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May 10, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things To Make Your Racing Safe

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At Team Durango we are keen promoters of safe and professional environments to enjoy the sport of RC racing. With the speed of racing cars increasing every season, and the inherent dangers that go with being close to these powerful machines, its time to wise up when it comes to staying safe.

With racing clubs all over the world becoming even more accessible to young and old race fans alike, we wanted to share with you five facts that will help you stay safe when racing for the win with Team Durango.

Fast Facts – Race Safety

  1. Always charge your LiPo battery cells in a fire proof pouch. This will avoid any danger from damaged cells becoming volatile when hooked up to your charger. LiPo cells are not hand grenades, but should be treated with care to maintain long life and safe operation.
  2. When you are marshaling for other racers be hyper aware of your position on each track you visit. Most tracks will have markers that denote where to stand or sit. When you step into the track area to assist a vehicle, make sure you are not in the direct line of fast moving vehicles. You can wear thin fitting gloves to save you fingers when untangling crashed cars. Stay alert and do not watch the race, watch your section of track always.
  3. Never leave your RC race vehicle turned on if you must walk away from it. This sounds obvious but we still see vehicles that are switched on with nobody attending them. A younger racer may not realise the car is powered up and become too close if you plan to drive away. If your vehicle experiences an electrical failure when unattended it could drive off on its own, less likely to happen with the advent of 2.4GHZ radio systems but caution should be used at all times.
  4. Be aware of younger racers and spectators. We should all keep an eye on those who are smaller and more vulnerable, no less when they are next to a fast moving race track. Some of us have first hand experience of being hit by an RC race car and it hurts! Younger racers or spectators may not be aware your car is near them when marshaling. The best rule is that if they are not looking directly at your car then take care, regardless of their age or experience.
  5. Secure your expensive race gear and make sure you know where everything is at all times. Our wonderful sport is one of the rare places where you can often wonder off from your racing gear and feel that all items will be there when you return. We love the community spirit in RC racing. Do not take this overall rule for granted though, there is always a chance you may lose your expensive gear if you are not careful. We all respect each other in RC racing but the risk of theft or loss of your hard-earned kit should make us cautious when in unfamiliar surroundings. Treat other racers as you would expect to be treated.

We are certain that if you follow these five fast facts you will have hundreds of hours of fast paced racing enjoyment. You will always feel safe, and will never miss out on the action due to injury or upset.

Race fast and stay safe. Our sport benefits from an amazing community spirit and would not be what it is without safe and professional attitudes.

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May 8, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things That Make The DESC410v2 Great

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If you are serious about winning with the ever popular Short Course racing class, then look no further than the already well established DESC410v2. Recently victorious at the EOS race final in the hands of Team Durango super star Jörn Neumann, the DESC410v2 is the truck you will need to set the pace on any surface.

Our latest addition of Fast Facts will allow you the opportunity to learn more about how this precision manufactured racing truck can help put you on the winners podium straight away.

Five Fast Facts About The DESC410v2 Short Course Truck

  1. Proven race winning geometry from the same motor sport design engineers that gave us the DEX410 buggy platform
  2. Hard anodised aluminium chassis plate for optimum strength and durability
  3. Optional pro spec centre diff assembly as standard in the kit. Smooth and trouble-free drive train operation with super durable components
  4. Ultra low centre of gravity chassis postion for optimum race handling in all weather conditions
  5. The ability to run a larger scale 550 – 4 pole brushless motor for extra power when the competition gets hot

The DESC410v2 is not just a Short Course truck. It is a top class racing machine that performs beyond the previous truck class constraints. If you want to win when the action gets fast, the DESC410v2 is the Short Course Truck to choose.

Explore the other class changing features on the truck that wins across the globe, click here:

See how Ryan Lutz and Carson Wernimont set-up their DESC410v2 when faced with various track conditions. Explore the science now:

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May 7, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things To Watch Out For This Summer

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We return for our next installment of our very popular Fast Facts. Five new items, five exciting facts.

This article will give you some exclusive guidance as to what Team Durango action to watch out for this summer. For those who inhabit the Southern hemisphere, well, watch out for these during your winter season. No matter the season, or which part of the world you are in, Team Durango remain ‘Serious About Racing’.

  1. The record breaking DETC410. Hotter than a hot potato and sure to be a welcome addition for all serious Touring Car racers out there.
  2. The formidable DEX408T. A Truggy that will revolutionise electric 8th scale competition racing.
  3. Team Durango pro team drivers. They have big plans this year and are already off to a fast start. Keep your eyes on the upcoming 10th scale buggy European Championships and World Championships.
  4. The release of another new Team Durango platform that will make history as fast as it laps your local race track. What could this be? You will not be disappointed.
  5. The development of our Team Durango International network. We have only just started when it comes to bringing the globe together under one unified racing banner. If we are yet to touch down in your country, then we promise we are on the way this year. Represent where you are from by sending us a picture of your Team Durango vehicles to

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May 2, 2013

Fast Facts – Club Racing Awaits You

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Fast Facts are here to help you all grab quick and exciting information, five per article. In past blog posts we have focused on some of our world-class cars, our pro drivers and performance enhancing upgrades that will see you race like a team driver. For this installment of Fast Facts we are going to share with you five quick things that will help you enjoy racing at your local club or track facility.

With literally thousands of dedicated racing clubs all over the globe, there has never been a better time for you to get into the action. Explore the five facts that make club racing so special.

Five Fast Facts About Club Racing

  1. Most RC racing clubs allow guests to visit their events and pay a small fee to take part in a race meeting. This does not require you to be a fully fledged member of the club. This is such a welcoming and embracing philosophy and we love how small independent racing clubs allow everybody to get involved. You will not find a better policy in competition motor sport, no matter the class and scale.
  2. Racing at a club or local track will always put you directly in touch with like-minded fans of RC racing. The support and camaraderie you will find at small club venues will always make you feel welcome. This will also assist you in learning valuable information from fellow club members.
  3. The level of competition at most clubs is fast enough to be fun, but will also cater for all ability levels. RC racing clubs will often run a special class for either beginners or younger racers. This allows everybody a chance to feel the exhilaration of racing against your friends and family to take the top spot.
  4. Some clubs and local tracks also allow new comers to hire racing equipment. This is of course the perfect way to get new enthusiasts engaged in racing. It will also allow people who are interested in racing, but who are yet to build their confidence up enough to invest in a full race set-up.
  5. When you join a local club or track members list you are often given the opportunity to be a member of the team who help organise each race meeting. This will not only allow you to learn more about what it takes to run a professional race, but will also let your thoughts and opinions be shared with a collection of people who can make positive changes quickly.

Club racing is for many of us the first place we choose to enjoy the sport of RC racing. We can imagine that every person reading this article will at some point have been to an organised RC club. They assist us all, support our sport and provide a valuable point of contact for those who are new to the sport.

Learn why Team Durango are keen to support and endorse young club racers all over the world, click here now:

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May 1, 2013

Fast Facts – Become Faster With Team Durango Today

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Team Durango Germany

With the 2013 race season well underway, this next installment of Fast Facts focuses on five things that will make you faster on the track. We offer you these interesting tips as a point of inspiration. Use them well and you will feel their benefits, as we do every day.

Five Fast Facts To Make You Faster

  1. Spend some extra time learning all of the settings that are available to you on your chosen ESC unit. You may be surprised how much extra pace and throttle control you can achieve by investing in a ‘program box’ for your speed controller. This will allow you to set valuable tuning aids such as drag brake, throttle curve and boost tolerances. Set your ESC for the size of track you are racing on, and feel the benefit of the technology you have invested in.
  2. Invest in a wide selection of tyres for your chosen racing surface. As full-scale motor sport champions will testify, tyre choice is THE top factor when it comes to the consistent performance of your Team Durango vehicle. Carry a wide selection of pre-mounted patterns and compounds. This will allow you to alter the amount of grip and forward traction that your vehicle has as the race meeting develops. A change in tyres can shave seconds off your lap times. Ask other racers what works for them and never be afraid to experiment.
  3. Break in a straight line. This sounds fairly obvious to more experienced racers. If your racing style dictates that you need to apply your breaks when entering a corner, the general rule with all motor sport vehicles is to learn the ‘breaking zone’ for each corner and only apply your breaks when the car is pointing straight. Break input during a corner can result in your vehicle becoming unsettled and will definitely hamper your ability to exit the corner with a good racing line.
  4. Relax. We all experience nerves that are often fueled by adrenaline when we are racing. If you can learn to relax more when you are driving, your laps will get quicker. If you concentrate too much then you will not begin to train your instincts to react when things become difficult. Watch any world-class racer and you will notice that they always look relaxed behind the radio gear. Enjoy yourself.
  5. Explore how your Team Durango vehicle reacts to gear ratio changes. You will be amazed how easy it is to tune your vehicle by switching to a slightly bigger pinion gear. You can control top end speed, acceleration and your ability to clear obstacles all by a simple pinion or spur gear change. Spend time experimenting with different gearing as some tracks will need less top end and more acceleration.

Add these five Fast Facts to your race armory and we guarantee that you will begin to not only see an improvement in your lap times, but you will also become more familiar with your Team Durango vehicle. Knowing your chosen race car will always help when it comes to quick maintenance and servicing.

Stay tuned for more Fast Facts from our professional RC racers and motor sport engineers. Team Durango believe that shared information is the they key to building stronger racers.

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April 22, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things That Make The DEX210 Great

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To follow on with our recent offering of Fast Facts, we now offer the first five that will allow you to begin to learn more about why the DEX210 buggy wins all over the world.

1 – Massively configurable, included with every race kit and RTR are a range of inserts for rear toe-in and caster that allow fine tuning of the cars behaviour

2 – Massively configurable drive-train with traditional RM3, high-traction setup MM4 and also RM4 and MM3 for more extreme levels of traction. You can make your DEX210 work on any track you go to.

3 – Droop screws front and a rear allow for quick adjustments of droop, droop is a HUGE factor when making setup changes and configuring the balance of your car

4 – Big Bore shocks offer massive amounts of tuning. Allowing the DEX210 to soak up the bumps and jumps under all conditions just like the DEX410

5 – Gear diff and ball diff options for maximum tune ability for racing throughout the world

To get your hands on the buggy that has risen to mass audience cult status in all four corners of the globe, click here:

April 18, 2013

Make Us Proud – Show The World How You Win


Here at Team Durango we are always amazed to hear from our fans and fellow racers who find success with our products. As a manufacturer we realise that without the on-going support of our legions of global fans we couldn’t achieve such great results. Many of you will have already joined us in immortalising your dedication by entering our now bulging Hall Of Fame. We thought it was the perfect time to share some more news about how you can all become closer to the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’.


If you are a Team Durango fan, if you race our products and have a story to tell us, if you enjoy how Team Durango are always striving for perfection in everything we do, we want you! Our goal over the coming months is to further expand our International network to include the biggest and best collection of Team Durango supporters we have ever seen. The Hall Of Fame will continue to build, but in the meantime, check out the other ways you can join the fastest growing team in competition RC today:

  • Feel free to email us a picture from your most recent race meeting. It does not matter how small or how large the event was, we want to see our fans enjoying Team Durango.
  • Send us some words that will inspire the world. Have you got a cool Team Durango story that will share your love for our products with the world?
  • Have you placed a Team Durango decal or sticker in an interesting place? Many of our racers use the Team Durango decals to decorate other things in their life. Show us your decal work.
  • Has the world of Team Durango provided you with something of value beyond racing. Share your story and positive vibes with us please.

We are always so happy to hear from you all. We are committed to providing you with a platform to shine and gain credit for your racing achievements.

– Email any of the above items to

We are really excited to hear from you soon.

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