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This product is discontinued. It has been replaced by: #TD102030 - DEX410v4 1:10 Electric 4WD Off Road Buggy
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2009 IFMAR World Champion.
2011 IFMAR Vice-World Champion.
2011 EFRA European Champion.
Multiple national championships.

The DEX410 is a thoroughbred racing machine. Since the car was released in 2009, the DEX410 and DEX410R has been driven by club racers and RC pros to WIN. With the DEX410Rv3, you get the same race-proven geometry and materials that the pros use. Just ask Ryan, Jrn or Carson why they are so fast.
The DEX410R is incredibly agile. Fast cornering speeds come from being able to change direction quickly and accurately, and with the race-proven, ber-thin aluminium chassis plate, the DEX410Rv3 is one of the most reactive and quickest cornering buggies available. The composite side-rails and flex-brace give the DEX410Rv3 just enough chassis-flex to absorb the trauma on the roughest of tracks. If you want a quick, agile and super-slim buggy, you need the DEX410Rv3.
The combination of the correct length of A-arms, composite materials, turnbuckle pivot points and shock positioning all combine to give the DEX410Rv3 outstanding race geometry. The aluminium shock towers offer multiple mounting positions to fine-tune your DEX410Rv3 to all possible track conditions for optimum handling. Steering knuckles and front and rear hubs too have a range of positioning options to allow the pro and club racer to set-up their DEX410Rv3.
With a perfect 51% 49% rear-to-front weight distribution, the DEX410Rv3 is beautifully balanced. Left-to-right weight distribution too has been precisely designed to give the DEX410Rv3 the best possible handling, whilst making it safe to drive. If you push the DEX410Rv3, it will cope, if you drive smoothly it will respond accurately. With such ideal weight distribution, the DEX410Rv3 is a joy to race.
Team Durango made geared-differentials in 1/10 scale buggies work. Geared diffs are consistent and reliable. They are also tune-able. By changing the viscosity of the oil in the diffs, you can dramatically alter the way your DEX410Rv3 responds. Team Durango are Serious About Racing. We want to offer racers as much choice as possible, and as many tuning capabilities to allow you to get 100% from your race buggy. On all surfaces, geared-differentials have proven themselves to be incredibly fast (accelerating and braking) time and time again. The DEX410Rv3 has been designed to allow you to remove the front and rear differentials as easily as possible. In less time than it takes two five-minute heats of racing to be run, you can remove both differentials, change the oil and replace both diff units. Speed and simplicity make the DEX410Rv3 one of the simplest and easiest cars to maintain and tune.
The DEX410Rv3 kit comes complete with ball bearings in the wheel hubs, diffs and differential outdrives, and central spur gear carrier, giving the DEX410Rv3 an ultra-smooth and efficient drive train. Even though the DEX410Rv3 is priced for the new club racer, it uses the same standard of materials as the pro-specification DEX410v3. New for the DEX410Rv3 are 13mm diameter bearings on the outboard side of the front and rear hubs. Bigger bearings means even greater load capacity!
With modern power delivery systems (LiPo and brushless), the drive train takes a lot of strain. It is important that the drive hexes can transfer all of the power to the wheels. With the new 14mm composite hexes, there is no danger of the wheel hexes stripping, no matter how much power you force through the drive train. The composite material is lightweight too, reducing rotating mass, making your DEX410Rv3 accelerate and brake even quicker.
The new centre rear driveshaft mates perfectly with the new centre-rear outdrive. This allows the driveshaft to slide deeper into the outdrive under the toughest of driving conditions, and the heaviest of landings.
HD means Heavy Duty. The new HD ball ends, seen on the DEX410Rv3 and DEX410v3, are tougher than the original versions. Even under heavy impact, the balls ends stay fixed, keeping you on the track and in the race. Bigger and stronger, and made from our super-tough composite material, the new Team Durango Heavy Duty ball ends come as standard on the DEX410Rv3.
The DEX410Rv3 is supplied with composite shock collars and shock seal caps. These lightweight alternatives to the machined alloy versions found on the DEX410v3 allow you to keep your shocks fine tuned and super-smooth.
Team Durango's tried and tested oil-filled coil over shock absorbers keep each corner of your DEX410Rv3 stable and supported. With a full range of optional springs to choose from to fine-tune your shocks, these machined aluminium lightweight shock absorbers are built for racing. Chosen by Pros and new racers alike, Team Durango's oil-filled shock absorbers have been proven to win!
As well as the thin chassis, geared differentials and Championship winning geometry, the DEX410 and DEX410R is instantly recognisable by its unique, low and mega-streamlined body shell. Made from high-grade polycarbonate, the signature DEX410 body shell has been subtly updated for the DEX410Rv3. The cab has been raised slightly and the sides widened to allow clearance of the spur gear and better air-cooling for your electronics. From all angles, the DEX410Rv3 looks as good as it races. If you want to win, and win in style, you need only one car. The DEX410R from Team Durango. Serious About Racing.
Part No: TD102012
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