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October 20, 2015

DEX8 & DEX410 Take Double


Double Win – Double TQ

Czech Team Durango racer, Kaja Novotny, has opened his winter indoor racing season with a double podium victory for Team Durango.

Racing in two classes at the first round of the Indoor Open Challenge in Prague, Kaja was very happy to take the overall win in 1/8 E-Buggy with his DEX8, adding the TQ for good measure.

Kaja then switched to racing his DEX410 in 1/10 4WD, adding another first place finish and overall TQ, to secure double victory honours in the Czech Republic.

Kaja has a strong reputation for very fast race results during the indoor carpet racing season. We are all very excited to watch him continue to show the race-winning pace of his Team Durango vehicles.

Our sincere thanks and congratulations go to Kaja and his father Karel.

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October 5, 2015

DNX8 Victory – Novotny Nitro Form


Nitro Success – The DNX8 Takes Another Win

Czech Team Durango super-racer, Kaja Novotny, has returned from the ninth round of the 2015 Czech Open Challenge with a first place win for his DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy.

With the large dusty Horni Jeleni race track seeing warm and sunny conditions, it did not take Kaja long to find fast pace with his DNX8 Buggy, making his claim on a pole position start in the semi-final after qualifying.

Kaja then powered into a dominant lead during the ‘A’ Main final, taking the overall win by almost a full lap from the chasing field.

Kaja was quick to share that he was extremely happy with how easy his DNX8 was to drive, stating that the all-new TD vehicle “…performed perfectly throughout the whole event”

Congratulations go to Kaja and his father Karel for yet another great race result.

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September 8, 2015

DNX8 Takes Open Challenge Podium


Novotny Continues Powerful Performances

Czech Team Durango race star, Kaja Novotny, recently attended the eighth round of the Open Challenge Series, racing his DNX8 Nitro Buggy to a solid third place podium finish.

Kaja was keen to again attack the Mlada Boleslav race track, knowing his recent hard work with this race class would prove valuable, in readiness for the dirt-based race surface.

Qualifying third in the ‘A’ Main final, Kaja piloted the DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy to a solid third place finish, proving the consistency of the car when the pace demands clean laps.


The DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy – Fresh from another podium place finish

Kaja was quick to share news that he continues to find his DNX8 very easy to tune when the conditions change, allowing him to dedicate more time to learning the fastest racing lines for each track.

We send our sincere congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel, for another solid result.

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June 22, 2015

DNX8 Czech Podium – Novotny Continues Nitro Assault


The DNX8 Takes Third Overall

Team Durango race star, Kaja Novotny, has returned from the fifth round of the Czech Nitro Open with a third place overall podium finish for the DNX8.

Kaja was fast to find the race pace at the Terezin track, with heavy rain causing havoc for the attending racers.

Qualifying third for the ‘A’ Main final, Kaja held this position until the end of the race.

With the track turning from a mud-rich slow lap, into a dry and much faster experience, Kaja was very happy with the consistent performance of his DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy as he secured third overall against the fastest racers in the region.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel for another great performance.

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March 24, 2015

DEX8 Wins Czech Open Challenge


Novotny Takes Win – DEX8 Has Strong Start

The DEX8 has won the Sixth round of the Czech Open Challenge in the hands of Team Durango racing star, Kaja Novotny.

Driving the newly launched 1/8 4WD Electric race machine, Kaja took the overall TQ, winning all qualifying rounds and two legs of the ‘A’ Main final.

Kaja was extremely happy to have built his box stock DEX8 kit with his father Karel, drop it on the track with very little set-up tuning beyond the kit manual suggestions, then race to victory with the recently launched vehicle.

Kaja was keen to mention that the high-grip carpet surface was easily tamed by the DEX8, with the Buggy bringing consistent lap times as Kaja enjoyed predictable handling, lap after lap.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and Karel for a great first run with the DEX8. We are very excited to see Kaja continue to develop his formidable race reputation with the DEX8 Electric Buggy.

Stay tuned for exclusive Novotny DEX8 set-up sheets very soon.

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