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April 3, 2013

Pro Driver Signed Kit Competition – Hundreds Of Fans Enter So Far


Grab your chance to own a Team Durango pro driver signed kit

With three days remaining in our global Team Durango Race Ready RTR give-away competition, we thought this a perfect time to give you all an update. We are very happy to share the news that we have had hundreds of dedicated Team Durango fans enter this truly unique competition so far!

If you are yet to enter, and would like the chance to own one of three exclusive pro driver signed RTR kits, click the following link before Friday the 5th of April to be in with a chance:

Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’, and we continue to support RC motor sport at all levels with exciting and unique racer-based opportunities. You have got to be in it to win it folks!

Own a slice of Team Durango history now.

March 29, 2013

Team Durango – Cool Facts That You May Not Know About The Brand Who Is ‘Serious About Racing’

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Cool facts that you may not know about Team Durango

  • Every product we produce is designed by racers, without exception.
  • We have over 100 year’s RC racing experience within our team.
  • Our name is also the Spanish word for a town on the water.
  • Our managing director is an ex European Pro 10 Champion.
  • Our UK Team Manager is an ex Junior National ATV Champion.
  • Our heritage includes very close links with Germany.
  • Our design team can communicate in seven world languages.
  • We also design and distribute our own brand of high quality RC race tyres called dBoots.
  • Our 2WD 10th scale pro buggy, the DEX210, has 33 basic geometry and gearbox settings straight out of the box.
  • Our competition 4WD 10th scale buggy, the DEX410V3, is often used as a testing platform by drivers from other manufacturers.
  • Our pro team driver Jörn Neumann is the only European to ever win the prestigious Reedy Race of Champions in the USA.
  • Our research and development team is led by a 10th scale European off-road champion.
  • Our team comprises racers from seven globally recognised racing classes.
  • Our Race Ready RTR vehicles offer the exactly the same Hybrid Technology multi-purpose gearbox as our pro kits.
  • Our world famous DEX410 platform comprises precision manufactured carbon, aluminium and composite materials all in one kit configuration.
  • The DEX210 is the only 2WD 10th scale buggy that allows for eight different gearbox and motor plate configurations, all from supplied kit parts.
  • Our 10th scale 4WD Short Course truck, the DESC410, is supplied as standard with super-durable Team Durango gear diffs.
  • Our Sales Manager was involved in the development of the first Formula 1 computer powered training simulator.
  • Our company is young at heart and we believe in progress through precision design and engineering.
  • Our products are universally designed by motor sport engineers and qualified CAD concept artists.
  • We support the younger members of the racing community by sponsoring Team Durango’s Polish team. Their combined age is a mere 24 years old!
  • We are often lucky enough to have the company of a very nice dog named Sam, TD resident ‘office dog’.
  • Many of our staff are regularly involved in high level mountain bike competition.
  • Our sales and marketing executive has also written several fantasy fiction novels.
  • We enjoy playing racket ball sports throughout the year.
  • We love racing competition at every level and often get involved in fantasy Formula 1 leagues.
  • We design every product from a racers point of view.
  • Our sales and marketing staff are fans of spicy sauces and have a large collection to hand every day.
  • We promote the sharing of quality information and collectively believe in young racers getting closer to the action for valuable learning experiences.
  • Our recently launched Team Durango Hall Of Fame will allow you all a chance to me remembered for your part of the Team Durango story so far.

Stay tuned over at Twitter by searching for and following @teamdurango

Get more information about the precision engineered racing products produced by Team Durango, click here:


March 20, 2013

Team Durango Hall Of Fame – Immortalise Yourself In Racing History


Here at Team Durango we are proud of our rich racing heritage. We are also proud of  every single one of you. Our fans, our supporters, our racers. We are excited by every single race result, we are inspired by every single customised body shell, we are humbled by the positive stories that share your amazing experiences with Team Durango products. You are all ‘serious About Racing’

It is with the utmost pleasure that we announce an extremely unique opportunity. Team Durango need you.

We strongly believe in sharing our respect and gratitude for your tireless support and belief in the Team Durango vision. Its time to set these global efforts in stone. Its time to immortalise you all in the pages of Team Durango racing history.

The Team Durango Hall Of Fame will allow you all to become recognised for your love of our products. Whether you own an early version of our world-class DEX410 4WD buggy, an example of our Race Ready RTR kits, the race winning DEX210 2WD, or indeed any of our precision manufactured 8th and 10th scale vehicles, you can now show the world that you trust and support the brand with racing in their blood.

Our goal is to compile an exhaustive list of every single Team Durango user and immortalise your name, place of origin and Team Durango vehicles of choice in a constantly updated list…the Team Durango Hall Of Fame.

This list will be housed as a dedicated page on and will allow the world to see who is really ‘Serious About Racing’. Watch the list develop, share your fame with friends and fellow RC enthusiasts, but most of all, feel a part of our history. Every single one of you has contributed to who and what we are, and we want to remember you all forever.

Entering the Team Durango Hall Of Fame is very easy. Send us a good quality photograph of your Team Durango racing cars, with your name and place of origin. We will then etch your details into our digital tribute to the people who have traveled with us on this amazing journey so far. The Hall Of Fame will never finish, it will constantly evolve into the world’s first global documentation of racing supporters.

We are constantly amazed by some of the gorgeous examples of our engineered racing products that we spot both on the wealth of RC related forums,websites and message boards, and also when we are doing what we love most, racing. This excitement always drives us to push the boundaries of design and engineering when creating new additions to our already proven Team Durango range. Check out a few of our favourite examples so far, are you part of our history?


DEX410v3 - This example oozes high-impact graphics and cutting-edge design

The DEX410 platform is a major elemnt of our ‘genetic makeup’, and every example we see makes us proud to have created such an enigmatic buggy. Show us your DEX410 vehicle and be added to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame, forever.


This collection of DEX410 and DEX210 cars look amazing in their matching colour scheme

The more we learn about the racers who choose to dedicate their time to Team Durango, the more we realise that a lot of you are the proud owners of several of our vehicles. Show us your collection of Team Durango products and get carved into our heritage, forever.


DEX210 - With a body shell that seems to have gained a sudden cult status, what a beautiful example of our famous 2WD buggy

At Team Durango we encourage individuality. We promote trend setting. We endorse forward thinking. Show us how you have made your Team Durango vehicle uniquely yours and be emblazoned on the Hall Of Fame, forever.


DNX408 - Aggressive yet refined, we love the orange and black rear of this example

We invite your entries to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame immediately. We will include everybody who is kind enough to share their dedication to our brand with us. You are the reason why we continue to create the highest standard of world-class racing products, and now it is time for you to enter the Team Durango Hall Of Fame.

Send photos and details via email to:

From this day onward we join together to document history, you are all ‘Serious About Racing’

Stay tuned here to learn more about how to access the Team Durango Hall Of Fame list….are you famous yet?

Follow us on Twitter for fast on the move updates, search for @teamdurango


March 14, 2013

Race Like A Pro – Team Durango Race Ready RTR Drivers Guide


Team Durango Race Ready RTR vehicles are the perfect way for aspiring off-road racers to begin their rise to racing driving fame. Accessing the world-class Team Durango race DNS has never been easier. Our range incorporates 10th scale 2WD vehicles that can compete at any level in the buggy, stadium truck or short course classes at your local RC racing club.

As soon as you power up our Team Durango RTR vehicles you will be catapulted into the exhilarating sport that captures millions of motor sports fans imaginations every year. We thought that it would be a great opportunity to share with you some hot tips that will make your first race meeting or fun trip to your local track an even more enjoyable experience. Follow these easy steps to make sure you can race like a pro from the first outing with your Team Durango RTR vehicle.

Race Like A Pro – Race Ready Drivers Guide

Whether you are a seasoned expert who has recently returned to the sport or a complete newcomer to the fast paced action of competitive RC motor sport, Team Durango Race Ready vehicles will have you covered.

  • Always charge you battery cells on an appropriate battery charger before you attend your local track. Modern battery cells are very sensitive to low voltage and should be maintained carefully as per your battery suppliers instructions. Charging your battery cells will allow you to be confident that you will be able to run your Team Durango RTR vehicle to its full capacity and race to win.
  • Carry a comprehensive collection of tools. Unlike many other motor sports, RC racing will require you to become your own experienced pit crew. This will include tuning your vehicle to the track conditions and also maintaining your car through the course of a race meeting. You should always be prepared by carrying a good selection of hex driver and nut wrench tools that are the correct sizes for your vehicles hardware items. Your tools will be valuable when you are working on your vehicle in between races and will allow you to make quick and easy adjustments in minutes.
  • Check the batteries in your vehicles transmitter to avoid running out of juice during your days racing. Carry some spares so you can quickly change them if signs of depletion occur.
  • Make sure that you understand how your Team Durango vehicle works. The internet is such a powerful tool. Research how your gearbox, motor, ESC and servo unit work. Read your manual from cover to cover and always carry this with you so you can refer to the contents when you are in the heat of competition.
  • Stay relaxed. This sounds like a simple tip but we can relate to the excitement and tension of your first track day. Staying relaxed will not only help you drive better, but will also allow you to comfortably ask questions of other racers and enjoy the spectacle of off-road RC racing. Pro racers are so relaxed to watch, but so prepared to win.
  • Tell your friends and family about your experience. Join a forum or discussion group. Interact with the people who have years of experience within the genre of RC racing you enjoy. Team Durango have built their collective experience over years of practical and research based learning. Use the scene to assist you in developing your skills. There is a whole world of exciting information at your finger tips.
  • Smile and laugh. Keep in mind that no matter how fast your local pro sponsored drivers race, they all compete in off-road RC motor sport for enjoyment. Share this joy with everybody you meet and tell them about Team Durango. We love meeting new racers.

To explore the full range of Team Durango Race Ready RTR vehicles, click here:


March 8, 2013

Team Durango Race Ready RTR vehicles – Invest In The Future Of Off-Road


Here at Team Durango we are strong believers in investing in the future of our sport. We believe that the younger generations of RC racers will undoubtedly be the impetus for our sport to continue growing. Every club race that we attend continues to substantiate the fact that RC fans are getting younger every season, with many father and child teams gracing the pit area to enjoy the action together. This always reminds us that not only is RC racing a wonderful sport to enjoy fast paced competition, but it is also a really vibrant environment to educate people and share experiences.

You will all remember your first RC experience, and also the enormous volume of information that became available to you as you discovered the true depth of RC racing as a leisure pursuit. We have all learnt so much from this sport that it seems completely logical that Team Durango continue to provide the opportunity for racers to access the sometimes complicated equipment that is needed to compete, in a high quality ‘ready to run’ package.


The Team Durango Race Ready RTR range of vehicles is the basis of our further investment in the future of our sport. When we set out  to create a range of Team Durango racing vehicles that were heavily influenced by our professional level race kits, we knew that when we achieved this goal, it would allow the legions of dedicated club racers and junior RC fans a perfect starting point for their racing career.

Our range of RTR vehicles feature high quality Speed Passion motors and ESC units, dedicated 2.4GHZ radio transmitters and exactly the same professional race geometry as our world-class pro kits. Take any Team Durango RTR vehicle from its box and you will instantly recognise that our rich race heritage oozes from each car. Our goal was to provide a complete Race Ready vehicle that could win straight from the box, and thousands of racers all over the globe will testify to the success of this concept “Team Durango RTR cars are winning against other pro kits, people seem to be driving much faster with them, big grinning faces means happy racers” Colin Jackson – Fast Lane Model Racing Club.

More tuning options straight from the box than any other range of RTR vehicles, combined with the styling and electrical components of a pro racers equipment, make Team Durango Race Ready RTR vehicles the perfect learning tool or instant refresher for any aspiring race winner.

To explore how our Race Ready RTR range will change your racing forever, click here:

February 13, 2013

DESC210 Race Ready RTR – Short Course Racing Has Never Been So Flexible

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Short Course racing is a fast and action packed style of off-road competition class. Team Durango can get you into the track action quickly with our DESC210 Race Ready RTR. Competition ready straight from the box with more tuning options that any other RTR truck on the market today. Complete with Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and 13.5 brushless motor from World Champions ‘Speed Passion’, Team Durango’s RTR DESC210 is ready to race, and win.


DESC210 Race Ready RTR - Designed to win

Team Durango believe that you should all have access to high performance competition vehicles, no matter what your budget. The DESC210 RTR is the perfect platform for you to upgrade from your current kit and progress your racing skills as you begin to challenge fellow racing fans. From weekend club racer to more hardened Short Course fans, the DESC210 RTR has everything you are looking for in one affordable package.


Speed Passion 13.5T Race Ready brushless motor

The DESC210 RTR comes complete with a dedicated 2.4GHZ wheel radio controller, and a heavy duty waterproof steering servo to compliment our high quality Team Durango composite parts. The total package is not only fast on the track, but easy to maintain when you are back on your pit table.

Some may be surprised to discover that the DESC210 RTR Short Course truck also benefits from our Hybrid Technology gearbox unit, as seen on our professional race kits across the Team Durango range. The Hybrid Technology gearbox allows you to choose if you want to run your motor in the mid or rear-motor configuration. This will allow you to tune your truck to a diverse range of track surfaces and racing conditions. Combined with our Big Bore Team Durango shocks and precision manufactured drive shafts, the DESC210 RTR is a truck with winning looks and competition ready features.


Precision manufactured hardware throughout

All parts are interchangeable from the Pro-spec DESC210R kit, meaning you can choose to gradually add option parts to your truck as your skill level increases or your podium positions become more frequent. The DESC210 Race Ready RTR is already throwing dirt at tracks all over the world. With direct design and test input from our pro team drivers, the DESC210 RTR is THE truck to put you in the winners circle.


To learn more about the class changing specifications of the DESC210 Race Ready RTR, click here:

Watch our DESC210 RTR video on TDTV by clicking :DESC210 Race Ready RTR


February 12, 2013

DEX210 Race Ready RTR – Race Winning Heritage In An Affordable Package


Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’. We are also very serious about helping the sport of RC racing grow. What better way to get involved with the fast and exciting world of off-road racing than getting your very own Team Durango high specification off-road buggy?

Whether you plan to take your interest in racing to a local club event, or spend some time learning the skills that are needed to drive off-road like a pro, Team Durango Race Ready RTR vehicles are ready for action. The DEX210 Race Ready RTR buggy will provide you with access to years of rich racing heritage, fast off-road action and the thrill of becoming a Team Durango RC racer. A thoroughbred 2WD racing buggy straight from the box, the DEX210 Race Ready RTR is precision manufactured and built to win.

Complete with Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and 13.5 brushless motor from World Champions Speed Passion, Team Durango’s RTR DEX210 is ready to race with the best.


The DEX210 Race Ready RTR buggy benefits from the same Hybrid Technology gearbox as the DEX210 Pro kit. This means that you can choose to race your buggy in mid-motor or rear-motor configuration with the addition of a few simple parts. Add to this truly unique gearbox flexibility a diverse selection of suspension and wheel axle settings straight from the box, and it is clear that the DEX210 RTR will become a wonderful learning tool when it comes to racing car geometry.


Not only will your racing performance improve with the DEX210 RTR, but you will also enjoy the ability to choose how your buggy handles on various surfaces. The DEX210 RTR also benefits from hard-anodised big bore shock absorbers that will provide super smooth handling on the roughest track surfaces. Combined with our already race-proven gear differential, the DEX210 RTR is ready to dominate the racing pack with superior flexibility and precision engineered parts.


The DEX210 RTR is the perfect way for you to be ready to race straight away. Team Durango provide a dedicated 2.4GHZ wheel radio set with the DEX210 RTR, for fast and reliable control of your racing buggy. Whether you want to start your racing career in style, or upgrade from your current race kit to a fully engineered performance product, the DEX210 Race Ready RTR is the perfect choice.

To learn more about how you can own the most versatile Race Ready RTR 2WD 10th scale buggy in the world, click here:

September 26, 2012

Team Durango ‘Race Ready RTR’ Team Tech Tip videos online

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We’ve created some Team Tech Tip videos for the new range of Team Durango ‘Race Ready RTR’ vehicles, to help users get up to speed with their new cars –

The videos illustrate basic setup and tuning of the electronics, along with a video showing how to set the slipper for optimum performance on the race track.

Team Durango RTR – Slipper Tuning

Team Durango RTR – ESC Tuning

Team Durango RTR – Throttle Setup

Team Durango RTR – Transmitter Binding

We’re working on more ‘Race Ready RTR’ content to go on a dedicated page for RTR tips – so keep checking the Team Durango website!



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