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With a number of national and international titles, the original DESC410R was one of the most competitive racing Short Course trucks out-of-the-box.
Now, the evolution of this race-winning species continues - the DESC410Rv2 has arrived. With even more race-winning features, some of which are shared with the DESC410Rv2's high-spec brother, the DESC410v2, the DESC410Rv2 is ready to tear-up the track and the competition!
Championship-winning, race-proven suspension geometry, as seen on the DESC410v2 high-spec kit, is what the DESC410Rv2 is all about. The A-arms have been strengthened to give even greater durability for when the racing gets hard and furious. Coupled with Team Durango's famous Big Bore Fat Shocks, the DESC410Rv2 rides the bumps and jumps like no other Short Course racing truck.
Just like the DESC410v2 high-spec kit, the DESC410Rv2 comes with a slipper-clutch and centre differential, as standard. This feature allows you to fine-tune the power that gets to your transmission from the moment you pull the trigger. The centre diff allows tighter, better and faster cornering, as well as balancing the feel of the car on the roughest and smoothest of tracks. For ultimate adjustability, the DESC410Rv2 is the only SC truck you will ever need.
The suspension arms on the DESC410Rv2 have been made super-durable. Engineered to withstand the hard-core, heavy-duty demands of Short Course racing, these new, stronger suspension arms, give you more durability than ever before. The Team Durango Big Bore shocks feature a fully threaded barrel, which means you can fine-tune the ground clearance of your truck simply and quickly by raising or lowering the threaded shock collar.
As seen on the DESC410v2, the new moulded composite shock towers are super-lightweight and incredibly durable. These towers have been engineered to offer similar toughness as the aluminium shock towers, as seen on the previous DESC410R kit, but with less weight.

The rear bulkhead has also been updated for even greater strength. Short Course racing needs a tough truck to survive hard-core racing, and the DESC410Rv2 is one tough truck.
The all new Team Durango Short Course bodyshell, as seen on the DESC210R 2WD Short Course kit, allows you to tune the air-flow through your SC truck. Specially designed vents have been included which you can cut-out to alter the aerodynamic properties of your DESC410Rv2 as it flies through the air. No longer do you need to worry about the 'parachuting' effect that hinders other SC trucks; with the DESC410Rv2 you can tune your truck exactly how you want.
New for the DESC410Rv2 is Team Durango's race-proved adjustable rear bumper. With the removal of four screws, the large-sized rear bumper can be transformed into a small-sized, race-efficient rear bumper to save weight and get every last MPH out of your truck. Team Durango's tough, moulded composite bumpers give the DESC410Rv2 the classic Short Course truck look.
The DESC410Rv2 is the lightest 4WD Short Course truck in its class. This, combined with the legendary Team Durango shaft-driven, geared differential transmission, for lightning-fast acceleration and cornering, means that the DESC410Rv2 is not only one of the most tuneable RC Short Course trucks, it is one of the best balanced and best handling trucks available today. Head-to-head, wheel-to-wheel, bumper-to-bumper, the DESC410Rv2 is a warrior of a truck. Not only will it beat the competition, it will destroy them!
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Part No: TD102013
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