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July 29, 2014

Team Tech Tips – DEX210v2 Camber Adjustment Guide


Watch Team Durango Tutorial Videos – Learn from the Pros

We are very excited to share the latest episode of our Team Tech Tips video series, with UK team driver Jason Ametrine.

In this useful tutorial video, Jason shows you the easy steps that you will need to take in order to first measure, then adjust your DEX210v2 Camber Link Settings.

Jason also shares a very useful ‘splash screen’ at the end of the video, which gives you the exact reasoning behind the adjustments he has shown the during his tutorial.

You can now understand exactly how to tune your camber settings to gain even greater track performance, especially if the conditions change during your race meeting.

Watch the newest episode over at TDTV here now: 

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Learn how the DEX210v2 can transform your racing results, straight from the kit box now:

July 21, 2014

Euro Winning DEX210v2 & DEX410v4 Set-Ups Live


Neumann & Orlowski Euro Set-Up Sheets Live

In the wake of our recent EFRA European Championship success, that provided Team Durango with a double first place victory, we are really excited to share with you the race-winning set-up sheets for the DEX210v2 and DEX410v4. All information is now live at our In The Pits section of the Team Durango website.

You can now learn more details about the set-up configurations that were used by Jörn Neumann to win both 2WD and 4WD classes at the prestigious event in Telleborg, Sweden.

We are also very pleased to present the set-up sheets from our youngest off-road Pro racer, Michal Orlowski, which helped him to his first ever EFRA Euro ‘A’ Main final finish with the DEX410v4.

You can get Pro team driver set-ups, including the brand new Euro winning exclusives, here now:

Explore how the 2014 EFRA European Championship winning DEX210v2 can put you straight on the podium here:

Learn about the race-winning qualities of the DEX410v4, 2014 European Champion, now:

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June 10, 2014

Team Tech Tips – DEX210v2 Ride Height


DEX210v2 Ride Height Adjustment

Team Durango UK team driver Jason Ametrine returns this week for another instalment of his popular Team Tech Tips series. Jason has created a dedicated DEX210v2 ride height tuning guide, that will allow you to learn exactly how the team set and adjust their 2WD vehicles, ready for racing action.

The DEX210v2 responds extremely well to fine adjustments in ride height, allowing you to create the exact handling characteristics that are required for any specific track surface.

Jason shows you how to find the setting that will not only transform the handling of your car in seconds, but will also give you a fast and easy method of tuning when the race action demands a quick reaction.

Enjoy the new Team Tech video here now:

Explore how the DEX210v2 is the perfect partner in your rise to racing success:

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February 18, 2013

DEX410V3 – Leadership Built From Domination


The DEX410 platform has become synonymous with fast paced action. The DEX410 has also set a new standard for precision engineered 10th scale racing cars. Enjoying success at the very highest level of International competition, the Team Durango DEX410 in V3 specification continues to bring success on a diverse range of track surfaces and in the hands of every ability level. Originally the brainchild of one very talented man, the DEX410 platform has not only developed into one of the world’s most competitive 10th scale 4WD cars, but has brought hours of pleasure to thousands of racing fans all over the globe.

No matter where you chose to enjoy the sport of RC racing, there is a strong chance that at some point you will come into contact with the track performance of the Team Durango DEX410V3. With its slim-line machined aluminium chassis plate and unique saddle battery cell configuration, once you have seen a DEX410 buggy in action you will either be green with envy or smug with satisfaction. That will be determined by whether you already own a DEX410V3 kit. If you don’t, then take a closer look at what has gone into the rocket ship rise to stardom of the Team Durango 4WD super buggy. The DEX410v3 is ‘Serious About Racing’


Aggressive and precision designed from every angle - DEX410V3

Piloted by Team Durango pro team driver Jörn Neumann to second place at the 2011 World Championships, the DEX410V3 is no stranger to high pressure off-road competition. Equipped with a formidable specification of machined aluminium and precision woven carbon fibre, the DEX410V3 looks as good as it drives from every angle.


No slouching for the motor sport engineered DEX410V3

Big Bore shocks, 4mm carbon fibre shock towers and a more than healthy amount of high grade aircraft aluminium, the DEX410V3 oozes quality straight from the box. It is not difficult to begin to understand how legions of Team Durango fans have become dedicated to the further development of this race winning platform. Lets take a closer look at some of the refined items that can be found in the kit box of the DEX410V3 well before you decide to explore our range of team driver approved option parts.


4MM Precision woven carbon fibre shock towers - A multitude of camber link and shock settings with robust construction

Carbon fibre is used for the DEX410V3 shock towers and exhibits strength combined with torsional twist resilience whilst also being light. Complete with 24 camber link settings on the rear tower, the DEX410V3’s shock towers are designed for maximum durability teamed with a multitude of tuning options.


Team Durango Big Bore shocks with titanium coated shafts for silky smooth operation

Team Durango’s Fat Shock Big Bore units are manufactured to provide super reliable shock operation and also provide unparalleled durability. The DEX410V3 will benefit from smooth handling on any track surface whilst also remaining agile and responsive due to the wide selection of spring and shock piston combinations we offer as optional spares.


HD Super durable rod ends for reliable linkage operation and quick adjustments

The DEX410V3 is designed to easily withstand the intense punishment that off-road racing can serve up. Our HD ball ends are manufactured from strong and durable material to allow for secure fitting and precise adjustments.


UK Team Manager Adam Skelding shows the compact and slim-line qualities of the DEX410 platform

Performance, durability, flexible handling configurations and precision manufactured parts all contribute to the wonderful successes of the DEX410 platform. The current V3 model has already cemented itself at the very top of 10th scale competition whilst also proving to be an accessible racing platform for club racers and pleasure users. The incredible value of the kit product also allows racers to gently ‘build’ upon their investment as their confidence and racing ability grows. The DEX410V3 is designed by racers for racers. Serious kit from a manufacturer who is ‘Serious About Racing’.

To purchase your DEX410V3 kit, click here now:

To learn more about how Jörn Neumann creates world class set-up configurations for the DEX410V3, click here:

January 22, 2013

Visit Team Durango In The Pits – Information To Transform Your Racing

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Team Durango In The Pits

Here at Team Durango we are strong believers in sharing high quality information. We believe that this will assist as a tool to help us all learn more about our sport. By sharing information with the racing community, Team Durango are confident that your experience with our products will always be of the highest quality.

Our ‘In The Pits’ website tutorials and team driver set-up sheets are a perfect way for you to access a wonderful source of shared information. With direct input from the likes of international Team Durango pro team driver Jörn Neumann, this valuable reference area within the website, is THE place for the very best Team Durango in-depth product information.

  • Pro team driver set-up sheets for our full range of off-road race vehicles.
  • Team Tech Tips to get the very best performance from your vehicle.
  • Instruction manuals for our full range of off-road vehicles.
  • Race Ready RTR Team Tech Tips for our full range of RTR off-road vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle set-up for a popular race track in your area, or some further insights into what makes Team Durango serious about racing, there is something valuable ‘In The Pits’ for everyone.

Visit our ‘In The Pits’ area here:

Stay tuned to TDTV for more interesting and exciting Team Tech Tips and race winning information:


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