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This product is discontinued. It has been replaced by: #TD102034 - DESC10 1/10 Electric 4WD Off Road SC truck
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The DESC410v2 kit is a Pro-spec race kit based on the successful DESC410R, a kit that has won many races all over the world since its release. The DESC410v2 has been loaded with plenty of heavy-duty options we have in our product line, as well as receiving some updates to parts to increase their on-track toughness. The DESC410v2 has already won in the hands of Pro Team driver Ryan Lutz, who won the 4wd SC class at the 2012 AMS 3.0 race in the USA.
Championship-winning, race-proven layout and geometry, inspired by the original DESC410R model. Team Durango has improved the suspension geometry by adding an additional shock mounting hole on the front suspension arm which is further-out from the original hole.
The optional Team Durango centre-diff is included in the Pro-spec DESC410v2 , as standard. For DESC410R owners, this option part proved essential for improving both handling and durability, as well as fine-tuning adjustability.
Another option part for the DESC410R is the machine cut 42T differential ring gears. These super heavy-duty machine cut gears are included in the DESC410v2 as standard, making the drive-train of this Pro-spec kit incredibly robust and durable.
Familiar to owners of our World- and European-Championship winning buggy (DEX410v3), the DESC410v2 comes complete with precision machined aluminium suspension hangers, front and rear. These beautifully crafted items offer increased toughness and durability out-of-the-box. For Team Durango levels of tuneability, the rear suspension hanger uses moulded composite inserts to give multiple anti-squat settings, allowing you to fine-tune your DESC410v2 to any track conditions.
Updated suspension arms, front and rear, have been made even stronger for increased durability on the toughest tracks and under the roughest conditions.
These moulded composite shock towers have been engineered to offer similar toughness as the aluminium towers, as seen on the DESC410R kit, but with less weight.
Aluminium shock seal housing caps included for increased strength and durability.
Both large and small rear bumpers are included in the DESC410v2 as standard. Tough moulded composite bumpers give the DESC410v2 a classic Short Course look.
Sway bars are included as standard, for both the front and rear. These have have been a very popular option on the DESC410R kit, so Team Durango has made them a standard part on the Pro-spec DESC410v2.
The low centre of gravity design of the DESC410v2 has a near perfect weight distribution front-to-rear and side-to-side, for predictable and stable handling corner to corner, time and again. The compact layout keeps body roll to a minimum yet has plenty of room for electrics whilst the optional under-body cover can be purchased separately to protect the electronics from the worst conditions you'll see on any race track.
The chassis on our SC truck is built like no other - with an alloy sandwich construction making a lightweight but super tough and rigid platform to hang the rest of the truck from. Toughness is important when you go wheel-to-wheel, and with the new stronger arms the whole suspension system and drivetrain is designed to take the punishment of top-flight competition racing.
Big Bore dampers are standard equipment on the DESC410v2. They handle the biggest landings and roughest terrain better than anything else - it's that simple. More oil means it doesn't have to work as hard plus the FAT shocks stay more consistent through a run as well as soaking up monster jumps is improved over smaller rivals. Along with the standard pistons we also include 'blanks' to allow racers to tune their own.
The DESC410v2 is designed to handle the extreme power of 550 and 4-Pole motors, with the included Module-1 spur gear (48dp also included).
The addition of the centre differential and machined steel differential crown gears add to what was an already tough setup amd makes the DESC410v2 more than capable of staying at the top.
The drivetrain is protected by a race proven dual pad slipper - which works together with the centre differential to put the power down to the track and protect the drivetrain from big landings.
48DP and Module-1 spur gears are both included in the kit - so you can run the 'regular' 48DP gears in controlled class racing or choose the BIG gears to handle the power of 550/4-pole motors.
Chassis: Aluminium chassis plate with aluminium upper chassis side rails and composite chassis spacers.
Drive: 4WD
Shocks: Aluminium body, oil-filled, with additional blank pistons
Shock Towers: Moulded composite
Motor Mount: CNC Aluminium
Differentials: Front and rear gear differentials with machine cut ring gears. Centre slipper-diff (gear differential and slipper clutch combined in one unit)
Body: SC body
Motor: 550 size motor
ESC: Suitable for 2S LiPo and 550 size motor
Radio: 2-channel with high torque steering servo
Battery: 2S LiPo Saddle Pack
Tyres: 1/10 scale Short Course Type Tyres
Shock Oil: Silicone type
Diff Oil: Silicone type
Length: 21.9" (550mm)
Width: 11.2" (285mm)
Wheelbase: 13.0" (329mm) to 13.2" (336mm)
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.47:1
Weight: 95.2oz (2700g) approx (varies with choice of electrics, tyres and body)
Part No: TD102020
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