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The DETC410v2 provides the ultimate Touring Car race machine for drivers who demand faster lap times and precision engineered design. Developed during countless hours of track testing, the DETC410v2 possesses a host of feature refinements and material improvements that you can actually feel, lap after lap. Race harder than ever before, take control of the DETC410v2 and become part of our exciting Touring Car evolution.
STIFFER - Stiffer materials, enhanced rigidity.
LIGHTER - Reduced weight, increased efficiency.
STRONGER - Refined for greater durability.
FASTER - Advanced design, faster lap times.
Loaded with premium quality components and precision engineered race-ready features, the DETC410v2 will thrust you straight into intense Touring Car track action, safe in the knowledge that durability, consistent performance and advanced tuning capabilities are supplied as standard.
  • Refined materials for reduced wear and extended durability.
  • Tighter operating tolerances on moving parts, for super-smooth control.
  • Thousands of laps have contributed to many small refinements, creating the ultimate 1/10 4WD Touring Car.
The DETC410v2 features new composite materials that are stiffer, meaning you will feel improved handling on high-grip tracks. This will allow you to focus on every apex as your DETC410v2 commands every turn.
  • Higher Carbon Content increases component stiffness.
  • Increased handling response, more consistant laps.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced material wear.
To win you must finish. The new and improved composite materials have a higher carbon content than previous materials, meaning they remain stable in a wider range of temperatures. The DETC410v2 has increased durability with improved hardware mounting holes for increased resistance to the extreme forces that are exerted on Touring Cars.
  • Extended durability in hot or cold conditions.
  • Resilient to wear over hundreds of laps.
  • Revised mounting holes, for easily repeatable set-ups.
Losing weight to gain extra track speed was all part of our extensive refinement process, allowing you to squeeze every 1/100 from your laps. The DETC410v2 is now lighter in stock build configuration, increasing the potential power-to-weight ratio straight from the kit box.
  • Reduction in un-sprung mass helps provide sharper handling characteristics.
  • Increased efficiency for stock racing classes.
The DETC410v2 kit provides two full sets of Suspension Arms, Front Hubs, Front Steering Blocks and Rear Hubs, with two different material values. This means you can tune your vehicle for peak performance, dependent on the ambient temperature, level of traction available and weather conditions.
  • NEW V2 Stiffer Material - Optimised for high grip racing.
  • Super-durable composite material for reduced wear.
  • Attack a wider range of racing environments with increased material stability.
Revisions to the design of the DETC410v2 Ball Cups provide ultimate security for your chosen settings. Increased durability and improved impact resistance mean you can attack the track with confidence.
  • Precision Ball-Cup revision removes unwanted play.
  • Greater impact resistance.
  • Fast and easy setting adjustments.
You can easily access a wide range of precision tuning options with the DETC410v2 Lower Suspension Arm Insert System. A revised design provides ultra-precise fitting, making set-up adjustments easily repeatable.
  • Revised insert precision for super-consistent in-board and out-board adjustments.
  • Fast and easy incremental changes in minutes.
  • Tunable rear Hinge-Pin widths from 40.6-46.4mm (1.6-1.83")
  • Easily adjusted with precision Suspension Hanger Inserts.
  • Fast and easy width recognition with moulded insert marking.
Your DETC410v2 will provide ultra-smooth Diff operation, with revised softer O-Rings for consistent sealing. Diff Cross-Shaft tolerances have been rigorously tested and improved for super-smooth power transfer in all track conditions.
  • Cross-Shaft fitment tolerances revised for consistent operation and longevity.
  • All-new O-ring rating for smoother operation.
  • Critical track performance vastly improved by smooth rotation of Bevel Gears.
  • Precision adjustments wil provide increased mechanical grip.
Included in your kit are a range of precision Spur Gears, allowing the use of specialist gearing configurations. The DETC410v2 will allow you to set up and balance your gearing selection for optimum performance. Click the PDF Gear Chart below to learn more.
  • Kit now supplied with 86T, 100T and 116T Spur Gears in the kit box.
  • 86T Spur Gear now supplied for slow pace Stock racing classes - 3.81 - 3.05 Gearing Range.
  • 100T Spur Gear now supplied for medium-pace Stock racing classes - 6.50 - 3.55 Gearing Range.
  • 116T Spur Gear included for fast-paced Modified racing classes - 10.28 - 5.14 Gearing Range.
A newly designed Motor Mount fitment now provides less opportunity for Chassis tweak during building and servicing, meaning you can hit the track confident your car is dialled.
  • NEW mounting Screw design prevents permanant tweak.
  • Gold anodised Motor Mount for increased durability.
Super-smooth all-wheel belt-drive is at the heart of the DETC410v2, with dual BandoTM precision Belts to create ultra-efficient power transfer in all conditions. The newly designed front Spool Outdrives are stronger than ever, meaning you can be certain that you can harness fast and consistent Driveshaft operation, lap after lap.
  • Revised front Spool Outdrive design for increased durability.
  • Reduced wear and consistent power transfer.
  • Precision manufactured Layshaft Pulley Gear and composite Spur Gear for long lasting durabilty.
  • Revised Diff Cross-Shaft tolerances, for ultra-smooth operation
  • Increased carbon content for reduced weight
  • 86T, 100T and 116T Spur Gears now included for a wider range of racing classes
  • Redesigned Spool Outdrive for reduced wear
  • NEW lightweight composite for reduced unsprung mass
  • Revised Ball-Cup design for improved durability
  • Redesigned hardware mounting holes for increased durability
  • Refined Hingepin Insert design for easily repeatable set-ups
  • Lighter and stiffer composite material for increased precision handling
  • NEW V2 material provides more agility on high-grip surfaces
  • Black coated aluminium Shock Bodies with precision threads.
  • High quality gold anodised aluminium pre-load Collars for precise tuning adjustments.
  • The ability to run either emulsion or bladder Shock Absorber set-ups, all in one unit.
  • Choose to run one or two silcone O-rings in Shock Cartridges for custom set-up.
  • Super-durable composite Shock Caps complete with bleed holes and Screws for fast and easy adjustments.
  • Achieve more steering lock due to unique Axle-Joint system.
  • Superior rotating efficiency due to large diameter.
  • Ultra-smooth power transfer and reduced Driveshaft vibration.
  • Gold anodised Driveshafts engineered from premium aluminium for reduced rotating mass.
  • Super-durable steel D-Joint Collar and Axles for long-lasting performance.
  • Specially designed battery adjustment system which allows fast tuning of weight distribution.
  • Easily fine tune left-to-right weight balance with your chosen electrical components.
  • Battery position can be adjusted with a range of settings from 0mm - 6mm. Ultra-fine-tune of 0mm - 1mm can be achieved using the optional outer Set-Screw.
  • Battery mounts incorporate a tape/battery strap mounting slot. No need to pass tape/battery strap across the underside of the chassis plate. This reduces unwanted track surface friction.
  • 2.25mm laminated carbon fibre upper Servo Mount for secure fit and reduced weight.
  • Floating outer Servo Post for reduced twist under extreme load.
  • Fast and easy Steering Servo access for hassle-free servicing.
  • Ultra-simple rear anti-squat adjustments with our supplied Shim Spacers.
  • Rear total range of adjustment from 0° - 6°. Shim Spacers are equipped with size gauge notches for easy size recognition.
  • Front anti-dive adjustments are also easily accessed using specially manufactured Shim Spacers
  • Super-durable composite material, long lasting performance.
  • Front total range of adjustment from 0° - 6°. Shim Spacers are equipped with size gauge notches for easy size recognition.
  • Fast and easy Body Shell height adjustment.
  • All four Body Mounts and the fifth optional support can be adjusted in 1mm increments.
  • Strong and durable Body Supports with quick release height adjustment system.
  • Fifth Body Shell support provides maximum Body Shell rigidity.
  • High-density premium foam for increased impact resistance.
  • Super lightweight for equalised front-to-rear bias.
  • Bumper can be utilised with pre-cut inserts removed or glued into position creating flexible options.
Your DETC410v2 is ready to win, straight from the kit box. Now including even greater track-specific material options, faster and more consistent build process, lighter, stiffer and stronger components. This premium 1/10 4WD Touring Car benefits from our dedicated on-going development programme, meaning you get even more race-winning potential, in the ultimate Touring Car race package.
Explore DETC410v2 set-ups and Team Tech Tips now.
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