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October 22, 2014

DNX8 & DNX408T – Double Victory at Byron Fuels Challenge

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Double Nitro Victory For Lutz

Ryan Lutz has concluded the 2014 Byron Fuels Heartlands Challenge by taking the first place overall finish in both nitro Buggy and Truggy.

Ryan was very happy to pilot his DNX8 Buggy to the win, also taking an early TQ run in the first round of qualifying in both classes. The Hobbytown Hobbyplex facility presented the field with an awesome track surface, guaranteeing some exciting action.

With the competition battling for supremacy, Ryan stayed cool under pressure from Cody King to push to a double Win for Team Durango.


We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to Ryan for a great performance. The DNX8 prototype continues to perform very well during the final stages of race pace testing.

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September 30, 2014

2014 IFMAR Nitro World Championships – DNX8


 DNX8 Prototype – Top Ten Qualifying Positions and fourth for ‘A’ Mains

Our Pro team returned from the 2014 IFMAR World Championships in Sicily with a solid final pace-test for the DNX8 Buggy platform.

Armed with limited pre-production parts, the team secured several top ten qualifying places, with Neumann and Lutz taking a sixth and eighth respectively during the second round.


Neumann putting the DNX8 Prototype through a Worlds pace-test 

Having qualified directly for the semi-final, Ryan secured fourth on the ‘A’ Main grid. Ryan finished 12th overall with his DNX8 Prototype, holding third place during the finals for a period of time.

We send our congratulations to the team for a successful IFMAR World Championship week, and share our building excitement for the soon to be launched DNX8 1/8 Nitro Buggy.

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Thanks to RC Car Action for the awesome photographs used in this article.

September 9, 2014

Lutz Triple Podium – Futaba Electric Challenge


Ryan Lutz – Triple Success

2014 Futaba Electric Challenge 1/8 E-Buggy – TQ and first place – Ryan Lutz – Team Durango DEX408v2

2014 Futaba Electric Challenge 1/10 4WD Buggy – TQ and first place – Ryan Lutz – Team Durango DEX410v4

2014 Futaba Electric Challenge 1/10 2WD Buggy – Second place – Ryan Lutz – Team Durango DEX210v2

Team Durango super-racer, Ryan Lutz, has returned from the 2014 Futaba Electric Challenge with a triple podium finish for Team Durango.

Ryan was really pleased to take the overall TQ and first place in both 1/8 E-Buggy and 1/10 4WD, with his DEX408v2 and DEX410v4 respectively. He then added a second overall in 1/10 WD with his DEX210v2 to make it a weekend triple in Joliet, Illinois.

Ryan was able to show his continued versatility at the event, with the included racing classes requiring a quick change of driving style during the busy weekend of multi-discipline racing.

We send our congratulations and sincere thanks to Ryan for an excellent performance.

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August 11, 2014

Lutz & DNX8 Prototype Victory


Ryan Lutz – DNX8 Prototype Victory

Team Durango USA super star, Ryan Lutz, has just returned from the 2014 Battle of the Sikest race meeting with a victory for the DNX8 Nitro Buggy Prototype.

Ryan was very excited to secure the winning spot, and overall TQ, in the Nitro Pro Buggy class. He then went on to also take the second overall podium spot in Nitro Pro Truggy, with the DNX408T.

The event was hosted by Thunder Alley Raceway, Beaumont, California. With a very strong field of US racing stars for Ryan to battle in an exciting weekend of fast-paced off-road track action. Ryan took leg one and three of the Nitro Pro Buggy ‘A’ Main, shaking off stiff competition from the likes of Drake and King on his way to victory.


The Nitro Pro Truggy class gave Ryan a chance to show that the DNX408T is ready for winning action. His podium finish performance included a really cool drift show for the watching crowds, just to spice up the racing even further!

We send our congratulations to Ryan for another awesome performance over at Thunder Alley.

Stay tuned for more DNX8 Prototype news very soon.

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July 28, 2014

Lutz Win & Podium – 2014 Futaba/O.S Nitro Challenge


 Ryan Lutz & Team Durango Win 

Team Durango Pro racer, Ryan Lutz, has just returned from the 2014 Futaba/O.S Nitro Challenge with a victory for his DEX408v2 and a podium place finish in nitro Buggy.

Held in St. Louis, Missouri, at the mega-popular Dirtburners RC venue, this year’s installment of this annual clash of the fastest off-road stars the scene has to offer, was action-packed from start to finish.

Ryan dominated qualifying in the 1/8 E-Buggy class, racing his DEX408v2 to a first place finish and overall TQ place. Ryan was able to win the first two legs of the prestigious ‘A’ Main finals, claiming the top spot well before proceedings had concluded for the rest of the field.

In the fiercely competitive 1/8 Pro Nitro Buggy class, Ryan put together some really solid qualifying runs. He was able to secure third place overall for Team Durango in the ‘A’ Main finals.

With a fourth overall for Ryan and his DNX408T in the Pro Truck class, the weekend of exciting dirt track racing was concluded with a very strong overall performance from the man who is often known as ‘The Lutzinator’.


The DNX408T of Ryan Lutz – Cooling down in the pits at the 2014 Futaba/O.S Challenge

We send our congratulations and sincere thanks to Ryan for a great performance in Missouri last weekend.

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July 14, 2014

Lutz Triple Win – DNX8 – DEX408v2 – DEX210v2


Win, Win, Win – Ryan Lutz Triple First

1/8 Nitro Buggy – 1st – Ryan Lutz – DNX8 Prototype

1/8 E-Buggy – 1st – Ryan Lutz – DEX408v2

1/10 2WD Buggy – 1st – Ryan Lutz – DEX210v2

Team Durango Pro racing ace, Ryan Lutz, has finished the Hobbico Keystone Classic at Mushroom Bowl with three first place finishes for Team Durango!

Ryan was excited to be attending the first installment of this multi-class off-road event, which would allow him another opportunity to continue testing his DNX8 prototype Nitro Buggy. With the crowds already excited to get the chance to watch the ROAR National podium finisher in action, Ryan set about plundering the spoils across the three Buggy classes raced at the event.

With young off-road RC fans clambering to grab signed t-shirts and pit boards, Ryan was able to spend time away from the track with Team Durango fans, making the Hobbico Keystone Classic a true family affair.

Taking the triple podium win at this event is a great result for Ryan, especially as he continues to build his track experience with the upcoming Team Durango nitro platform.

We send our congratulations to Ryan for another awesome performance, and send our thanks to Hobbico for hosting such a friendly and welcoming off-road race meeting.

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June 23, 2014

Lutz Takes Double ROAR Podium

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Double Podium – Team Durango – ROAR Nats 2014

2014 ROAR National Nitro Buggy – Ryan Lutz – 3rd overall – DNX8 Prototype

2014 ROAR Nationals Nitro Truggy – Ryan Lutz – 3rd overall – DNX408T

US Team Durango super-racer Ryan Lutz has concluded an action-packed weekend of high profile nitro racing with a double third overall at the 2014 ROAR National in Austin, Texas.

Ryan was very happy to convert his fast paced day one performance, in timed practice, to a podium spot for the DNX8 prototype 1/8 Nitro Buggy, against arguably the fastest racers the class has to offer.

With Ryan actively testing the upcoming Team Durango platform over the last few months, with a solid performance in the UK at the Neo race, the US Pro driver was happy to test the pace of his prototype against a star-studded field.


With the Texas heat and humidity giving the racers more than the dusty track to contend with, Ryan was able to fly to an overall third place podium finish in the increasingly competitive 1/8 Nitro Truggy class. Ryan piloted his DNX408T through the field, stating that his Truggy felt ‘safe and easy to drive’ throughout the competition.


We send our sincere congratulations  and thanks to Ryan for a great performance. The race-pace testing of the DNX8 prototype continues to keep us focused on creating an awesome new product.

We also send thanks and admiration to Team Durango Pro racer Travis Amezcua, who not only pitted for Ryan during the ROAR Nats event, but as Ryan stated during press interviews, was fundamental in helping Ryan stay sharp and focused during the hectic three day race schedule.

Thanks must go to our friends at REDRC for their wonderful event coverage and photographs.

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June 9, 2014

Lutz Takes DEX408v2 To Podium At AMS 5.0

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Team Durango Pro racing star Ryan Lutz has returned from the AMS 5.0 off-road event in Alabama with a great podium finish for his DEX408v2.

The annual Alabama Manufacturers Shootout drew a huge crowd of racers, with 586 drivers battling for supremacy on the fast paced indoor dirt track. Ryan was able to fly to a second place finish in 1/8 scale E Buggy, securing another high-profile podium place for the DEX408v2 during 2014. Ryan was also happy to secure a fourth place overall for the DNX8 Nitro prototype, as he continues his race-pace testing of the hotly anticipated new Buggy.

With the 1/8 scale racing season in full-swing over in the USA, we are really excited to see how Ryan can continue to develop his success with multiple Team Durango platforms.

Ryan was happy to report that his recently hectic racing schedule will be punctuated by a much-needed trip back home to see his family. This man puts some serious air miles in for his profession.

We send our sincere thanks to Ryan for another great performance with Team Durango products.

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June 4, 2014

Ryan Lutz – Multi-Class Podium and Nitro TQ

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 Team Durango super-racer Ryan Lutz has just returned from the SWorkz Challenge in Arizona with an overall first in 1/8 E Buggy, second in Nitro Truggy and TQ in Nitro Buggy!

The Silver Dollar Raceway hosted this multi-class event that attracted some of the regions fastest 1/8 scale racers. Ryan was able to keep his cool in the hot and dusty spring conditions to bring home his DEX408v2 in first place. He then added a hard-fought second overall in Nitro Truggy with his DNX408T, before shaking the venue up in Nitro Buggy by placing the new DNX8 prototype in overall TQ place.


Ryan is already well known for his awesome multi-class racing ability and we are really proud to see him take three of our racing platforms to the very top once again.

Congratulations Ryan from all of us here at TDHQ.

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Each driver may configure their car in hundreds of different ways, depending on track surface, weather conditions, or style of racing class. This creates a huge amount of valuable data that can be used by us all to emulate the success of racing champions across the world.

You can benefit from these race-winning statistics by accessing our specially created In The Pits website tool. This area will allow you to download and print driver or track specific vehicle set-up sheets. You can then tune and adjust your Team Durango vehicle to find the optimum set-up for your local track, and beyond. As used by the fastest racers in the world.


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