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May 1, 2013

Win Signed Pro Team Driver Items Now – Free To Enter Competition


Here at Team Durango we feel it is about time that we turned up the power! We are always really keen to share our achievements and successes with you all. As we always say, you are the reason we are here.

So, with a view to once again bringing you the most exciting and inspirational opportunities, we present a brand new competition. Free to enter, open to all, and definitely one not to be missed. If you are a fan of Team Durango, then this is a truly unique chance to own the items actually used by of our team racers. Many of these items have been used to race at some of the scenes most prestigious off-road meetings.

Our first super exclusive team driver give-away is a real corker.


The actual chassis used to TQ the famous Worksop Players event last year - Chris Doughty - Team Durango DEX210

Above is the image of the actual chassis used by our resident European Champion Chris Doughty to TQ the prestigious Worksop Master in the UK last year. Complete with Doughty livery AND signature, this chassis has all the scars and battle wounds of a pro driver ride. Chris is synonymous with high profile race wins,and you can win this chassis to start your collection of Team Durango historical memorabilia. We suggest that this chassis is so rare that you do not enter to win and use this item. If you win then hang it in your pit room, share it with your club mates, and enjoy a wonderful piece of Team Durango history.

This chassis is well worn testimony to just how hard our pro racers drive to become the fastest racers in the world.

To be in with a chance of winning this true one-off item, complete the following sentence and email your answers to

“I love Team Durango because………………”

All entries will be added to a very special prize draw, and we will post our favourite messages and testimonials here over the next week for all of you to enjoy. Tell us why the brand that are ‘Serious About Racing’ means so much to you?


This is the actual chassis you will win, getting air during the famous TQ run at the Worksop Players - Win it now!

Share with the world why we are the race team that make history, every time we touch the track.

Competition entries will be counted and drawn on Friday the 17th of May – Please include your name and postal address with your completed sentence.

We can not wait to read your responses.

Learn more about the world-famous DEX210 buggy, click here now:

Read the race report from Chris Doughty’s famous TQ run. Visit our friends over at

April 19, 2013

Off-Road Titans – Team Durango Find Power In Numbers


Team Durango is powered by people. We are always aware that without the hearts and minds of the people who contribute to our ever expanding global phenomenon, we just wouldn’t exist. From the early years of a one man dream, to the world-wide network of dedicated Team Durango staff and racers, it has always been about the people. It will always remain the same for Team Durango.

Every product we create is conceived, designed, tested and manufactured with our end user in mind. We promote that we never want our attention to detail to cease when our loyal fans invest in their Team Durango product. We want you all to feel part of the team every time you race.

Team Durango Owners Club

Team Durango Owners Club - Japan

From the race winning power of our DEX410 4WD buggy platform, to the all inclusive action of our Race Ready RTR vehicles, we strive for a community experience every time we race. It never ceases to amaze us when we discover new and exciting Team Durango fans, each one of you as unique as the cars you create from our precision manufactured platforms.


The man who planted the seed - His dream has gone global - Mr Gerd Strenge AKA Mr Durango

The Team Durango philosophy is represented by thousands of die-hard racing fans all over the world. We are very grateful for all of your support. Our designers are inspired by you, our racers are excited by your passion, we are all motivated by your love of Team Durango.


Team Durango Taiwan

Our goal has always been the same, and will remain so forever. We stay dedicated to the development of fresh ideas. We drive forwards to assist the global racing community in enjoying the highest quality engineered products that money can buy. We continue to build relationships with people who share our passions and help us realise our dreams. Team Durango is fueled by you, or should we say US. One team, world-wide, with thousands of members.

Join the ever expanding list of Team Durango fans by sending a picture of your vehicles to are you famous yet?

Follow us over on Twitter to here the news first. Follow @teamdurango

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If you have a cool and inspiring Team Durango story to share then get in touch with us now. We are always keen to share your experiences with the world. Send your pictures and words to

March 6, 2013

Want To Race For Team Durango? – What It Takes To Be Part Of The Team


What does it really take to race for Team Durango? This is a question that may cross the minds of many racers and RC enthusiasts as they learn more about the winning ways of the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’. The products we create are often the focus of racers discussions when they are sharing their passion for what Team Durango represent. In this article, we will spend a short but valuable time looking at what Team Durango consider to be THE most important element of who we are and what we create, the people behind the brand.

Our dedicated team of designers, administration staff, technical assistants, conceptual artists, motor sport engineers, project managers and graphics experts are the very heart beat of Team Durango. They contribute hundreds of hours a month to the constant development of our products, whilst also nurturing and growing the ethos of our brand, every member of our staff team understands why Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’.

This constant hum of professional activity is always driving towards one definitive moment. The sound of the race control buzzer. The whoosh of the electric motors or the smell of the nitro fuel. Or as it is often called in full scale motor sport racing ‘Go Time’.

At this point, Team Durango put all our hours of hard work and dedication, all our meetings and stock takes, all our conference calls and concept drawings, all our production assessments and sample testing, into the hands of a select few. Team Durango team drivers are the members of our team who share with the world what Team Durango means to us.

From Yorkshire to Nevada, from Sydney to Hamamatsu, Team Durango team drivers compete in a wide selection of racing classes against some of the worlds fastest RC drivers, week in week out.


Our team drivers are not just dedicated RC racers. Every member of our team is also directly involved with the testing and progressive development of every single Team Durango product. In addition, every driver provides a fundamental link between our engineering staff, designers and advertising agents. This link is a tangible communication of information. Straight from the heat of the racing action to the design table. If a team driver feels a product needs a revision, they can communicate with our research and development staff whilst also consulting with our brand managers and sales teams. Team Durango racers are a critical part of our team, on the track and beyond.


Becoming a member of the Team Durango team is not just about being fast on the track, although our pro drivers are definitely among the fastest in the world across all classes. Each team member possesses a wide selection of very unique skills that they offer to the rest of the team to assist with our collective development. We are fortunate enough to have many of our team drivers who posses skills in areas of engineering, design, journalism, photography, illustration, business management, website design and many other realms. This allows Team Durango to not just field the strongest racing teams for the events we choose to compete in, but also have access to a diverse range of professional skills away from the track. Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

This multi-skilled staff philosophy operates in much the same way as any professional racing manufacturer, regardless of the scale of vehicles they produce. A quick glance across the offices of our UK headquarters would give you a very interesting picture. Our whole team is focused on our products being perfectly equipped for the moment when the racing buzzer sounds. We don’t just make RC cars, we design them from the ground up.

The unique thing that always reminds us of our roots within the world of RC motor sport is when we are in the pits alongside you, our fans. Our team drivers are always welcoming of any comments, suggestions and positive experiences that you choose to share with them. Next time you see a racer wearing the Team Durango livery, at the track or otherwise, stop and say hello. We are always really happy to meet fans of our products, and we are always here to help with any advice or guidance you may need.

Stay tuned for more interesting information that will allow you to learn more about why Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’.

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February 26, 2013

Oakland’s Raceway Welcomes Team Durango – Cold Conditions Can Not Stop The Action

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With weather conditions that would make most penguins reach for their fleece jackets, Team Durango team drivers visited the lovingly created Oakland’s Raceway near Telford in the UK, for a spot of off-road race action. Paul Robinson, James Ambrose and Stuart Styles attended the fifth round of the Oakland’s Winter Series. Paul and James had booked in to race 2WD with their DEX210’s. Stuart was at the meeting to catch up with the club members who recently elected to run dBoots tyres for their upcoming Mid West BRCA Regional event, and also their hotly anticipated 2013 summer series. Feedback from grass-roots racers is essential for the constant development of all our products.

The venue was already busy by 8:15am, with the generous pit field filling up with brave winter off-road race fans. The Oakland’s race meetings are always a relaxed and fun day out for all who attend, and the club have created an excellent environment for racers of all abilities to enjoy their challenging Astroturf track.


Off-road nirvana - The club has created a really exciting venue for 10th racers

The ambient temperature floated around zero for most of the morning and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the track was dry and was providing good grip levels for the DEX210 practice laps. Our team were really happy to see so many DEX210 vehicles in attendance, with many specification levels and body shell designs attacking the interesting track lay-out during free practice. It seems that local racers are finding great success with the super reliable DEX210.


Team driver Paul Robinson braves the arctic temperatures with his DEX210

Oakland’s have recently elected dBoots tyres as a choice control tyre for their upcoming 2WD and 4WD Mid West regional event. Club owner Paul Jones has also consulted with his committee and confirms that dBoots tyres will be the control tyre for Oakland’s 2013 summer series. Racers have reported that the dBoots Terrabyte has been performing particularly well when the Oakland’s Astroturf is dry. The dBoots Multibyte tyre in A compound has also found favour when the track is either damp or grip levels are down due to variable temperatures.

Both Paul and James reported that their DEX210’s felt very settled during qualifying with initial concerns regarding grip being dispelled as Paul found his pace. With James running the new ‘cab forward’ body shell from Team Durango, it was interesting to see how the two cars performed running very similar set-ups. Both cars were really relishing the tight in-field section of the Oakland’s track, with Paul making very easy work of the sharp and short main jump in the centre of the track. James reported that his DEX210 was finding lots of front end grip and was stable on the long bumpy straight.

Stuart spent some time talking with local racer, and Team Durango fan, Dave Williams who was busy making adjustments to several DEX210 cars in a very warm pit tent. His attention to detail when wiring and setting up the DEX210 really makes the most of Team Durango’s precision engineered design. Dave was happy to share these interesting tips regarding the electrical installation in his favourite DEX210 buggy.

  • I always install the ESC in the left side pod as you look at the front of the DEX210. This works great for short wiring set-ups if you are running mid-motor configuration with your power plant on the right. Short cables equal less electrical resistance and eliminate that ‘noodle soup’ look inside your buggy.
  • I always use cable braid in all my Team Durango cars. This inexpensive mesh tubing is great for keeping your electrical wires tidy, colour coding each cable and of course looks really cool. This tubing works really well to protect potentially fragile wires such as your personal transponder lead and servo cables.
  • I am a real fan of how the DEX210 allows us to run the battery cells in a forward or rear seated position. This not only allows for a quick change in weight bias, but also gives us the option of running ‘shorty’ battery packs.
  • I always solder my motor cables so they are positioned flat on the motor tabs. If you look at the images of my car you will see how this provides a really neat and safe method of routing the wires to your ESC unit.
  • The DEX210 has a brilliant custom wire routing slot across the chassis, under the battery cell area. I use carbon vinyl stickers cut to the exact size of the battery cell area to keep this routed cable safe from harm.
  • I solder my positive and negative ‘bullet’ connectors on my ESC at right-angles to the wire ends. This reduces the amount of cable you need, and also keeps the connectors securely in place during bumps and bangs.

Dave Williams DEX210 - Simple wiring for neat and tidy electrical installations

Our trip to Oakland’s, although very cold, was a real inspiration. Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’, it seems that the members of Oakland’s raceway share our philosophy. They have created a wonderful racing venue. We were very pleased to see the DEX210 so strongly represented. Team Durango look forward to visiting Oakland’s on the 10th of March for the sixth round of this really exciting winter series.

To learn more about the buggy that wins at all levels, click here:

February 12, 2013

Nathan Waters Wins Silverstone Meeting – Team Durango Team Drivers Attend Popular Series

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Nathan Waters Wins At Silverstone – DEX210 Top Performance

Saturday the 9th of February saw Team Durango racing star Nathan Waters take a convincing victory at the latest round of the Silverstone Model Car Club Winter Series. Hosted at the beautifully appointed Moulton College in Northampton UK, this fiercely contested series is popular with the regions top off-road racers. Nathan dominated 2WD throughout the meeting and was the first racer in attendance to post a hyper fast sub-twenty second lap on the interesting AstroTurf track. With fellow Team Durango team mates Ben Cosgrove and Stuart Styles also attending, the meeting was a fast and exciting clash of local Silverstone club members and dedicated regional racers.

Nathan was the racer to set the pace during the first round of qualifying with a ballistic quick first few laps. This set the tone for remainder of the meeting with Nathan not allowing the pressure from the likes of Kev Lee to rattle his A final pace. Ben Cosgrove was racing for the second time with his DEX210, and was finding his own fast pace in the top ten of the meeting from an early stage. Stuart Styles was driving the DEX210 for the first time after a break from 2WD , and he reported that his car was very safe to drive during the rough and tumble in the middle of the competitive field.


Ben Cosgrove on the pace during his second DEX210 outing. His famous 'Turbo Orange' body was bright!

Silverstone Model Car Club is a very unique organisation. They are fortunate enough to be regular users of the high quality Moulton College venue that hosted a 10th UK National event during 2012. The club is lovingly organised by a collection of dedicated racers who are not shy of hard work when it comes to providing racers with a top quality experience. Team Durango are always inspired by such clubs, and would like to extend their congratulations to all the racers who help create these professional meetings. The Silverstone tracks are always well created, and the meetings are so professional you would be forgiven for feeling you are racing at a National meeting at every event.


Stuart Styles pilots Chris Doughty colours while awaiting his new team bodyshell

Nathan Waters once again proved that the DEX210 is a consistently fast platform. His skill and determination really shone during a series that is widely regarded as a highlight in the local racing calendar. The Silverstone track surface is very high grip Astroturf with some areas of slippy vinyl. The DEX210 performed extremely well with several different set-up configurations. Nathan provided a wonderful performance, with his team mates also experiencing a great race meeting from their DEX210 vehicles.

With round six of this exciting series scheduled for the early weeks of March, Team Durango are looking forward to attending the final round with their DEX210 vehicles.

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