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October 21, 2015

DEX210v2 Takes National Podium

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Roque Takes 2WD In Portugal

Portuguese Team Durango race star, Nuno Roque, has returned from the second round of his domestic National Championship with a second place finish for his DEX210v2.

Nuno was able to secure this great result racing in poor weather conditions on a difficult mixed track surface at the 1/8TT venue.

Happy with his 2WD Buggy result, Nuno also went on to finish a solid fourth place in 4WD, racing his DEX410v4, again in far from perfect weather conditions.

We send our sincere congratulations and thanks to Nuno for another great result.

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September 22, 2015

TD Life – Second Edition


Welcome to the second installment of our new news roundup series, TD Life.

This week we again celebrate some fast track action from our racers, with a strong  focus on team partnerships and future tricks and tips to be shared.

Nuno Roque, long-time Team Durango Portugal racer, has returned from a hiatus that included becoming a father for the second time!  Congratulations Nuno.

On returning to racing competition, Nuno wasted no time in getting back up to speed with his DEX210v2 buggy, earning himself TQ and the 1st place podium spot at the Portugal National Championship!  It was great to see that Nuno showed zero signs of rust from the time off!


Nuno is 2015 Portuguese National Champion

A fantastic result for Nuno with his DEX210v2 and for Team Durango Portugal.  Congratulations on such a fine Nationals outing.

It is also great to see successes being had in the Great White North, Canada.  Team Durango Canada racer, Pascal Morin, enjoyed triple podium success at a recent club event held at his home track.

Pascal raced his DEX8, DEX210v2, and DEX410v4 machines to victory, taking a winning triple podium!  Pascal has enjoyed the support of his world-wide teammates in tuning and setup, and overall camaraderie.


Pascal was very happy to take home triple victory honours in Canada

Thanks for working hard and racing hard Pascal.

There have been whisperings through the grapevine that a new batch of Team Durango Team Tech Tips videos will be coming soon!


‘The Hands’ returns with more exciting Team Tech Tips videos very soon 

We all look forward to seeing the ‘The Hands’, Jason Ametrine of Team Durango UK, giving us fine helping videos filled with excellent technical advice that help us all be faster. Jason’s advice always proves super-valuable.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

In more exciting global community news, TD USA team racer and all-round Team Durango ambassador, Jason Rioux, will be starting an all-new series of cool articles that will allow you to explore the diary of a TD racer.

Jason will share a blow-by-blow account of what an average week consists of for a driver who is living the TD Life. Stay tuned for this new series very soon.


Our man in Massachusetts – Rioux is ready to share cool facts  

We are very happy to welcome a new team racer to our Italian race roster, with the signing of young Touring Car pilot Carlo Alberto Morandi.


Strengthening TD Touring Car support in Italy – Carlo is excited for the year ahead

Carlo will be driving the DETC410 and helping to support racers with set-up tips hot from the track in Europe.

We send our thanks to every racer who takes time to share news with us, every pit mechanic who lovingly prepares our cars. We appreciate every second of your time folks.

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September 15, 2015

DEX210v2 Wins 2015 Portuguese National

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Nuno Returns – Straight To The Win

Team Durango Portugal racer, Nuno Roque, has returned after a year-long break from racing, piloting the DEX210v2 straight to a Portuguese 2WD National win!

Very happy to attack the Astroturf Godin TT track from the first round, Nuno was rewarded with a consistent performance from his Team Durango race machine, making light work of the technical layout as he pushed to victory.

Qualifying pole position in the prestigious ‘A’ Main allowed Nuno to lead the pack round from start to finish.


The car that did the damage – Nuno’s DEX210v2 after a spirited win

Nuno has enjoyed his twelve month break from racing, which has allowed him to dedicate some quality time to his expanding family. We send big congratulations to Nuno for the birth of his second child and his awesome 2WD National win.

Roque is back with a bang. Stay tuned for more Portuguese off-road race action very soon.

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April 30, 2015

Nuno Roque Interview – DEX8 Team Talk


Roque Talks DEX8 – Get The Team Scoop Here

Team Durango Portugal racer and long-time Team Durango ambassador, Nuno Roque, took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and speak with us about the all-new DEX8.

Nuno has a formidable reputation on the track, but also has a strong following of European fans who value his warm attitude to sharing information and his approachable nature.

Nuno is very excited to be racing the DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy. This is what he had to say when asked some interesting questions about the newly-launched race machine from Team Durango.

Nuno Roque – DEX8 Interview

Team Durango – What are you most excited about with the launch of the new Team Durango 1/8 scale vehicles?

Nuno – I am truly confident that they are super-competitive for all racers. They are packed with new innovative features, saving you time and making you faster.


Team Durango – What is your favourite feature of the new cars and why?

Nuno – The feature that I like most is the Diff removals….truly quick and easy…less time in pits, and more time on track.


Team Durango – Explain how you will benefit from the cars new design whilst racing in the Portuguese off-road scene?

Nuno –  In Portugal, our tracks are a bit rough so the new layout will help to get a more stable car….The DEX8 is really very easy to drive, and have lots of setup possibilities that will provide consistent performance.


Nuno is happy to be already seeing the benefits of his DEX8 on the track

Team Durango – What do you think racers will be surprised about when building the DEX8 Buggy for the first time?

Nuno –  Of course, the pre-assembled parts…..really quick to build a new kit and especially the quality of the materials. I was very surprised when I opened DEX8 box…really made me smile J


Team Durango – Explain how the design can make racers faster when they are servicing the car at race meetings?

Nuno –  The best thing for speed with my DEX8 is the fast Diffs removal……really really quick and easy, set-up changes can be made in a few minutes. This kind of improvement will allow quicker setup changes and more time running on the track; so I’m perfectly confident that this easy-to-access feature will improve other racers speed.


Team Durango – Explain the benefit of having pre-assembled parts in each DEX8 kit?

Nuno –  It´s very easy to build a new kit and it will reduce the risk of assembly mistakes of crucial parts. Everything fits extremely well and you can spend much less time building and more time running.


Nuno has been very happy with how the DEX8 makes easy work of rough dirt track surfaces

Team Durango – Do you like the new Body Shell design for the DEX8? How does it look with your custom paint scheme?

Nuno – I like the fact that new DEX8 has a cab forward design. I think my custom paint fits very well on this new Body Shell, and it gives a really awesome look when you see the car running on track. Typical Team Durango stylish design for these new cars.


Team Durango –  What is the benefit of having multiple Battery positions? Explain why this will be useful for you please?

Nuno – It’s perfect because you can adjust battery tray easily. This will allow you to create the most balanced kit possible (and it will be noticed very much when the car is on track).


Team Durango –  The Patent Pending Sliding Gear Mesh feature. Explain the benefits to you. Both at the track and when you are maintaining your DEX8?

Nuno –  The Patent Pending Sliding Gear Mesh feature is awesome! It allows you to get a correct mesh easily of the Pinion and Spur. It allows you to maintain your vehicle weight balance as you are not moving heavy parts around when you alter your Gear mesh. For maintenance, this is perfect because you can remove the centre Diff, and your previous Gear meshing would be ‘memorised’ What a great feature.


Every driver we have spoken with, including Nuno, agree that the fast and easy Diff access will save lots of time and hassle

 Team Durango – What race are you most looking forward to with your new DEX8?

Nuno –  I will race almost all races in Portugal for 1/8 Electric Buggy (although in Portugal, this class is just developing a stronger following right now)

Team Durango – Describe the new Team Durango 1/8 scale vehicles in three words?

Nuno –  Competitive, Easy and Fast.

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March 25, 2015

DEX8 Podium – Oeste Dirt Race


Roque Secures Dirt Podium For DEX8

Portuguese Team Durango racer, Nuno Roque, has recently taken second overall at the Oeste Dirt Track with his newly built DEX8 1/8 Electric Buggy .

Nuno was very happy to secure this podium finish during his DEX8’s first race outing, having only built the vehicle a few days prior to the race taking place.

Racing against strong competition at the newly opened Oeste Indoor RC Track, Nuno stated that his DEX8 was ‘Perfectly balanced on the dirt surface‘.


Nuno was really proud to secure this podium finish, on a brand new track, with his freshly built DEX8.

With the recent addition of Carlos Fonseca to Team Durango Portugal, we are very excited to watch the guys continue to enjoy the recently launched range of Team Durango race machines.

With Nuno and Carlos both ready to support customers who want to experience the new vehicles first hand, we expect to see more action-packed race news from Team Durango Portugal this year.

Congratulations go to Nuno for an excellent first race meeting with his DEX8.

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February 9, 2015

Nuno Roque – Double Podium Finish – Portugal Cup

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Nuno Takes Top Spot – DEX210v2 Wins 2015 Portugal Cup

Dedicated Team Durango racer, Nuno Roque, has returned from the 2015 Portugal Off-Road Cup with a double podium finish, including a first overall for his DEX210v2.

Nuno was excited to attend the prestigious event, which attracts the fastest drivers that the Portuguese domestic scene has to offer. Contested on a high-grip indoor carpet track, the event was to be perfectly suited to both Nuno’s driving style and the consistent handling of his DEX210v2. Nuno was also happy to take the overall 2WD TQ honours for Team Durango.

Not content with one podium place finish, Nuno was again battling for winning places in 4WD, piloting his DEX410v4 to a solid third place finish to complete his double Team Durango success.


We send our sincere congratulations to Nuno for a great performance. We look forward to more exciting race results from our man in Portugal as the 2015 off-road season get underway.

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November 21, 2014

Team Durango Portugal – Nuno Roque – National Results

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Double Top Three Finish – Portuguese National Championships

 Dedicated Team Durango Portugal racer, Nuno Roque, has concluded his 2014 National Series with a second overall in 2WD and a third overall in 4WD.

Nuno found consistent success during the seasons 2WD battles with his DEX210v2, also enjoying a string of solid performances with his DEX410v4 in the strongly contested 4WD class.

Supporting his fellow racers is a big part of how Nuno shares his success when he is at the race track. Portuguese Team Durango fans enjoy meeting him at their local track, with Nuno sharing valuable set-up tips and race-winning advice for aspiring champions of all ages.

Nuno concluded his Portuguese National campaign with high hopes for the 2015 season. Stay tuned for more news from Portugal very soon.

We send our congratulations and thanks to Nuno for his Portuguese National 1/10TT Series success.


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September 29, 2014

DEX410v4 Podium Finish – Petit Race – Nuno Roque

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Nuno Races To Podium Finish – DEX410v4 

 Team Durango Portugal super star, Nuno Roque, has recently returned from the latest Petit Race clash with a solid podium finish for his DEX410v4.

Nuno battled the fast paced field of experienced racers, that also included several manufacturers drivers from the UK, who travel with the series for each round. After a close battle during the qualifying rounds, Nuno was very happy to pilot his DEX410v4 to an overall second place finish, taking another prestigious podium position for the 4WD Buggy that wins all over the world.

Nuno also added a fourth overall in 2WD Buggy with his DEX210v2 to complete a great weekend of racing for the Portuguese star.


We send our congratulations to Nuno for another excellent result and thank him for his continued support and hard work throughout the 2014 racing season.

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March 19, 2014

Nuno Roque Takes Portuguese National Podium

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Team Durango Portugal Pro racer Nuno Roque has recently competed at the second round of the Portugese National series, and has returned with a podium place for his DEX210.

Nuno battled the fastest off-road racers in his country and was able to place second overall in 2WD, and also take a solid fourth overall in 4WD. The event was hosted at the Godin TT Race track near Lisbon, and the attending racers reported that the event was a huge success for the small racing community in Portugal.


We send congratulations to Nuno for a great result. Stay tuned for more fast paced action from Team Durango Portugal very soon.

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November 13, 2013

Team Durango Portugal – Nuno Wins 2013 Indoor Off-Road Series

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Team Durango Portugal are celebrating a great result for their racing colleague Nuno Roque, after he has returned from a collection of annual off-road meetings as 2013 4WD Portuguese Indoor Off-Road Series Champion!

Nuno and his DEX410v3 flew to an overall victory in 4WD with one meeting still remaining in the series. The host club for the recent penultimate round opted for a carpet surface. This gave Nuno the perfect opportunity to show everybody just what he, and the Team Durango DEX410v3, can do on high-grip indoor surfaces.

Nuno also finished second overall in 2WD at this round, with his DEX210, to complete yet another double podium finish. Nuno is yet to win the 2WD Indoor Off-Road Series this year, as the results will not be concluded until the final round in a few weeks.

We send our congratulations to Nuno as he is deservedly crowned the 2013 Portuguese Off-Road 4WD Indoor Series Champion. Can he make it a double title with his DEX210 at the final round?

Stay tuned here for more information as it breaks.

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