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June 18, 2015

Multiple Finnish Short Course Success


Six Top Ten Places for Team Durango

Team Durango Finalnd racers are celebrating a very exciting conclusion to the recently staged first round of the SC Summer Series in Helsinki.

Racing a mixture of the all-new DESC10 and the classic TD performer, the DESC410v2, our Finnish colleagues took six of the top ten finishing spots.

This domination of the ‘A’ Main results included a first place win for Tony Liljeqvist, a third place podium for Max Söderlund, a fourth place for Jani Ravantti , and a fifth place finish for Mikko Lampinen.

Sami Suokas was to finish in seventh and this awesome team performance was concluded with Tommi Tervo in ninth. Team Durango Finland had arrived.

The TD racers gave virtually no room for the competition to establish any hold on the technical and fast-paced Lavanko track, showing the consistent qualities of the Team Durango Short Course range.

We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to the team for a solid performance.

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June 16, 2015

Multiple Canadian Success – Pascal Morin


Pascal Morin – Multi-Class Wins

Team Durango Canada racer, Pascal Morin, has returned from a recent club race meeting in Chazel, Quebec, with multiple race wins and TQ finishes.

The results of Pascal’s awesome performance looked like this:

4WD Buggy – 1ST place finish and overall TQ – Pascal Morin – DEX410v4

2WD Buggy – 2ND place finish and overall TQ – Pascal Morin – DEX210v2

1/8 E Buggy – 1ST place finish – Pascal Morin – Pascal Morin – DEX8

2WD Stadium Truck – 1ST place finish – Pascal Morin – DEST210R

Pascal was really happy to secure solid results in four classes during just one race meeting, testimony to his skill when quickly switching racing styles.

Pascal was quick to comment on the consistent performance of the newly launched DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy, stating he was “… very pleased with how well it handled”

This was also the first time Pascal had driven his newly built DEX210v2, taking it straight to a TQ finish. Great work Pascal.

We send our thanks and congratulations to Pascal for a really great set of race results.

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DETC410 Wins LRP Challenge


Brockmann Takes Win – DETC410 Touring Car

Team Durango Germany have recently returned from the first round of the LRP Challenge in Bremen, Germany, resulting in a great victory for TC race star Björn Brockmann and his DETC410.

Having won the 17.5 Stock class during the previous warm-up race a few weeks ago, Björn was primed for the competition, which featured the regions fastest Touring Car talent.

Björn was really happy to win with his DETC410, once again proving the consistent track pace of the Team Durango 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car.


Björn was supported by fellow TD racer, Martin Hefkaluk, who returned with a solid sixth place ‘A’ Main finish to complete the LRP Challenge nicely for our German colleagues.

We send our thanks and congratulations to Björn, Martin and the rest of Team Durango Germany.

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June 15, 2015

Double National Victory – Novotny Podium Lock-out


DEX210v2 & DEX410v4 Win Czech National Opener 

Czech National Series Round 1 – 2WD Buggy – 1ST Place and overall TQ – Kaja Novotny – DEX210v2

Czech National Series Round 1 – 4WD Buggy – 1ST Place and overall TQ – Kaja Novotny – DEX410v4

Continuing his formidable winning streak, which shows no signs of slowing down, Kaja Novotny has returned from the first round of the Czech National Series in Rychvald with a double win and double TQ finish.

Kaja was competing in both 2WD and 4WD 1/10 Buggy classes, fielding the DEX210v2 and DEX410v4 respectively.

Securing overall TQs in both classes during qualifying, Kaja was also very happy to post the fastest lap of the day in 2WD with his DEX210v2.

In 4WD, kaja was able to win all three qualifying rounds, proving that the DEX410v4 is ultra-consistent on high-grip Astroturf tracks.


Kaja on the top step of the 4WD winners podium with the DEX410v4

Kaja was very pleased to take a first place finish in both classes, securing the Czech National first round crown for Team Durango.

We send our sincere thanks and huge congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel for as strong performance.

We look forward to more exciting news from our young Czech star very soon.

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June 8, 2015

DNX8 & DEX8 Take Double French Win



1/8 Nitro Buggy – 1ST and overall TQ – Romain Valter – Team Durango DNX8

1/8 E Buggy – 1ST and overall TQ – Raphael Robert – Team Durango DEX8

The recently contested French Region 4 League clash has provided Team Durango France with double success.

Romain Valter and  Raphael Robert visited the dry and dusty Avesnes Sur Helpe race track, with Romain to run the DNX8 Nitro Buggy and Raphael running the DEX8 Electric Buggy.

Early pace for both racers saw them easily dismantle any threat from the strong field of competitors, as both drivers put together a solid example of off-road racing.

Romain was really happy  to be hitting the top podium spot, stating that the racing was made easy because of how well his DNX8 had handled the challenging track, lap after lap.


Robert Raphael and his winning DEX8

Raphael was keen to echo his team mates pleasure, stating that his overall TQ was easily achieved with the help of his consistently performing DEX8.

We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to Romain and Raphael for a great performance.


The DEX8 and DNX8 that provided a double win and double TQ for our French race stars

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DETC410 Wins LRP Warm Up


Brockmann Pilots DETC410 to Victory

Continuing their recent run of winning Touring Car performances, Team Durango Germany have claimed another podium victory for the DETC410.

Björn Brockmann attended the 2015 LRP Challenge Warm Up race, competing against some of the regions fastest TC drivers. Björn stormed to a first place finish in the 17.5 Stock class, showing the consistent pace of the DETC410 once again.

Björn was supported by fellow TD team members, who secured other ‘A’ Main positions as the DETC410 stamped its mark on the event.


Team Durango Germany – Taking on all challenges in style

With the European Touring Car season now in full swing, we are very excited to watch our German colleagues continue to build on their recent DETC410 successes.

Congratulations go to Björn and the team.

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DETC410 Multi-Class Success – Team Durango Germany


Team Durango Germany Sweep With DETC410

The Team Durango Germany Touring Car team, headed by TC race star Michael Spiering, have returned from the NRW Fun Cup in Remscheid with a collection of podium places for for the DETC410.

The team were competing in two Touring Car classes, 13.5 and 17.5 Stock, allowing them to field a strong team of TD drivers, as they battled for the win with the race-proven DETC410. They were rewarded with a sweep of solid results.

Simon Heidtfeld – 13.5 Stock – 1ST place – Team Durango DETC410

Michael Spiering – 13.5 Stock – 2ND place – Team Durango DETC410

Domenic Paul -17.5 Stock – 1ST place – Team Durango DETC410

Jürgen Lenz -17.5 Stock – 4TH place – Team Durango DETC410

The team concluded this exciting meeting with a very solid collection of results, proving again the versatility of the DETC410 for stock racing disciplines.

We send our thanks and congratulations to Team Durango Germany.

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DNX8 Wins Czech Open Nitro Race


Novotny Commands the Field – DNX8 Win 

1st Place Nitro Buggy – Kaja Novotny – Team Durango DNX8

Czech Team Durango race star, Kaja Novotny, has concluded his recent trip to the fourth round of the Czech Open Nitro Challenge with a win for the DNX8 1/8 4WD Buggy.

With limited experience in this hugely competitive racing class, Kaja had everything to prove at the dry and dusty venue, with almost tropical weather conditions making the racing tough for the field of experienced racers.

The DNX8 found very early pace, taking the first qualifier easily, then following on to also secure the second round with a solid TQ.


A happy Kaja with his winning DNX8 Buggy

Kaja won the semi final by more than half a lap, putting him straight into the ‘A’ Main as top qualifier.

The hectic final was to be a pleasing outing for young Kaja, with an awesome drive concluding in the first place finish for the Team Durango multi-class expert.

We send our congratulations to Kaja for his first ever Nitro racing win. We also share our sincere thanks and admiration for Karel Novotny for his tireless hard work supporting his son.

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June 2, 2015

DEX410v4 – Multiple Finnish Success


Ari Heinonen & Markku Honkanen Podium Victory

Team Durango Finland have been enjoying very strong off-road performances during recent months, with Ari Heinonen and Marku Honkanen dominating the 2014-2015 Winter Jumps series with the DEX410v4.

The heavily attended race series was concluded recently, with a first overall for Ari and a very solid second overall for his fellow Team Durango racer Markku.

With Team Durango Finland and Hobby Factory Junior Team member Juho Rajaniemi taking fourth overall and Lauri Ruotsalainen taking sixth, it was a very strong Team Durango series conclusion.

Nine of the top 15 cars were Team Durango DEX410v4s after the six race series was concluded.

We send our sincere thanks and congratulations to Team Durango Finland for an awesome series performance.

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June 1, 2015

DETC410 Takes National Win – Jorge Simoes

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First Win – Simoes National Podium

Newly signed Team Durango Touring Car star, Jorge Simoes, has wasted no time settling into his new position on the team, piloting his DETC410 straight to victory in Portugal last weekend.

Having built the car only last week, Jorge was really happy to hit the track for the Portuguese Nationals, powering to a first place podium finish at the Associação Académica de Coimbra race venue.


Jorge lines up his DETC410 in pole

With the upcoming 1/10 EFRA Touring Car Championship being held in Portugal, we are very excited to see how Jorge can continue to develop his performances with the Team Durango DETC410.

Stay tuned for exciting DETC410 set-up tips and race-winning techniques from Jorge very soon.


Fresh from Nationals victory – Jorge’s DETC410

We send our congratulations to Jorge for a great result.

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