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September 9, 2013

South Africa Get Serious About Racing

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  Team Durango South African Dealer Expands

JRC Models are a well-established RC retailer based in Polokwane, South Africa. Nestled just south of the adjoining boarders of Zimbabwe and Botswana, JRC Models are stockists of all Team Durango products.

The owner of JRC Models, Jaca van Eeden, has also recently become the first South African Team Durango team driver, representing our products across his region in many racing classes.

Jaco has also been busy recently making sure that the racing scene in South Africa cannot miss his dedication to the brand that are ‘Serious About Racing’ with a custom livery design on his dedicated race support vehicle.


Jaco van Eeden travels in Team Durango style

JRC Models are very proud to stock the full range of Team Durango vehicles, with South African racers showing really strong dedication to 1/10 scale Buggy and Short Course racing classes. Jaco has recently reported that his customers really love the DESC210 range, with the DESC210 RTR package selling out really quickly every time he re-stocks. Jaco also stocks a full range of Team Durango spares and has both electric and fuel powered racers needs covered in his beautifully presented store.


JRC Models are staunch supporters of all Team Durango products

With Jaco and his colleagues looking forward to expanding their product support at a wide selection of racing venues over the coming months, South African Team Durango fans will love having experienced and friendly help at grass-roots tracks every week.


Jaco van Eeden is ‘Serious About Racing’

Jaco is looking forward to supporting South African racers with Team Durango tricks and tips and of course, getting in some valuable track time with his own Team Durango vehicles. JRC Models will also be helping spread Team Durango’s precision racing technology further across South Africa as they begin talks with trading partners in Namibia.

We send our thanks and enthusiastic support to our colleagues in South Africa and wish Jaco and his team the very best for the months to come. JRC Models are ‘Serious About Racing’

Learn more about the racing products used by Team Durango South Africa, click here now:

Contact Jaco at JRC Models for everything Team Durango related in South Africa:

May 9, 2013

Antoine Rossetti – Team Durango France Representing To The Fullest


Team Durango France are part of our International drivers network. Headed up by French National podium driver Antoine Rossetti, our colleagues across the English Channel are Team Durango ambassadors at every opportunity. From their lovingly prepared racing cars to their fast track skills, our French team are supporters of everything we create.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Antoine after his early successes during the opening stages of the French domestic National season. Antoine has been kind enough to share some awesome pictures of his Team Durango cars with us. Antoine spend hundreds of hours working on his racing gear and one glance across these images will show just how much attention to detail he dictates.


Antoine is already famous for his vivid body shell colour scheme. You just cannot miss an Antoine Rossetti racing car. His Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410v3 are beautiful examples of how our precision engineered products are the very best money can buy. Fast on the track and a true work of art on the pit table.


Antoine has set such a high standard with the preparation of his Team Durango cars that we are sure he may have even started his own trend! Many racers we meet are already asking for Antoine Rossetti style items. Antoine is not just a Team Durango racer, he is clearly a big supporter and promoter of our products. His track performance further cements his status as a Team Durango global affiliate.


Our French colleagues are already making a big impression across Europe. After a recent discussion with Antoine we are very excited to confirm that he will be racing for Team Durango at the upcoming 10th scale off-road European Championships and the World Championships later this year in California.


We look forward to seeing Antoine and his Team Durango colleagues taking these competitions by storm. Team Durango France and Antoine Rossetti are ‘Serious About Racing’

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May 8, 2013

Hall Of Fame – Team Durango Are Global

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The Team Durango Hall Of Fame allows you to join the ever growing ranks of fans who choose the brand who is ‘Serious About Racing’. We have received hundreds of amazing photographs that show how dedicated you all are to representing Team Durango all over the world.

The increasing trend we are noticing is just how many of our fans own multiple Team Durango vehicles. Many of you are already the proud owners of two or more of our precision manufactured racing platforms. Whether you race 10th scale off-road with 2WD and 4WD or 8th scale nitro vehicles, it seems that once you all go Team Durango there really is no going back. This inspires us to continue to create a diverse range of racing products that always gives the racer exactly what they need.


UK Team driver Paul Robinson displays his fleet of Team Durango cars

We thank all the racers who have already secured their position within the heritage of Team Durango. All four corners of the world are joining together to represent the serious side of RC competition.

If you are a fan of Team Durango and would like to be included in the Hall Of Fame listing, email us your images to

Catch all the very best Team Durango tutorial and race videos over at TDTV, click here:


April 30, 2013

Racing Is In Our Blood – Join The Global Phenomenon

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Ever since Team Durango created the very first production racing vehicle there has always been something different about the way we choose to do things. Whether it be the styling of our body shells, the configuration of our chassis lay-outs or the engineering that we have created within our Hybrid Technology 2WD gearboxes, every item we produce just screams innovation.

Like all pioneers and innovators, we are sometimes open to criticism as much as we are gracious in the wake of acclaim. The one thing we will never change our opinion about is simple. We could not be Team Durango without you. If you are reading this article we already consider you part of the team.

With a strong focus on always wanting to give you guys and gals something back, we launched our Team Durango Hall Of Fame nearly two months ago. We continue to receive beautiful photographs every day, and are always really excited to read some of the amazing words you all share with us.


Here are a few examples of the positive and inspirational words that our fans have chosen to share with us recently:

“I never thought I would be spending so much time at my local track, my DNX408 is awesome every time I race. You guys rock” – Josh Grundy – Roseburg – California

“We love Team Durango cars because they just work on every track” – Nick Remus – Athens – Greece

“My Dad says that he remembers when RC cars were all the quality of the DEX410. He shows me how to change my motors and build my shocks” – Tom Bolding – Plymouth – UK

I loved Team Durango from the very first time I saw your cars, now all I race is Team Durango. I cannot wait for the DETC410!” – Kulva Shinver – Vaasa – Finland

“I currently race the DEX410 and DEX210 but I’m also a big on-road racing fan and would love to add the DETC410 to my racing stable” – Tyler Palmer

We are humbled by your support. We are inspired by your dedication. Keep them coming by sending pictures and positive words to

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April 23, 2013

Hall Of Fame Update – Team Durango Fans Show Us Rides

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Team Durango fan and racer Pedro de Oliviera recently took the opportunity to share some amazing images of his beautifully finished fleet of vehicles with us. Pedro is an instant entry to our now growing Hall Of Fame list. His Team Durango cars are created with a unique paint livery and have hundreds of hours of dedicated construction and maintenance invested into them.


Pedro has been racing since 2011 and has found great success with the DEX408 during his Midlands Super Cup Campaign in 2012 campaign. Pedro came ninth in the UK using the DEX408!

Pedro is ‘Serious About Racing’ and we congratulate him on a really wonderful collection of vehicles.

Are you famous yet? If you want to enter the ever growing list of Hall Of Fame entries, email us a picture of your Team Durango vehicle to:

Stay closer to our official news and new product launches by following us over on Twitter – Search for @teamdurango

April 18, 2013

Make Us Proud – Show The World How You Win


Here at Team Durango we are always amazed to hear from our fans and fellow racers who find success with our products. As a manufacturer we realise that without the on-going support of our legions of global fans we couldn’t achieve such great results. Many of you will have already joined us in immortalising your dedication by entering our now bulging Hall Of Fame. We thought it was the perfect time to share some more news about how you can all become closer to the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’.


If you are a Team Durango fan, if you race our products and have a story to tell us, if you enjoy how Team Durango are always striving for perfection in everything we do, we want you! Our goal over the coming months is to further expand our International network to include the biggest and best collection of Team Durango supporters we have ever seen. The Hall Of Fame will continue to build, but in the meantime, check out the other ways you can join the fastest growing team in competition RC today:

  • Feel free to email us a picture from your most recent race meeting. It does not matter how small or how large the event was, we want to see our fans enjoying Team Durango.
  • Send us some words that will inspire the world. Have you got a cool Team Durango story that will share your love for our products with the world?
  • Have you placed a Team Durango decal or sticker in an interesting place? Many of our racers use the Team Durango decals to decorate other things in their life. Show us your decal work.
  • Has the world of Team Durango provided you with something of value beyond racing. Share your story and positive vibes with us please.

We are always so happy to hear from you all. We are committed to providing you with a platform to shine and gain credit for your racing achievements.

– Email any of the above items to

We are really excited to hear from you soon.

Stay tuned for more Hall Of Fame news here and over on Twitter. Follow @teamdurango

Watch how Team Durango has risen to world-wide acclaim over at TDTV, click here now:

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April 5, 2013

Share Your Passion For RC With Team Durango – Racers Speak Out


Ben Cosgrove carries our philosophy across the scene every weekend

During the last few months over at TDHQ we have been extremely fortunate to have some great opportunities to learn more about the legions of racers who choose to use Team Durango products. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we all become wiser. This philosophy has contributed to many of the recent additions to our regular product and team driver news articles. We wanted to show our gratitude and respect to the racers who take our products and do with them what we always intend, race fast. As part of our new news and product information media, we recently launched the Team Durango Hall Of Fame. The perfect chance for every owner of a Team Durango product to be recognised and immortalised for their dedication and support.

As we sort through the hundreds of entries we have received, it has become very clear that many of the folks who have already submitted their Team Durango vehicle pictures and details have a little more to say about what we do than we first anticipated! Some of you have shared personal stories about how RC racing has changed your life, whilst others take the opportunity to share their great successes from using Team Durango products. The one thing that shines through from every communication we receive is simple, passion. You all share our passion here at Team Durango, our passion for precision engineering, our passion for high speed competition, our passion for positive community spirit and sharing knowledge.


Orlowski and his Team Durango Poland colleagues - We believe in supporting RC at all levels

We thought that this would be the perfect time to offer you all an opportunity to read some of the wonderful messages we have received lately. They are the strongest fuel for positive development. Here at Team Durango we are ‘Serious About Racing’ and the words of the following loyal fans make us realise you all share this mantra. Enjoy.

“My racing is the reason I work so hard every week. It keeps me focused and gives me a sense of satisfaction every time I go. My friends think I’m crazy!, they just don’t get it the way we do” Zed Humphries – Newport – Wales

“Team Durango cars are cool” Elias Rhode – ​Ottenhain – Germany

“I have been using Team Durango products for years and own several of the earlier version cars. You just can’t beat the quality and design, you guys rock” Matthew Plant – Lincolnshire – United Kingdom

“Keep up the great work” Steve Hagino – Illinois – USA

“I say Team Durango are the best because it never seems long before another Team Durango car is winning” Adriana Faus – Mount Vicars – Porta Valucia

“I see one car that makes me smile every time I watch it win, the DEX410v3 is awesome” Darius Raldruiga – Velencia – Spain

“RC is a constant in my life. Whatever is going on, I am always working towards my racing. I love Team Durango, keep giving us what we love guys!” – Terry Larner – Portsmouth – United Kingdom

Our thanks go to you all for your support.

If you are yet to emter the Team Durango Hall Of Fame then send us your name, place of origin and a photo of your Team Durango vehicles, become part of our history. Send entries to

To learn how Team Durango products can see you closer to the podium at your next race, click here:

April 2, 2013

Team Durango Enjoy Support From Young Racers World-Wide

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Tobias Trauschke - DEX410v3

Here at Team Durango we are always very keen to show our support and appreciation of the younger contingent of off-road racers who are ‘Serious About Racing’. Tobias Trauschke from Germany has recently sent us some really lovely studio-quality photos of his DEX410v3 buggy. Tobias is currently 17 years old and has been racing since he was 13.


We are always excited to see the world famous DEX410v3 looking so good

The wonderful thing about Tobias entering the Team Durango Hall Of Fame with these images is that it also shows his dedication and skills with photography, as well as his commitment to his Team Durango vehicle.


Tobias Trauschke is now famous forever!. He is 'Serious About Racing'

We continue to support the younger legions of Team Durango racers as we look forward to a very bright future for the world of off-road RC racing. Dedication, hard work and the ability to learn from your peers and racing colleagues will always provide you with a better understanding of what it takes to win. Choosing a Team Durango vehicle will always put you closer to the winners circle, no matter your age or level of experience. Team Durango understand that the young race fans of today will be our future race stars.

Stay tuned for more Team Durango Hall Of Fame entries as we continue to create the biggest list of racers ever compiled.

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