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April 18, 2013

Flash Back – How The DEX410 Genetics Were Created

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At TDHQ we are very proud of our racing history. Way back in 2009 we first launched our TDTV Youtube channel and enjoyed sharing the first test footage of our now world famous DEX410 platform. Since that day the DEX410 has developed into a 4WD racing buggy that can be classed as one of the fastest 10th scale racing cars on the planet. With a fan base that covers all four corners of the globe, and thousands of amazing race wins every year at all levels, the DEX410 platform is one of the reasons we are ‘Serious About Racing.

We thought we would share one of our favourite ‘Flash Back’ moments with you all. Enjoy the first ever official look at the DEX410 here:

2009 – 2013 and beyond, the Team Durango DEX410 is not only a marvel of precision engineering, but is also an RC vehicle that has developed its own personality. If you own one then you know what we mean, if you don’t yet then click here to see how you can experience the car that changed off-road forever:

Watch our colleagues in Japan back in 2009:

Enjoy the 2009 EFRA Euro 4WD races as the DEX410 dominates the pack:

The DEX410 is the etched into our Hall Of Fame. Are you famous yet? – Email us a picture of your DEX410 buggy to now

Make Us Proud – Show The World How You Win


Here at Team Durango we are always amazed to hear from our fans and fellow racers who find success with our products. As a manufacturer we realise that without the on-going support of our legions of global fans we couldn’t achieve such great results. Many of you will have already joined us in immortalising your dedication by entering our now bulging Hall Of Fame. We thought it was the perfect time to share some more news about how you can all become closer to the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’.


If you are a Team Durango fan, if you race our products and have a story to tell us, if you enjoy how Team Durango are always striving for perfection in everything we do, we want you! Our goal over the coming months is to further expand our International network to include the biggest and best collection of Team Durango supporters we have ever seen. The Hall Of Fame will continue to build, but in the meantime, check out the other ways you can join the fastest growing team in competition RC today:

  • Feel free to email us a picture from your most recent race meeting. It does not matter how small or how large the event was, we want to see our fans enjoying Team Durango.
  • Send us some words that will inspire the world. Have you got a cool Team Durango story that will share your love for our products with the world?
  • Have you placed a Team Durango decal or sticker in an interesting place? Many of our racers use the Team Durango decals to decorate other things in their life. Show us your decal work.
  • Has the world of Team Durango provided you with something of value beyond racing. Share your story and positive vibes with us please.

We are always so happy to hear from you all. We are committed to providing you with a platform to shine and gain credit for your racing achievements.

– Email any of the above items to

We are really excited to hear from you soon.

Stay tuned for more Hall Of Fame news here and over on Twitter. Follow @teamdurango

Watch how Team Durango has risen to world-wide acclaim over at TDTV, click here now:

Explore the world-wide phenomenon that is Team Durango, click here:

March 29, 2013

Team Durango – Cool Facts That You May Not Know About The Brand Who Is ‘Serious About Racing’

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Cool facts that you may not know about Team Durango

  • Every product we produce is designed by racers, without exception.
  • We have over 100 year’s RC racing experience within our team.
  • Our name is also the Spanish word for a town on the water.
  • Our managing director is an ex European Pro 10 Champion.
  • Our UK Team Manager is an ex Junior National ATV Champion.
  • Our heritage includes very close links with Germany.
  • Our design team can communicate in seven world languages.
  • We also design and distribute our own brand of high quality RC race tyres called dBoots.
  • Our 2WD 10th scale pro buggy, the DEX210, has 33 basic geometry and gearbox settings straight out of the box.
  • Our competition 4WD 10th scale buggy, the DEX410V3, is often used as a testing platform by drivers from other manufacturers.
  • Our pro team driver Jörn Neumann is the only European to ever win the prestigious Reedy Race of Champions in the USA.
  • Our research and development team is led by a 10th scale European off-road champion.
  • Our team comprises racers from seven globally recognised racing classes.
  • Our Race Ready RTR vehicles offer the exactly the same Hybrid Technology multi-purpose gearbox as our pro kits.
  • Our world famous DEX410 platform comprises precision manufactured carbon, aluminium and composite materials all in one kit configuration.
  • The DEX210 is the only 2WD 10th scale buggy that allows for eight different gearbox and motor plate configurations, all from supplied kit parts.
  • Our 10th scale 4WD Short Course truck, the DESC410, is supplied as standard with super-durable Team Durango gear diffs.
  • Our Sales Manager was involved in the development of the first Formula 1 computer powered training simulator.
  • Our company is young at heart and we believe in progress through precision design and engineering.
  • Our products are universally designed by motor sport engineers and qualified CAD concept artists.
  • We support the younger members of the racing community by sponsoring Team Durango’s Polish team. Their combined age is a mere 24 years old!
  • We are often lucky enough to have the company of a very nice dog named Sam, TD resident ‘office dog’.
  • Many of our staff are regularly involved in high level mountain bike competition.
  • Our sales and marketing executive has also written several fantasy fiction novels.
  • We enjoy playing racket ball sports throughout the year.
  • We love racing competition at every level and often get involved in fantasy Formula 1 leagues.
  • We design every product from a racers point of view.
  • Our sales and marketing staff are fans of spicy sauces and have a large collection to hand every day.
  • We promote the sharing of quality information and collectively believe in young racers getting closer to the action for valuable learning experiences.
  • Our recently launched Team Durango Hall Of Fame will allow you all a chance to me remembered for your part of the Team Durango story so far.

Stay tuned over at Twitter by searching for and following @teamdurango

Get more information about the precision engineered racing products produced by Team Durango, click here:


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