers drive to become the fastest racers in the world.

To be in with a chance of winning this true one-off item, complete the following sentence and email your answers to

“I love Team Durango because………………”

All entries will be added to a very special prize draw, and we will post our favourite messages and testimonials here over the next week for all of you to enjoy. Tell us why the brand that are ‘Serious About Racing’ means so much to you?


This is the actual chassis you will win, getting air during the famous TQ run at the Worksop Players - Win it now!

Share with the world why we are the race team that make history, every time we touch the track.

Competition entries will be counted and drawn on Friday the 17th of May – Please include your name and postal address with your completed sentence.

We can not wait to read your responses.

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April 25, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things That Make Team Durango Powerful


To continue with our Fast Facts articles, today we take a quick look at the things that we consider make Team Durango powerful. Some may think we are powered by battery cells or nitro fuel, the truth is even more interesting!

  1. Our fans – Without every single one of you we would not be here today. You are one of the most important parts of the global Team Durango phenomenon.
  2. Our racers and pro drivers – We are fueled by the amazing race results that you all achieve. You are the reason we create the products that we offer to the world.
  3. Our staff – The people who are dedicated to continually moving Team Durango forwards, every day. Most of you live RC. It is your lifestyle, not just your job.
  4. The media – Without the on-going love and support that we find from independent websites, blogs, forums and news pages, we wouldn’t reach so many people with the products we create.
  5. The RC community – This means everybody, and some may argue that this has been covered in the other four points? We are refering to the thousands of people all over the world who work tirelessly to make RC racing what it is. Club officials, track owners, hobby store staff, distributors of products, designers, writers, artists, marshals, the list could go on for pages. To all of you, we salute your contributions.

Stay tuned for more Fast Facts soon. Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

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April 19, 2013

Off-Road Titans – Team Durango Find Power In Numbers


Team Durango is powered by people. We are always aware that without the hearts and minds of the people who contribute to our ever expanding global phenomenon, we just wouldn’t exist. From the early years of a one man dream, to the world-wide network of dedicated Team Durango staff and racers, it has always been about the people. It will always remain the same for Team Durango.

Every product we create is conceived, designed, tested and manufactured with our end user in mind. We promote that we never want our attention to detail to cease when our loyal fans invest in their Team Durango product. We want you all to feel part of the team every time you race.

Team Durango Owners Club

Team Durango Owners Club - Japan

From the race winning power of our DEX410 4WD buggy platform, to the all inclusive action of our Race Ready RTR vehicles, we strive for a community experience every time we race. It never ceases to amaze us when we discover new and exciting Team Durango fans, each one of you as unique as the cars you create from our precision manufactured platforms.


The man who planted the seed - His dream has gone global - Mr Gerd Strenge AKA Mr Durango

The Team Durango philosophy is represented by thousands of die-hard racing fans all over the world. We are very grateful for all of your support. Our designers are inspired by you, our racers are excited by your passion, we are all motivated by your love of Team Durango.


Team Durango Taiwan

Our goal has always been the same, and will remain so forever. We stay dedicated to the development of fresh ideas. We drive forwards to assist the global racing community in enjoying the highest quality engineered products that money can buy. We continue to build relationships with people who share our passions and help us realise our dreams. Team Durango is fueled by you, or should we say US. One team, world-wide, with thousands of members.

Join the ever expanding list of Team Durango fans by sending a picture of your vehicles to are you famous yet?

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April 10, 2013

Ellis Stafford Wins Maritime Winter Series – Team Durango DEX210 Takes The Crown

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We are very excited to share the news of UK Team Durango super star Ellis Stafford taking the crown as Maritime Raceway Winter Series Champion. Ellis piloted his DEX210 2WD buggy to a convincing TQ and win at the last round that was staged last weekend. This solid final round result put Ellis in the top spot across the whole series and gave the multiple UK National Champion his series honors.

Ellis has spent the winter months settling into his new pro drive here at Team Durango and we are really happy to report that the upcoming UK National series is now his primary focus for Team Durango. Ellis is more than familiar with high pressure off-road competition, and his Team Durango colleagues are really excited to be sharing his wealth of experience and talent over the coming season.

Ellis has reported that he feels very comfortable with his DEX210 and DEX410v3 vehicles and may even take to the track with a DESC410 Short Course over the coming months. With all eyes firmly fixed on the start of the UK outdoor season, Ellis is sure to bring home a great collection of 10th scale race results. Ellis Stafford is ‘Serious About Racing’ and we are very proud to see him pilot our products to the very top spots in European off-road this coming year.

Congratulations to Ellis for his victory at the prestigious Maritime Raceway Winter series. This is surely a sign of things to come for Ellis Stafford and Team Durango.

To own the car that Ellis uses every week, click here:

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March 6, 2013

Want To Race For Team Durango? – What It Takes To Be Part Of The Team


What does it really take to race for Team Durango? This is a question that may cross the minds of many racers and RC enthusiasts as they learn more about the winning ways of the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’. The products we create are often the focus of racers discussions when they are sharing their passion for what Team Durango represent. In this article, we will spend a short but valuable time looking at what Team Durango consider to be THE most important element of who we are and what we create, the people behind the brand.

Our dedicated team of designers, administration staff, technical assistants, conceptual artists, motor sport engineers, project managers and graphics experts are the very heart beat of Team Durango. They contribute hundreds of hours a month to the constant development of our products, whilst also nurturing and growing the ethos of our brand, every member of our staff team understands why Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’.

This constant hum of professional activity is always driving towards one definitive moment. The sound of the race control buzzer. The whoosh of the electric motors or the smell of the nitro fuel. Or as it is often called in full scale motor sport racing ‘Go Time’.

At this point, Team Durango put all our hours of hard work and dedication, all our meetings and stock takes, all our conference calls and concept drawings, all our production assessments and sample testing, into the hands of a select few. Team Durango team drivers are the members of our team who share with the world what Team Durango means to us.

From Yorkshire to Nevada, from Sydney to Hamamatsu, Team Durango team drivers compete in a wide selection of racing classes against some of the worlds fastest RC drivers, week in week out.


Our team drivers are not just dedicated RC racers. Every member of our team is also directly involved with the testing and progressive development of every single Team Durango product. In addition, every driver provides a fundamental link between our engineering staff, designers and advertising agents. This link is a tangible communication of information. Straight from the heat of the racing action to the design table. If a team driver feels a product needs a revision, they can communicate with our research and development staff whilst also consulting with our brand managers and sales teams. Team Durango racers are a critical part of our team, on the track and beyond.


Becoming a member of the Team Durango team is not just about being fast on the track, although our pro drivers are definitely among the fastest in the world across all classes. Each team member possesses a wide selection of very unique skills that they offer to the rest of the team to assist with our collective development. We are fortunate enough to have many of our team drivers who posses skills in areas of engineering, design, journalism, photography, illustration, business management, website design and many other realms. This allows Team Durango to not just field the strongest racing teams for the events we choose to compete in, but also have access to a diverse range of professional skills away from the track. Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

This multi-skilled staff philosophy operates in much the same way as any professional racing manufacturer, regardless of the scale of vehicles they produce. A quick glance across the offices of our UK headquarters would give you a very interesting picture. Our whole team is focused on our products being perfectly equipped for the moment when the racing buzzer sounds. We don’t just make RC cars, we design them from the ground up.

The unique thing that always reminds us of our roots within the world of RC motor sport is when we are in the pits alongside you, our fans. Our team drivers are always welcoming of any comments, suggestions and positive experiences that you choose to share with them. Next time you see a racer wearing the Team Durango livery, at the track or otherwise, stop and say hello. We are always really happy to meet fans of our products, and we are always here to help with any advice or guidance you may need.

Stay tuned for more interesting information that will allow you to learn more about why Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’.

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March 5, 2013

Ellis Stafford Prepares For 2013 UK Season – Inside The Mind Of A Legend

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With the domestic UK National season shortly upon us, we thought it a perfect time to spend some more time talking with off-road racing icon, and Team Durango pro driver, Ellis Stafford.

Ellis was very keen to give you all a deeper insight into his current pre-season preparations, and also some valuable thoughts on how the high pressure National racing scene should be navigated by a seasoned professional. Mr Stafford is no stranger to the very highest level of 10th scale racing competition, with hundreds of A final finishing places to prove his pedigree even further. Team Durango are very excited to see how Ellis will develop his already formidable racing record with the already world-class DEX210 and DEX410v3 platforms. Ellis was kind enough to share his thoughts for you all to gain inspiration from his experiences.

Ellis Stafford is ‘Serious About Racing’.

Team Durango – How many sets of tyres would you typically carry to a National off-road meeting?

Ellis – Far too many to be honest, I’d actually like to see the tyres changed for National meetings, as it gets a bit crazy especially when the two main manufacturers suddenly brought out a third compound option, I think one make for each national would be better and much more cost effective for people and would maybe let some new manufacturers get a look in. As to the quantity, it does depend on the venue, if its one I have been to and know the tyre wear then I will take what I feel I need, for new venues, depending on what it is I may well take a lot more, but I would guess on average I would have around 25 sets. Hard to answer though really as I obviously I look at forecasts as well, wet weekends never need as many tyres but the the flip side of a dry day is for 2WD if I run staggers I only really need tops three pairs.

Team Durango – Can you expand on the importance of consistency at the high level of National competition?

Ellis – Due to the nature of the nationals being over six rounds, consistency is key if you want a top result. You can’t for example just go for four results (scoring is only for four rounds) as it never works out how you try to plan it. For me, consistency comes from practice and regular racing. If I have a little break I can tell straight away that I’m just not as sharp from the start of the day.


DEX210 & DEX410v3 - Ellis Stafford

Team Durango – Do you ever carry two full cars in 2WD that allow you to instantly drop a new set-up on the track without having to change one buggy? Are the set-up changes needed ever this dramatic?

Ellis – I did do this a few years back when Losi came out with the VLA arms but it really just got too confusing as something would be better on one car than the other etc. Also it’s hard to keep both cars the same to eliminate parts on one that might make it better than the other.  Also you will tend to get to a base setting which pretty much works everywhere with a little tweaking. For the 2013 National series I’ll be talking to Adam,Craig andNathan to get some ideas for any specific settings the guys might have for a track. We already are talking a fair bit about settings between us which is good. I do have two cars now, but one is mid motor the other is set for rear in case I ever need it for over here or otherwise for the euro’s etc.

Team Durango – Are you from the school of belief that running a ‘hotter’ motor turn is not always needed to be quicker on the track? What advice would you give first time regional series racers who feel they are lacking speed?

Ellis – Yes I am to a degree, especially in 2WD. However it is nice if you have a tonne of power but it all kind of depends if you can control yourself and that power. As to advice, just learn to get the maximum from the corners first and learn to control slides. I used to run my car a lot when I lived at my parents outside the house. I’d just put old tyres on and fly along flat out wiggling the steering and just trying to control the car! My son, who has just started racing, keeps asking me to make his car faster and I have just said to him as soon as he crashes less he will get more power, we are down to around 100 crashes a race but then he is only six and has only actually done six race meetings. I plan to get him outside the house soon driving the car around to help him, this is almost as good as practicing around a track in my opinion.


Ellis is surely set for some great race results during 2013

Team Durango – The distance travelled by racers who compete on the National circuit can be extensive. Can you explain how you combat the fatigue of long dives so you are sharp for the meetings?

Ellis –  I try to have a relaxing week leading up to Nationals and also try not turn up too late on Friday if I can help it. I also try not to be up too late in the evenings when I am there. I’m there to do the best I can and if that means not going to sleep at silly o’clock then that’s what I do. It’s good to catch up with all the guys and have a chat but now I’m nearly an OAP I do like my sleep :-)

Team Durango – What is your favourite venue from this year’s UK National Series and why?

Ellis – Oswestry. It normally produces really good races and being a neutral venue we all go there on a ‘level playing field’. I agree, it could do with a few features but recently the club have done a good job of adding a few extra obstacles and the ground stays really consistent once the grass has worn off. I tend to like fats tracks, or tracks that have some really fast challenging corners. A few clubs tend to try and fit too much in which just kind of makes the track an assault course and really not very good for actual racing.

Team Durango – With the A final pace of the British National scene, can you explain what will give each driver the biggest advantage? Are there some racers who excel in certain weather conditions for instance?

Ellis – I wouldn’t say there is anyone that is really good in any particular condition but the person who reads the tracks best will obviously do well. Being able to drive fast but clean is very important now as well with the times being so close, you can’t really afford a big mistake and still get a really good time. Again, really it comes down to who has practiced the best and prepared the best.


Expect to see this name in A final form during the coming UK season

Team Durango – How many National A finals have you made in 2WD and 4WD?

Ellis – I’m not sure on the total, I think it is around 205 now, might be a couple more? Not sure on the split between the two though, I would think I would have made more A’s in 2WD though than 4WD, but I honestly don’t know. Not sure though if it’s a good figure or if it means I just should have stopped a long time ago :-)

Team Durango – Can you give us a deeper insight into how you prepare for the massive pressure of a National meeting? Have you any specific rituals or maintenance regimes that you find always come to the forefront at this time of year?

Ellis – Nothing major to be honest. I like to get the cars ready as early as possible so I can just relax if possible at the end of the week. I tend to try and order tyres with plenty of time to get them again just so I have  everything I will need ready in the garage. I’ll sort all my kit ready and just put it all at the end of the garage ready to be loaded, I always, no mater what what is happening at home or work, will have my cars ready to go for when I turn up, I’d hate it if I turned up and had to work on my cars, it would just be too easy to miss something, as I would want to be out checking the track and seeing what’s going on rather than trying to prep my car. To be honest I’ve been doing it for so long now it is kind of just second nature to me, but as long as I’ve fully checked my cars over and done any tweaks I think I might need for a track, I’m pretty much done.

Team Durango – The DEX210 benefits from the super flexible Hybrid Technology gearbox configuration. Is there a track on the National circuit that may require a change from the favoured mid-motor 4 gear configuration this year?

Ellis – I don’t think so to be honest, although a lot did try rear motor at Oswestry last year where it was pretty greasy, but at the end of the day the mid cars were still faster. Maybe if we have a mega grip day at one of the tracks I’d possibly consider going to 3 gear mid but that really would be my last set-up option, and I would probably have run out of time trying all other options before I would get round to going 3 gear.


Big E is widely regarded as a king of 10th off-road

Team Durango – National 10th off-road meetings are often run across two days. Do you find the switch from 2WD to 4WD difficult ever?

Ellis – Sometimes in practice yes. Normally if it’s been slippy in 2WD and then the next day     you get the 4WD out and feel like you have so much grip you drive the thing like a maniac :-). Normally I have got it out of my system though after the first practice but the 4WD’s do feel awesome sometimes after 2WD around certain tracks and it’s very easy to overdrive them.

Team Durango – What are you most looking forward to regarding the DEX210 vehicle this coming season?

Ellis – A balanced car at all tracks and all conditions. I think, from what I have seen, that we are getting a little more understanding of the car within the team which will obviously flow out to the customers as well. I’m pretty happy so far with where I am at with the 2wd as I did have my doubts about the car and knowing what is going on at the HQ I think it could be really good for all of us.

Team Durango – Can you explain the unique parts of the DEX410v3 that give you confidence for your 4WD National campaign this year?

Ellis – Probably the diffs and how easy the car is to work on. It’s amazing just what a difference you can make to the car by playing with the diff oils. It is so easy to change them that it’s not a massive time constraint to do it. Also having to not worry about the drive train, belts, as good as they can be can also be a pain.

Team Durango – What track surface do you consider your best racing environment?

Ellis – I’m not massively fussed to be honest. Dirt, when it grooves up, is really nice to race on but the line tends to be very narrow so passing is even harder than normal, I don’t tend to like the really high grip tracks too much and I think I’m pretty good on low grip as I don’t mind my car moving around but I do find slick tracks a little annoying as you just feel like you are going so slowly. I do like my car moving around a little though as it gives me good feedback so I guess I prefer slightly lower grip tracks, or at least not insane traction Astro tracks.

Ellis is keen to communicate that his new Team Durango cars are already driving well during his pre-season testing. Ellis is set to spend some dedicated practice and development time behind the sticks over the next few weeks. We are very excited to watch his 2013 season develop, and judging by how Ellis always approaches his racing, we look forward to congratulating him on his podium positions with his DEX210 and DEX410v3 over the coming year of racing.

Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’, Ellis Stafford shares our passion and dedication to winning every time he touches the track.


To learn more about how Ellis sets up his cars, click here:

Get your hands on the products that are raced by our world-class pro drivers by clicking here:

February 11, 2013

Ellis Stafford Wins Faversham Triple Crown Series

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Ellis Stafford Wins Faversham Triple Crown Series

Team Durango pro team driver Ellis Stafford has started his 2013 off-road campaign as we all expected with a triumphant series win. Ellis piloted his DEX210 to a second in round that added to his previous rounds success of a first and third place podium finish. The total points score across the three round series saw Ellis take the title as Triple Crown Champion.

Ellis was hot on the pace of Darren Bloomfield during the final round of this closely contested series. The track action was always going to be a close battle, with Ellis improving his lap time by just under a second across the days racing. Ellis reported that he worked hard to fine tune his cars set-up as he knew he could find more pace on the challenging high grip track.

This was the first full carpet track that Ellis had driven his DEX210 on since joining Team Durango at the start of 2013. There is no doubt that Ellis has a heightened skill when it comes to adjusting his car set-up to maximise potential.

The day saw Ellis alternate front and rear shock spring rates and make small adjustments to his rear toe settings. Ellis reported that his DEX210 responded well to his set-up changes and he was able to feel an increase in front end steering and straight line stability as he drew in Darren Bloomfield who was leading by half a second.

Ellis pushed Darren really hard during the three leg A final and was unfortunately missed by a marshal for nearly 10 seconds after a small mistake in leg one. Leg two saw Ellis win with a fastest lap of 17.9 seconds. Ellis attempted to close a three second gap between himself and Darren Bloomfield in leg three that resulted in a brave attempt to pass Bloomfield in the closing stages of this final leg. At the buzzer Ellis was second overall which was enough to see his efforts rewarded with winning the series and being crowned champion.

Ellis and his DEX210 are already ‘mixing it’ with the very highest level of off-road competition.  We congratulate Ellis for an awesome performance at the Faversham Triple Crown Series and look forward to watching his world class racing skills in action for Team Durango as 2013 develops.

Stay tuned here: for Ellis Stafford set-up sheets and Team Tech Tips very soon.

To learn more about the DEX210, Click here:


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