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This product is discontinued. It has been replaced by: #TD102040 - DNX8 1/8 Nitro 4WD Off Road Buggy
As you would expect from Team Durango, precision, quality and performance are the hallmarks of the DNX408.

1/8 scale nitro buggy racing makes the toughest demands of any RC car racing class, so Team Durango have designed a car that is as strong as it is fast!
The narrowest and most compact layout in its class, the DNX408 makes the car forgiving, agile and fast without any 'edginess'. Push it and it gives you lap times, not crashes.

Diff tuning is a big part of this class, so like our 10th scale car we made diff access super simple. Not only are you more likely to get your diffs optimised on even the tightest of race schedules, there is no risk of you upsetting your suspension when getting to the diffs.

A 5mm thick lightened chassis, only 104mm wide,
combined with machined alloy bulkheads. The smart design
of braces and the positioning of the engine mount and
centre bulkheads makes for a super-strong central spine of the car with just enough torsional flex. With minimal flex kick-back, this chassis assembly helps make the car land very well off jumps, and allows you to feel the setup changes you make.
Machined alloy bearing holders and 'floating' stress-free diff case assembly make for the lowest maintenance, longest life and maximum power transmission.

Both centre drive shafts are the same. Some people have theories that this is better for torque splitting, but one thing is for sure - it means fewer parts required in your pit box.

The brake piston pushes exactly on the middle of the brake pad and all-machined bulkheads and brake pad mounts mean zero flex and maximum feel.
Steering bell cranks follow the line of the suspension kick-up - prevents bump steer and simply makes more sense.
Precision machined one piece engine mount as standard to prevent crankcase flex and engine problems. Gold memory mount plate means if you need to take if off the chassis it 'remembers' the gear mesh. Two piece mount, standard on many cars, just doesn't make sense.

Central filler makes for easy operation on CW and CCW tracks; with ribs in the neck of the tank to prevent under-fills from the fuel gun going too far into the tank. Internal baffles ensure fuel pick-up; integrated fuel filter prevents problems, and fuel line clips keep things neat. For those who swear by pressure line coolers there are mounts included in the top of the tank.

Rubber boots and splash guards ensure you get to finish, even on the dirtiest tracks.
The key to any off-road car, quality components throughout.
Rotating mass is the enemy of any race car, so many standard parts have been lightened.
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