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This product is discontinued. It has been replaced by: #TD102036 - DEX410v5 1:10 Electric 4WD Off Road Buggy
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Team Durango design race cars that define precision RC engineering. The DEX410 platform is the culmination of a decade of global racing success and unparalleled innovation. Already a World and European Champion, the DEX410 platform has found global success with racers of all abilities, from dedicated club racers to professional RC drivers.

The DEX410v4 offers serious off-road racers the next evolution of Team Durango’s World Championship winning racing design. Precision manufactured to bring high performance 4WD RC to any track surface, the DEX410v4 has winning in its DNA.

Racers always demand high-performance. Team Durango create a 4WD Pro specification buggy that is capable of winning in the hands of a wide variety of RC drivers. The DEX410v4 continues the race-winning legacy of our 1/10 electric 4WD platform, in the hands of both International off-road stars and dedicated club racers all over the world.
Team Durango were the first to supply gear diff units as standard in a Pro 4WD race kit. Manufactured from super-strong and durable materials, these globally recognised diff assemblies provide superior traction when exiting corners, and will allow your DEX410v4 to find consistent grip when the track conditions are demanding. – New for V4 – now incorporating lightweight cross-shafts and planetary gears for increased efficiency. This provides a lower rotating mass which gives faster acceleration and more consistant handling characteristics.
The DEX410v4 features harder diff case material for superior power handling and extreme durability. Teamed with our world-famous gear-differential units for awesome power transfer, the DEX410v4 turns the torque into consistent forward traction as you apply the throttle.
The DEX410v4 includes our signature narrow chassis layout. Team Durango is able to achieve a 4WD platform that has the centre driveshaft over the top of the battery cells. The result is a super-low centre of gravity and awesome handling characteristics that are both nimble and aggressive.
Team Durango products have become synonymous with durability and precision engineering. The DEX410v4 continues this standard with super-strong 4mm front and rear carbon fibre shock towers, carbon fibre rear chassis-flex brace and the world-recognised ultra-slim aluminium chassis plate.
The shock towers provide multiple ‘fine tune’ camber and shock mounting positions all in one extra-tough stealthy black piece of precision machined carbon fibre.
The DEX410v4 has been engineered with optimum efficiency and ease of maintenance as a primary feature. The new centre UJ drive shafts have been custom designed to bring low-friction, low-resistance operation under the most extreme racing conditions. Reduced component strain during articulation and reduced heat transfer give the DEX410v4 the most efficient Team Durango drivetrain to date.
The DEX410v4 also includes new outboard driveshafts that provide smooth and stress-free operation during high speed straights and punishing landings.
Front and rear wheel independent traction control is managed by the DEX410v4s new secret weapon, the Two-Way Slipper Clutch. Designed to allow the vehicles’ front or rear wheels to be off the ground and still provide clutch slip to the other two wheels, this custom designed clutch unit gives the DEX410v4 the ability to stay ‘planted’ on any surface.
Easily tuned with a simple adjustment of the etched slipper gauge, this Two-Way Slipper Clutch construction will allow you to find optimum performance no matter what conditions are thrown at you. Get the power down quickly and never worry about adverse traction when the buggy is landing from jumps and bumps.
Adjustability can provide the competitive edge when the racing is intense. The DEX410v4 includes new front suspension arms that incorporate an outboard wheelbase adjustment that allows the buggy to be run in a range of configurations. All-new rear suspension arms that utilise a recessed droop screw fitting to give you precise tuning adjustments in seconds.
The DEX410v4 provides the perfect balance between precise steering response and smooth cornering action on all surfaces. The 19 degree aluminium caster blocks give the DEX410v4 awesome initial turning action, whilst also providing the optimum steering response when exiting a fast corner.
The DEX410v4 is equipped with Team Durango Big Bore shocks to provide the ultimate damping action when the track demands are tough. Fitted with ride height adjustment nuts and shock cap bleed screws, getting the perfect shock action for your buggy has never been easier. The all-new black titanium nitride coated shock shafts give consistently smooth shock action on all surfaces. The DEX410v4 shock absorbers now come complete with super-low ‘stiction’ purple O-rings for ultra-smooth damping.
All-new lower ‘stiction’ shock O-rings provide super-smooth shock action on the toughest terrain. They further increase consistent handling characteristics due to their low friction material.
All-new Type B material shock pistons with 2x1.6mm, 2x1.7mm, 3x1.6mm and 3x1.7mm hole configurations are included in the kit. New blank shock pistons are also included to allow you to drill your own specification holes. You can easily create the optimum piston configuration to suit the specific track surface you are racing on.
New 2mm hex balls throughout will make tuning and servicing your buggy fast and easy at the track.
The DEX410v4 also includes our new DIMEC X specification ball-cups to provide secure camber and steering link fitment, and easy adjustments when changing set-up options.
Aggressive styling teamed with aerodynamic polycarbonate technology give the new V4 cab-forward bodyshell the ultimate cab-forward design. The V4 cab-forward bodyshell has increased down force for consistent straight line stability, spacious side-pods for ease of electrical equipment installation and a new roof fin for superior jump handling. Head turning looks and strong performance make the V4 cab-forward bodyshell the perfect choice when the racing gets serious.
Heavy duty hinge pins all-round benefit from an all-new capture screw system for added security. The DEX410v4 is also supplied with large easy-install body clips to make body shell removal fast and trouble-free.
Customising your DEX410v4 is made easy due to all kit washers and hard-anodised items being supplied in neutral colours, black and olive. This will allow you to add a host of colour-coded washers and aluminium parts to your buggy from our extensive range of hop-up parts. The DEX410v4 can be styled to suit your chosen body shell colour scheme with Stealth Black, Mars Red, Bold Gold or hard-anodised Olive aluminium parts.
With its all-new Cab-Forward body design, Two-Way Centre Slipper, centre UJ drive shafts and new front and rear suspension arm settings, the DEX410v4 is the world’s most advanced 1/10 4WD racing machine. Join the legions of racers who share our passion for world-class success; join Team Durango’s race winning heritage with the DEX410v4.
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